How to switch from formula to milk?

Any tips in how to switch from formula to milk? My daughter is 13 months and has been on sensitive formula since 2 months old. Her dad is lactose intolerant so I’m not sure if she is too. She’s doesn’t seem to like milk but my WIC office said just to keep trying any advice will help. Thanks!

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It’s not necessary to switch to cows milk. You can try any other forms of milk (soy, almond, etc). Mix her formula and then start with like 1/4 of whatever milk you want to use. And 3/4 formula and then keep increasing every week. Give her tummy time to get use to it.

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Slowly mix a little milk into her formula. Just keep doing that until you’re adding more milk than formula.

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Mixing helps but also the temperature of the milk makes the difference. If they’re use to cold or room temp formula, milk same. If they’re use to warmed formula milk may need warmed up too

My youngest refused to come off formula for a few months after his 1st bday. We switched to the toddler formula and that seemed to help. I just did it little by little like 1/4 milk and went from there until he took it. We also use almond because my sons bio uncle is lactose intolerant and so is his mother so we make adjustments off that. Regular milk goes right through him.

As others have said, slowly mix formula and milk. 3/4 formula and 1/4 milk. Do they for about a week, then do 1/2!formula and 1/2 milk for the next week. Then on to 1/4 formula and 3/4 milk.

If she shows signs of lactose intolerance, try soy milk or almond milk.

Have her drink Lactose milk my son is too and he drinks it and is fine

My granddaughter was the same way and we give her pure filter milk it’s less processed

You can try other milks, process for switching will be the same. Give her her normal sized bottles (however many oz you usually fill it to) but instead of it all being formula, fill 2oz with milk. Slowly increase the amount of milk to formula.

Slowly transition from formula to milk. Start with 1 oz milk and the rest milk. Increase it slowly, 1 oz at a time til it’s all milk. That’s what I did with both of mine