How to tell a child they will be a sibling?

Best time to tell my 7 year old that she’s going to be a big sister???


After the third month, step by step, maybe you can share with her a reading in which the protagonist is going to be a big sister. It will be important she will share her emotions and feelings and you will reassure her that she won’t loose your attention and love.


When you know the sex lol or she’s going to make you crazy asking :joy:

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You could aways do what my parents and all my aunts and uncle’s did. Lol just come home with a baby. Lol but please don’t do that

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Take her to your 1st ultrasound

I waited until I had the ultrasound. Waited until we were out of the higher risk miscarriage portion then we told the kiddos and every1 else

Took my daughter out for dinner, had a mother daughter date and told her.

I told my 3yo as shortly after I found out I didnt even know how far along i was when I told her! She knows that we dont know if it’s a boy or girl yet and she even made a video saying “mommy has a baby in her tummy” for me to post for others to know! I didn’t want her to overhear me on the phone or overhear someone else saying it so I told her upfront! Shes really excited and even with her little brother she was 1.5 when I found out and she understood there was a baby in there but didnt have as many questions that time! My son is 1.5 now and we say it to him but he doesnt understand what we are saying lol… just tell her whenever you feel comfortable telling her!

Ginny Smalls yesss…lol I mean they could still be wrong…but hey…then you blame the doctors lol

We told our kids within a week after finding out with #5. It’s really up to you.

As soon as u are no longer at risk for miscarriage

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My daughter was four when i found out i was prego again. She was there when we found out. So we found out as a family together. She kinda already knew bc she heard me and daddy tlkin about it being a possibility. She was so excited she jumped up and down with joy. Then a couple of days later i got her a big sister shirt had her wear it and point to it and i posted it on fb for everyone else to find out. Of course we told our moms and dads first.

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We never really made a big deal out of telling our oldest. We just didn’t hide it either. I think that got him used to it because we didnt make a big deal out of anything, we just discussed stuff around him. Took him with us to buy baby stuff, let him help me sort through all the baby shower gifts, showed him ultrasounds, things like that. Only thing he was sad about was it wasn’t a sister :joy::joy:

Just tell her? My daughter was 7 and she knew I was pregnant with my youngest before I did. Lol (she said I looked pregnant in my face)

My daugther was told as soon as we found out and then every ultra sound she went and at one apt the dr let her help find the heart beat

Never. Just disappear for the 2-3 days youre in the hospital then randomly show up with a baby.


Do not wait util the baby arrives. Shes 7. She will know youre pregnant and if you lie and say youre not it will create a barrier from trust. Plus, she needs time to prepare mentally. Shes young. She has a lot of feelings. I would wait until you find out the sex and let her do like, a gender reveal cupcake thing though :slight_smile:

Anna Thiessen for real hahaha.

Erika Woolums yes we were told they bought the baby for the hospital lol

Whenever you want to. Silly question

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Any time you feel is right! Use your mother’s intuition. She will be thrilled!

Once your past first trimester in case something was to happen.

I’d wait till after the first trimester

After the 3rd month when you’re sure all is well. Other than that, kids have gotten siblings since the dawn of time and no therapy is required :joy:


My daughter was almost 6 when we found out. I waited until I was far enough along that the chance for miscarriage was lower

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Soo yes she’s 7
And yes she would understand but I was pregnant before and miscarried at 20 weeks… soo now I’m scared to tell her because she was oh so excited to have a baby brother before and then it was snatched away from her :pensive::pensive:


I told my 7yr old an 10 yr old after i confirmed at 6 weeks

Anna Thiessen I definitely won’t do that… all she knows right now is mommy is super sick (morning sickness all day everyday) and mommy has a tummy bug

Shyla Chiago because I told her once before then I miscarried and it hurt all of us as a family

Erika Woolums I find out on July 3rd what I’m having

After the first trimester.
The sooner you let them know, the lighter the pregnancy will feel.
But armed with knowledge is a good thing.

Jessica Love so wait.

Jessica Love I was just joking I wouldn’t do it ether

Karen Pearson I want to tell her, but she was already robbed once.
I miscarried at 20 weeks and it hurt her just as much as it hurt me… she would ask me daily, mommy when is baby brother coming and I told her god had other plans for your baby brother

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Ann Martin I feel like I’m never out of that “safe zone” I’ve miscarried at 20 weeks before :pensive:

Jess Kindt I feel like I’m never out of the “safe zone” I miscarried at 20 weeks last time

Deb Bond I wish I could! She was already robbed once of the joy of being a big sister.

Jessica Love then sweetie you have to do what you think is best for your family. Maybe start by asking how they would feel to have a baby brother or sister. If they hate the idea just slowly introduce it again and explain all the good things and how they could help and the fun things that come with having a baby brother and sister and then once you feel they are on board and you are comfortable with it let them know you are pregnant

I just don’t know when would be a good time… I tonight 20 would be safe because we find out what baby is and I should be okay… but I just don’t want to get her hopes up again

Slowly building up might be a good idea instead of just springing it on them. My daughter was constantly telling me she wanted a baby brother or sister so that made it easier

Anna Thiessen my mom actually left me, and my 2 siblings at home when she had kid number 5!
I was pissed for days!!!

I waited until the second trimester began to tell my kids (typical for me). Except my oldest two girls this time. They knew pretty early because I thought I was miscarrying… They were 20 and 18, so old enough to know this kind of info…

Jessica Love I completely understand. I feel like the kids should be included

Ann Martin she wants a sister., and only a sister… she has told Santa for the past 3 years she wants a sister…

Jessica Love oh okay, I have never had a miscarriage so I always told her as soon as I knew (she has 2 younger siblings). I’m very sorry for your loss and I can understand that it must have affected your whole family very deeply. I don’t have a good answer for your question, sorry, because I know miscarriages can happen at anytime. Maybe this is a good question for your doctor?

Miranda McCoy I’m 14 weeks 5 days and not showing at all

Awe. Maybe tell her soon, and make it a big surprise. Does this make her a big sister?

Rosemary Flansaas I’m currently 14 weeks 5 days. I was pregnant last year and we told her and then I miscarried at 20 weeks. She still to this day asks when is she gonna see her baby brother… and I have to tell her every time god had other plans for him.

Miranda McCoy I find out what baby is on July 3! I want to take her with me, but I’m fearful of miscarrying again! We told her last year when I was pregnant and then I lost it at 20 weeks

Kelly Judd thank you!

Today over tacos and ice cream !


Stella Andrews tacos make momma puke :woman_facepalming:t4:
I have morning noon and night sickness :roll_eyes:

I’d tellher as soon as you feel like you want to tell her. Even if it’s before the first trimester is over. God forbid anything happen, but if it did there’s no need to hide it from her.

When you feel like it’s the right time, any time is the right time. :heart:

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I’d wait til first trimester is over with and you know the gender. :heart: but that is just me.

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Feleena I’m currently 14 weeks 5 days. I was pregnant last year and we told her and then I miscarried at 20 weeks. She still to this day asks when is she gonna see her baby brother… and I have to tell her every time god had other plans for him.

Having reading you say that you’ve lost a baby so late in your pregnancy I can understand your concerns, I would ask a counsellor maybe, as they may have tools or information for you. I don’t know what you have available to you where you are but we have a pregnancy counseling service that not only helps mother’s but also helps other family members that the pregnancy will impact including siblings to be.
If you don’t, then I would wait til about the 2nd trimester. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy


Oh my. I’m so sorry girl. Best of luck to you. That would be fun to take her with you

Instead of saying God had other plans for him, I’d suggest being age appropriately honest.

“Sometimes when a baby is growing, something doesn’t work right and the baby can’t keep growing. Baby died. We feel sad. It’s ok to be sad because baby isn’t here anymore.” Then answer all her questions the best you can.

This is just a bare bones example, but it can be adjusted for any age level. My kids knew about my miscarriage that happened 12 years ago, before my 10 year old daughter was born. They still ask me about it sometimes. Discussing death is a healthy way to process it and cope with it. It’s not bad to feel grief and sadness. When death happens, it’s good to help children learn how to understand their feelings about it. But pretending it’s not a thing just leaves them unprepared for when they inevitably have to deal with it as an adult.

But hopefully OP’s baby is right on track and it’s a non issue. :heart:

I told my daughter as soon as I found out. She was 7 at the time too.


Feleena Rose my significant other and I felt that the answer god had other plans for him is very age appropriate for her. She still asks about him and if he’s okay and such and of course we support her when she’s sad about the situation. We also told her that her grandparents that are heaven needed to see the baby first

Rachel Bower I’m currently 14 weeks 5 days. I was pregnant last year and we told her and then I miscarried at 20 weeks. She still to this day asks when is she gonna see her baby brother… and I have to tell her every time god had other plans for him.

Tiffani Hopkins
I’m currently 14 weeks 5 days. I was pregnant last year and we told her and then I miscarried at 20 weeks. She still to this day asks when is she gonna see her baby brother… and I have to tell her every time god had other plans for him.

Miranda Thomas my youngest daughter is named Miranda. :heart:

There is no right or wrong time. After a loss I hid the next pregnancy from my then 7 year old till 30 wks. They understand more than we give them credit for. She already knew


Maybe tell her “I think I have a baby inside but we’ll have to see.” Repeat as needed. Warn your friends and family to say the same thing around your daughter. If the unthinkable happens again, say, “Oh well, I guess we were wrong & we’re sad about that.” Once you feel it’s safe, wrap up a “Big Sister” shirt for her to open.


Anytime. Or right before bed when you go to tuck her in… That would be a great way to say goodnight​:heart::heart::blush:

Tell her before you tell everyone else. This news needs to come from you I always told my older kids as soon as I found out

Sue Haase immediate family knows already

Get the ultrasound and show her

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When she noticed or really close to delivery . Young children have a hard time with waiting.

Jessica Love since you had a miscarriage at 20 weeks I would wait till the baby was born or at least tell your 30 weeks or more to be safe