How to travel with a newborn?

Any advise/tips on newborns when it comes to long trips on car rides and planes?
I didn’t feel like I needed any help or advise until my mother started making me feel more worried about this trip more than I feel like I should. It’s her first grand baby so maybe shes just being a little bit more worried than she should be.
My daughter will be 2 months old when we drive from Florida to Michigan for a visit. So that’s like a 10+ hour drive. We plan on taking a plane back so that’s about a 2 hour plane ride and she’s strictly breastfed. Besides the obvious when it comes making a lot of stops to change and feed her any good tips you mamas think I should know for the car and plane ride would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


At two months. Easy peasy! Best time to travel with a LO!


There’s nooothin to worry about. Just ride with baby so you can check breathing frequently


We drove from Maryland to Florida a 16 hour drive. My lo slept majority of the time.

I got a toy that hangs around the seats head rest and my 2 mo loves to kick it to hear the music lol. I also have the mirror to see him and that keeps him occupied as well

Make lots of stops to boob. It’ll take double the time driving. 2 months she should sleep most the time.

We traveled 3.5 hours when my daughter was 4 weeks old. And she did great! We fed her when we left and then stopped halfway to do so again.
Best piece of advice I can give you is either take or have someone on the other end pick up a cheap bouncer or portable swing. Our girl spent alot of the trip in the shade in her portable swing catnappingg while the big kids played in the pool :heartbeat:

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Sit in the back with baby…so you can make sure her breathing is good. Other then that, I wouldn’t worry at all. Easier then with a toddler lol
Even if your not feeding…when you stop, take her out of the seat so her body can stretch out properly.

My sister had my nephew in March and we went from Michigan to Tennessee for spring break. We made the 10 hour trip into 2 days. The baby was about a month old and was a great boy for the drive.

We get ours out every two or three hours for awhile to stretch and make sure she’s okay etc. Pacifiers. Mirrors. And even a tablet stepped to the headrest with a movie on silent helps a lot!

Leave at night so they sleep like usual


Bring more diapers than you think you need! Nursing during takeoff and landing will help baby’s ears.

Getting baby out of the carseat perodically, of course your doing when feeding but be sure to allow a little time to be on your tummy too. You will want to do this for her breathing. Take her to get fresh air and give you a min to stretch your legs too. Be sure she doesnt get too hot in the seat.

Just make sure the music is not to loud and That the baby is fed good diaper changed…Stop every couple of hours. Take the baby out of the car seat. Ck diaper. Change if needed… try to have everything u need for u and the baby with in reach as u travel… one parent sits in the back. While the other is driving. Switch places of u r both comfortable with that. If ur not driving. Take a nap…when the baby is sleeping. Good luck & have fun. Remember it is a long drive. So try to get a good nite sleep the nite before . Eat .and bring Something to drink& snacks. Take lots of pitures. u can buy extra diapers and whipes when u get to where u r going.

I think the drive might be longer than 10 hours

With a 2 month old it shouldn’t be hard at all. Just build in times to stop and feed her. As someone else suggested, sit in the back with her so you can make sure her head doesn’t get positioning in a way that she could stop breathing (it sounds over the top, but it can happen). As far as plane, if you baby wear, take your wrap for the airport and during the flight. You won’t be able to wear during take off or landing, but every other time it’s convenient to be hands free.

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Most infant so young sleep in the car so as long as you stop to feed and change then they should be good. I would get something for the window so the sun is on just sitting on them with out you noticing. You’ll be good!!

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You’ll be fine! I traveled with my son at 4 months and he was perfect! Just have him sucking on something at take off and landing because of the ears

Baby wear at the airport for hands free. Nurse/feed baby when plane it taking off and landing to help ears pop. If you’re buying a plane seat for baby the Cosco Scena is a inexpensive and lightweight option for travel. Bring baby’s birth certificate in case they need to see it.

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Traveled from NY to NC (11 hour at minimum) it went good for a while. But my daughter, who hates the carseat, started getting real rowdy with only 4 hours left in the drive. She cried herself to sleep as I could only do very little. She was 4 months at the time.
I suggest, every time you stop to feed baby or get gas, let baby out and have a stretch.
I suggest leaving at night. I left at midnight and she slept (only eating once or twice) for a good 6 hours

My son was 3 months when i moves from Missouri to florida. It was just me and my 3 month old and my 2 year old. It took us 3 days… Lol lots of stops

Shell sleep for most of the time i promise. Have your boobies on hand, maybe sit with her in the back so you can just breast feed whenever you want really. Thats if someone else can drive

She will be fine for the drive. Just pack plenty of diapers and wipes etc. Maybe get her out and about every now and then during the drive. The flight is different. I’m not sure if their little ears pop like ours do but it is very painful. I’d talk to your pediatrician about that

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Baby most likely will stay asleep due to motion of the car. My 3 month old slept all the car rides we did only stopped 3 times for my other daughter to go potty. When u stop feed her.

So when they are that young you obviously want to do frequent stops so that she can get out of the seat and stretch just like you would want to do. During that time feed and change her all the normal stuff…when it comes to toys and stuff for the ride anything that you add to the car seat can be a hazard should you get in to an accident so please keep that in mind, we had a mirror so my son could see himself and he would have a toy in his seat but someone was also back there with him.
For the plane ride back a lot of people recommend Bfing during take off and landing for their little ears. My son fell asleep as soon as we got on the plane both times because of the white noise of the plane and he slept the entire way which was great!! Also i totally recommend baby wearing in the airport and you can also do it once in the air!