How to teach a toddler to be nice to a kitten?

I’m the same way, a 9 week old kitten and a 1 year old. We just have to separate them and when we’re all together just have to constantly watch to make sure he don’t grab her

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Constant supervision and demonstration with the word Gentle. They should never be left alone, an 18 month old does not have a sense of reason. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Get rid of the cat. That child sounds like a demon

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Get her a little stuffed kitty (act as though it’s real) and let her practice giving it lovings. I wouldn’t keep them separated but I would supervise until you are fully comfortable leaving them together. She will get there eventually, they are both new and exciting to each other so that’s a lot of new feelings and expression. Just stay patient :slightly_smiling_face:

You pop her hands and tell her no, and keep her from messing with the kitten. That’s like common sense.


We would tell our son “No, we don’t hurt the kitty, we give the kitty loves” and show him how to pet them and he gives them gentle “hugs”. A year later, we don’t have any issues bc he just wants to love on them :joy:


A 1.5 year old is kind of young to have a little pet. Watch her all the time. She doesn’t want that pet yet.

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Maybe it was too early to get a kitten.

Who puts a baby animal and a toddler together? :weary:


My son is older (3.5) but my husband recently took him to the aquarium and and let him pet the sting rays. Now we always tell him he has to pet the cats like a sting ray (use 2 fingers and pet them lightly). That’s worked better than anything else we’ve tried.

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We tell our toddlers NO TOUCHING kitty or dog unless mom or dad is helping you. And then we sit with toddler in our lap and physically guide their hands in “gentle, gentle pats”.
Most kids aren’t reliably gentle till 3 or 4.
So NO TOUCHING our pets till then. Maybe.

We adopted Cantaloupe when he was 2 months old. He was just fixed and he had very tender scar. My daughter was 2 years old when he came and she did try to pick him up kinda harsh and I always told her “GENTLE” and remove the kitty and make her try again. She understood within couple days how to pick him up and now she’s his personal Doctor. He loves play at the doctor with her and she’s been very gentle with all our rescued animals. You just have to make it playful like “No no, let’s try again!” Grab the kitty and make her do it the right way. You will know when they are trying to piss you off🤣 then you try to take the cat away and explain to her why you’re not allowing her next to the kitty and give her choices. Like “Do you want to be nice with the kitty and hug him” or “you want the kitty to go bye bye” but make sure is playful so she won’t get overwhelmed and be mad or frustrated. Also make sure you or an adult supervises every contact she has with the kitty.

You tell the 1.5 year old to be nice to the little baby kitty, or “we have to be easy with the kitty we don’t wanna hurt it”, something like that, maybe…:thinking::sweat_smile::relieved:

My one year old just walks up to the kitty and calls her a dumb dumb :woman_facepalming:t3: trying to figure out how to stop that too

Keep the toddler away from the kitten…you are just asking for something bad to happen. Until you can teach her to be nice please don’t let her near the poor baby.