How to stop thumb sucking?

Need ideas on how to get my 11yr old to stop sucking his thumb. I have tried the solution you put on their thumbs and it doesn’t seem to bother him. Also have tried hot sauce. He never sucked his thumb till he turned three and that was the time me and his father split. Idk if it was his soothing technique but now he is just too old. I catch him doing it anytime he is relaxing or going to sleep?!


Never experienced it myself but my aunt had a son that wouldn’t stop and he was in the garage helping his dad one day and pick something up i don’t remember what it was it was harmless to him but her husband told him that it was rat poison and that if he sucked on his thumb again he would get really sick and he never sucked on it again

have im help an uncle on car my dad quit bitting his nails after getting oil grease under them

Sounds like soothing thing since he started at 3. My daughter sucked her thumb for the longest till she finally stopped when got older. She did it to go sleep

My friend is 34 and still sucks hers. I stil sleep with a stuffed monkey. sometimes we just need comfort. Have you had him tested for anxiety. When mine is really high is when I most need my monkey. It calms me down.


My girls stopped when they got headgear

You could just let him do it and stop imposing your own insecurities on him. Are you really that worried about what others will think? He’s not hurting anybody


I suck my thin till I was severteen