How to transition baby to a crib?

So I’ve co slept since baby girl was born and now she’s six months, so I’m wanting her to maybe transition into her crib still in our room but she nurses throughout the night any tips to make the transition smoother she wakes up every time I put her in her crib


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I’m probably going to get a lot of backlash for this but she is old enough to cry it out. I did this with my kids they are 16 & 11 and perfectly fine. I never let them cry more then 10 minutes at a time and no longer then 30 mins combined. After they cried about 5-10 mins I would go in there rub thier back or stomach and talk to them for a couple mins. Did not get them out of their crib. Did this every 5-10 mins. If they cried for 30 mins I would go in and get them. Most the time they would cry for about 15 mins then be out. I’m not talking a blood hurdling scream. It was more of a whine/cry. Good luck momma.


Take an over size shirt and wear it than put it over the crib mattress so that she can smell you ,you can also have the crib close enough that you can reach your arm through to pat her back when she gets restless .this way she can see,smell and still feel you but be in her crib

Start with naps.
And/or side car the crib to your bed.
Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep is a great group! They have great advice in there.

You can try warming up the spot first, roll baby away from you slowly. If she wakes, there is a need she needs filled

It’s going to be harder for you than the baby. Just be consistent in walking in when she cries to Pat her back, caress her, etc then lay her back down and assure her she will be fine. Consistency is key. Don’t give in. It’ll be a ton of doing this but she will eventually realize she is ok and that you do come if she needs it.

Start with naps, every time she naps put her in her crib so she is use to it. Also even if you put her in it at night if she nurses you are gonna have to get up, best thing is to nurse her and put her back Into bed don’t bring her to yours, you will fall asleep. Just have to be consistent. Believe me it’s hard but it will get better.

Try using a pacifier for bed time or nap time when placing her in the crib and maybe place a piece of clothing you wore that day I. There with her so she still senses you being beside her

My daughter’s crib is in our room she will be 3m next week few times a night she will sleep in her vibrating chair in her crib I rock her to sleep and when I know she’s out of it I lay her down. Some nights she just won’t have it and sleeps with me.

My son is 3 months old and I will put him in his crib usually wakes up when I do so I will rub his back for 3-5 mins then I will walk away if he starts crying I will let him cry for 15 mins or so I will go and check on him every 5 mins if he cry’s more then 30 mins then I will go get him