How to travel with baby?

Our son is about to be 3 months old and we’re planning to go away from home for a few days for my partners birthday. We’re first time parents and have no idea where we would put our boy to sleep. We’ve never coslept and his dad is a very deep sleeper so I wouldn’t be comfortable doing so. He’s slept in his crib since we got home from the hospital and hardly sleeps in his pack and play so I’m iffy about that solution. He hardly moves in his sleep since we swaddle him, should I get a bed side bassinet? What are your travel tips?


I’ve seen where they put the pack n play in a bathroom or halfway in a closet and cover the pack n play with a cover you can buy that keeps it dark. Just keep his sleeping habits the same with dark room and white noise.

Does your pack and play have the little newborn napper that you can put on top? My son slept in that until he could roll over and hold himself up if not a bassinet is perfect I recommend one with wheels so you can pull it around the house

My kids used a pack and play.

Please don’t use the Boppy newborn. If the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. There’s a reason for it.

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We’ve always gotten a hotel room with 2 queen beds and then pushed one up against the wall. Baby and I took the one against the wall and hubby got the other one. Baby then slept between me and the wall.

Pack n play or get a room with 2 beds.

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Either that or get a pack and play the small ones

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Pack n play is perfect for traveling with a baby.


If your going to a hotel, most have cribs that they can put in your room.

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Or, empty a drawer, pad it & use it for a temporary bed.


Most hotels have roll away cribs.

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Oh man a lot if cringeworthy advice on here! Have you tried getting a mattress for your pack n play? I got a nice memory foam one from amazon and my baby slept much better. That may be worth a try. Also the cribs provided by hotels are usually pack n plays, at least in my experience.


Travel cot or phone where you staying and see if you can hire a crib

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I’ve always used our pack n play when my daughter was younger. She was swaddled also, so she didn’t notice a difference.

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I’d get a pack n play. My daughter is 3 months and no matter where we go or if she stays the night at her grandparents she loves it just as much as her crib. Also when they get older it will grow with them! Best gift I ever gotten

FTM of a 3mo old baby girl. Our daughter hated the traditional bassinet. We were too paranoid to keep her in her crib as her room is all the way across the house (even with baby monitors) my husband bought this at target and for the first 2.5 month of her life she slept between us on this. It was a life saver. Now she sleeps in her pack n play or in her crib and I am saving this for road trips.

Juts our him in his playpin but since the padding and the base is so hard, lay out blankets to make a softer padding.
My bf and I used to travel to Austin and that’s what we packed when we traveled. Worked.

I just had baby #2 8 weeks ago and let me just say both times I was worried about the whole sleeping away from home situation and both times its easier then you think. I worried for nothing. A pack n play would work fine. As others have mentioned most hotels offer cribs. I once bought a travel size bassinet we didn’t even use. I have a baby dome for outdoors where baby can lay sleep or play. Its round and have the roof option for sun and bug protection. Out son actually fell asleep in that camping once so we let him stay in there. Its no diffrent then a bassinet or anything else. I guess what I’m trying to say is just pick something thats easy for you and do that. Wether that be the hotels crib or a pack n play or whatever. Trust me at that age most babies dont care as long as there comfy and it will work out

If you have a packNplay just use that. Don’t go abbuy something special as they will more than likly get the use out of it for what you will pay for it.

Pack n play is probably yourbest bet

Depends on where you’re planning to stay… if there is a couch or something I’d always remove the couch seat cushion put a blanket down and have my babies sleep on those right by my bed and they did fine. Similar to a doc a tot and a lot less expensive! (I did this before the doc a tot came out tho)

Pack and play…that’s what I used when we sleep out

I never swaddled my babies tightly . I would have been afraid that it would interfere with their breathing and restrict their movements too much . The main idea is safety for the baby and comfort . They are not tightly swaddled in a blanket in the womb , and in the womb they are free to move around. What are people teaching their baby with tight swaddling ? Remember , babies have a brain and they do think . They have emotions too. They are real human beings who need love and kindness to survive. Everyone should pray to God in the name of Jesus for help and guidance to take care of their children. May God bless every parent.

Do a trial run at home with the travel cot and see how ya get on and if it works then happy days