How to transition baby to crib?

The dreaded C word :rofl:

Any mamas have advice, suggestions, stories, or sympothany of transitioning a baby to the crib.

My 7 month old refuses no matter what I do to sleep in the crib. She can be dead asleep and the second I lay her down in the crib she wakes and starts screaming. She has been in a swing since she was a new baby, however we dont turn it on. I dont know what to do since she sleep just fine in the swing but not in her crib. Please help. :woman_shrugging:


Try propping it up like if she’s in the swing, and try and make it as soft as her swing…

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Start by letting your baby take naps in the crib oncecalls asleep at night it will take a few weeks but in the end it will be best for both mama and baby

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Please don’t let your baby sleep in a swing, it can cause breathing problems! I do wish I had some great advice for the crib, except maybe let them go in it with some soft music while they’re awake, maybe to get used to it. My 2 oldest usually co-slept with us, my youngest I just let him play and pass out. Good luck!!


Chin to chest can be fatal to baby. Never allow baby to sleep in the swing

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No pillows and too many blankets in crib, could be dangerous

I had to do sleep training

We had to do the cry it out method. It was the only way to get my 6 month old son to sleep in his crib. We started doing this when he was 5 months old and since then all of us have gotten plenty of sleep. I would get your child into a routine if needed. Also, read Moms on Call 0-6 months. VERY helpful!

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Mine is 15 months, still in a swing. He did pretty good in his crib for one week and now he wakes up every time we put him down. I just want to sleep! :tired_face:
Ps- something that works for one baby does not always work for another. Don’t be so judgmental. We are all trying to do the best for our kids.

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Get a boppy pillow my daughter slept in the in her crib until she started scooting out of it

The last time I got a whole night of sleep

Please don’t let your baby cry it out!
My daughter never ever ever liked her crib. It was always a fight at 10.5 months old we made her a floor bed and been sleeping great ever since

Try pack n play instead? My baby won’t go in crib but will sleep in pack and play. We bought a mattress for pack n play too

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try putting the mattress at an incline (i put a pillow under the mattress in the front but u can buy them on amazon)…also if ur going to do the cry it out method always do the 7 min rule. if u leave a child for 30+ mins yes they can have issues but name a person that wouldnt. 7 min rule basically u place them how they normally sleep (my son it was on his stomach, my daughters mattress was at an incline (i put a pillow under the mattress) after doing everything else if still crying after 7 mins go and pick them up and try soothing them. leaving them for 5-10 mins is ok they have to learn to self-sooth and it lets u breath as well

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I put my baby in her crib at night in my room at night from day 1and bassinet during the day in living room with all kinds of noise and she slept in both just fine that was 40 some years ago but I really don’t understand why all the problems of today, Daughter grew up to be a Great Teacher. Did I miss something was I a bad mom?