How to store breast milk?

Can I take frozen breastmilk and put it straight into the fridge?( WITHOUT THAWING in between.) If so how long will it last?


I don’t know the “professional” answer to this, but I always did. I would use it the next day.

Definitely, I did it all the time. You have 24 hours after the last ice crystals melt to use it


That’s how I thaw mine. I was told it’s the safest way. After its completely thawed (no ice in it at all), it’s good for 24 hours


I think it’s safer to defrost in the fridge (bacteria wise) and melts more gently which should help preserve the milk proteins.


yes. once thawed you have 24 hours to use it.

I’ve always done mine this way. After it was completely thawed, I used it within 24 hours.

You should always thaw everything in the fridge :joy:

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That’s how you are safely supposed to thaw it (according to my lactation consultant)

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Around 36 hours as it takes probably 12 hours to thaw in fridge then use it by 24 hours from there…