How to transition to sippy cups?

My daughter is now 6 months old and her doctor wants her to start using sippy cups for her formula but the thing is she wont hold her own bottle yet and shows no desire to. I’ve tried to get her to hold it and it only lasted a couple seconds. Me personally I dont think a sippy cup is that good to use at that age. How do I get her to start holding her own bottle? What have you all tried and have worked to get your babies to start holding their own bottles?


My son didn’t use a sippy cup until 8-9 months

My daughter started a sippy that age (she never had a bottle she was BF) get one with handles

We introduced sippy cups around 10 months, now he’s 1 and does great with them!

My daughter just started drinking from a sippy cup today and she’s 9 months old. I always just put her hands on the bottle and told her she needs to be a big girl and hold it herself. Some babies don’t do everything drs say they should be doing. My daughter just learned how to roll over, crawl and say dada last month at 8 months old. She finally just started popping a tooth up. Just work with her whatever way you think will help her learn to hold it herself!

I didn’t make my daughter use a sippy cup until she hit 9 months…

Why did he suggest that? Never heard of a 6 mth old having to stop bottles and use a sippy cup. I can understand around 9 months, but not 6. Maybe keep placing her hands on the bottle or cup and let go, keep placing her hands on it. Good luck


Don’t push it to me 6 months is a little young to be on sippy cups if she isn’t holding her bottles she won’t understand the sippy cups yet

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6 months seems a bit early for a sippy cup I’d wait until 8 or 9 months honestly and try the one with the handles my nephew wont hold a bottle but will hold a cup with handles

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My son started at sippy cup at 6 months because he would spit the bottle out

My daughter is 7mos and just started to use them.

She will when she’s ready, we didn’t start a sippy until 10 months because my son would t hold his bottle. Not going to hurt her


Try putting her hands on it and holding underneath her elbows to help her hold it up. Did this with my almost 8 month old and he caught on within a couple days. That’s odd a doctor wants a 6 month old off of a bottle already. Never heard that before.

Yeah no. There’s no reason to make her use a supper cup. Offer it to her, but it’s by no means a replacement for the bottle

I’m pretty sure the doctor just wants you to start introducing not to throw out all your bottles

Wait what?

No. New Dr?

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My oldest didnt use a sippy till she was about 10 months.

Honestly? Around 4 months mine would push my hands out of the way for lighter bottles (2 or 3 oz) and would hold it.
I made her hold her own bottle becuae I knew she could do it. If she is mad tired, I will hold it for her, of course, but 9 times out of 10 she will hold it herself.
Got a sippy cup for my daughter around 6 months. You can start introducing water and juice around that time.
I bought her a Nuk. It has handles on the side and a silicone top that is bite proof. It more resembles her bottle. She doesn’t always like what is inside, but she loves the cup!

She will accept it in her own time.

Advent makes a sippy cup with handles that had a nipple and you could replace with a sippy lid

Mine started holder his own at 7 months, on his own, grabbed it while I was feeding him, and now he can feed himself propped up on a tri pillow, hes 9 months old now.

My son’s pediatrician said to introduce a sippy cup at 6 months, but not take away his bottle

I bf but gave water and juice in chuppy at 6 months

We got the bottles with a space in the middle. It was easier for our kids to hold. Here’s an example:

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My daughter never came off a 0 nipple. She gagged when I tried to introduce fast flow nipples unless there was cereal in it. My daughter hated sippy cups. Maybe I was a bad mom but she was almost 3 before she gave up her bottle and it just happened. When we forgot her bottle one weekend staying at a friends house.

My son is 11 months old and still struggles with using a sippy cup. I dont force it but we try Every day with different cups

My oldest used a sippy cup starting at 6 months for water and juice only. He had his bottle for formula and it was so easy to get i the bottle from him once he came off of formula since that’s all he associated with the formula. This was 20 years ago. Now my toddler still will not give up the bottle for milk. If it’s not in his bottle, he won’t drink it and he’s 2. It has been a nightmare. He used to drink all liquids in his bottle.

My son started holding his own bottle at 4 months. He kinda just did it on his own an then he tried getting lazy so i just gave it to him an left it at that. Didnt really give him an option. But now hes 7 months an crawls to find it where ever he leaves it🙄

I say change doctors he or she seems stupid to me.


Mine held his own bottle at 3 months. And sippy at 6 months.

My son never held his bottle but he held the sippy cup with handles around a year old. You can try doing hand-over-hand but I wouldn’t push it or worry about it for a while.

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My youngest just had his 1 yr well check and his doc just now said if hes interested give him one but otherwise he is doing fine w a bottle. Every baby is different. Do what you think is best!

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Sippy cups with handles

Personally i dont listen to my doctors reccomendations if it isnt about health, not cutting mine from pacies or bottles til 3 years


Drs arent with your baby every day. You are. You will know when your kiddo is ready for the next step. Trust your own judgement.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You can try giving a sippy and see if she shows any interest but I would still offer a bottle. I also wouldn’t put formula in a sippy. I just did water or diluted juice. My son is 18 months and still takes his milk in a bottle at bedtime and before naps.


My daughter held a sippy cup at 4months cause it had handles and it was easier to hold. She never held her bottle on her own she was too lazy I guess lol

Babies will let you know what they need and are ready for. Pay attention to the baby. The doctors suggestions are just that.

My daughter started using the 360 cup at 6 months


I can see him maybe suggesting you start introducing her to a sippy when you feed her, but why is he wanting you to use a sippy for formula at 6 months? Odd…

Wth… Switch doctors ASAP

I started at 7 months with cups and straws I did blw so she took to it naturally she was off her bottle by 8 months

I would put formula in bottles until a year. Water or a splash if juice water in a sippy is as far as I would go. I have never heard of that before. Now some babies don’t want to hold their bottle, but you can try just handing it to baby and sorta walking away.

Your doctors wrong 1 yr old

Only 6 months? Good grief! She will hold a cup whenever she is ready to. Its not an issue, doctors always tend to push things and make moms feel inadequate! :blush:


My son started taking sippies with formula around 6 months was off bottle and on sippies by 8 months best easiest transition ever he takes pretty much any cup I give him


I introduced sippys to all 3 of mine at 5 months. Sometimes they are easier to hold.

If you do want to try following what the doctor suggested, Try a sippy with a straw! A lot of kids prefer it! But if you feel like keeping her on a bottle, then that’s your call as a momma! And whatever you choose is just right for your baby girl. Because you know her better than anyone.

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We started introducing a sippy cup at 6 months, but not for formula. My son is 11 months and has most of his formula in sippy cups now, but that has been a gradual thing over the last couple of months.

My daughter just turned 8 months and just barely started holding her own bottle

Too young for sippy cup.

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U can introduce a soppy at 6 months but my so. Was the same, he wouldn’t hold his bottle, less a sippy cup. Your baby’s doc is crazy for saying putting in formula…they always say but some water and just them get used to eat…a baby needs a bottle up until a year…it’s good to introduce them but don’t stress on it to much…when ur baby is ready so will hold her bottle and then u can introduce a sippy

no harm in trying, if it doesn’t work at least you tried

Mine has only just swapped and he’s 22 months, started at 1 but he wouldn’t have it but kept on trying x

My step mom is a labor and delivery rn and had all of her kids off bottles by 6 months… I didnt have that luck but I used non leaking sippy cups to transition… all kids are different … with my youngest I just handed him his bottle and “walked away” until he stopped being lazy…

You can get a sippy cup teat that fits nuk bottles and handles that can be added when ready x

At 6 months you’re just supposed to introduce them to a sippy with a little water, and never with formula in it. I have 3 kids and never has their doctor said to do that. Especially if the baby isn’t even holding their bottle yet

You can do this or you can do that…but you do what YOU feel is right and what YOU are comfortable with. Plain and Simple. Different things worked for both of my kids.

Not every child is ready to do everything on some chart. They base those expectations on a scale that labels “normal” as the most common or the average of blending the earliest with the latest and dividing in half. None of that information means that anything is wrong with your child’s level of progress for anything. My friend started trying to potty train her son at a year and spent over a year stressing them both out over it. My son showed signs that he was ready at around 26 months and was potty trained in one day. Some don’t crawl till one day they just decide to get up and walk. Please do not let doctors or other people make you feel pressured to stick to some arbitrary schedule. Your child is a unique and special individual.

I have three children and they all were different. Don’t use other people’s timelines except your own. As mom, you get the privilege of making that decision when you see baby girl is ready.

Mine is 8 months and he still doesn’t hold it he can but refuses to do he is still on a bottle and the bottle goes at 1 year so he will have no choice