How to swaddle?

Advice on swaddling? My first baby never really was into it but I just brought home my preemie and she won’t sleep without being swaddled but I’m nervous about the blanket coming undone. I’ve tried some with the Velcro but she’s just too small and doesn’t like those kind


Ive heard the copper pearl ones are stretchy. With those you can get a very tight and secure swaddle

Have you tried the zippered sleep sacks?

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I swaddled all three of my children and they loved it :slightly_smiling_face: you just got to find out if she likes arms in or out and your good, mine liked them all tucked in where they couldn’t move and me cuddling them and then once they are solid, place them down and voila sleeping baby also, usually if the child isn’t a tank they stay that way all night :slightly_smiling_face: my eldest would unravel halfway through but the blanket never got caught in her or anything she ended up cuddling it and then would pull it over her face to sleep and that was at 6 mths

They sell swaddle blankets that really work but i always used a receiving blanket n just made it tight but they have other alternative blankets n sleepers that make them feel comfy n safe

The zip up ones are the best for tiny babies !


I loved the muslin swaddlers!!

I was fearful too. I would swaddle with a receiving blanket and make sure it was tucked in in the back. So he was laying on the end of the blanket. Then once he was bigger, 7pounds 8oz he finally fit into the Velcro swaddles. He really disliked them but once he was in it, he would calm down and pass out. We only use them at nap and bed time tho. During the day if it’s cold we just use a blanket.

We used the nested bean zen swaddle once our baby reached 7 lbs. It had a much bigger Velcro panel than most other swaddles we had so we were able to make it snug enough for her even though she was small (6 lbs 4 oz at birth). Now we use the nested bean sleep sacks.

Muslin blankets! They’re so much bigger than recieving blankets and have a little stretch to them

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I loved the Halo sleep swaddle sacks, and the zip up Woombie ones. I could never get the swaddling blankets tight though to feel comfortable with.

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The Woombie is the best… its snug but has stretchy breathable fabric. Its zippered… I used them for both of my girls

My son would only sleep when swaddled! Once big enough the velcro ones are awesome!! But in the meantime the receiving blankets work very well! My son never wiggled out or loosened it. He stayed nice and snug!

I used a sleep sack with my premmie and he loved them

Use a receiving blanket. You can straighten out her legs with a cloth diaper. Than wrap her with a receiving blanket.

My newest preemie loved Halo sleepsack swaddles. They’re pretty cheap on ebay. The NICU used a preemie sized one for her and it worked so well that we bought her newborn sized ones when she came home. She slept better and it made her less floppy and flailing so she was easier to handle, and she startled less often. Now at 4 months and about 13 lbs I just tuck a receiving blanket tight around her or swaddle with muslin when she needs the extra soothing and sometimes she’s happy without. My older two kids were never into swaddling so it’s trial and error.

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Agree with all of these. Halo is amazing. My son started in one in the NICU and still loves being in a sleep sack. We’ve bought a few as he gets bigger. We got them off of amazon for a pretty good price.

Another vote for Woombie swaddle. We used the woombie air for spring and fall and the True air for summer.

Muslin blanket and then a Velcro swaddle over it. Make sure she is not too hot but that’s what we do and it works great. We just had our third but never swaddled before. He loves it!!

They didnt have all these fancy swaddlers when I had my kids. We used recieving blankets all my kids were tiny within ounces of 6lbs. I folded the blanket diagonally in half put one side over then then the bottom then the other side then tucked the blanket in the back.

Put Velcro on the things your using to swaddle. Its like a home swaddle.