How to travel with carseats?

What did all you mamas do as far as traveling and car seats on airplane my daughter just turned 2 so its the first time she wont be on my lap. I cant afford to get a whole new seat and the one I have is too heavy even though it is an improved airline seat it’s just too heavy. Has anyone used a booster seat? What should I do?


You can not use a booster seat on a airplane. And have you look and the cosco seats? Walmart $40 and perfect for travel

Most air lines will let u bag check it for free… Call air line & ask

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Check the carseat, my little just sat in her own seat and slept and she’s 2

As much as you don’t want to hear this and I totally understand lol the recommendation is an faa approved car seat… You can’t use a booster seat. Costco scenera next is a $40 car seat. If it’s still out of range, an alternative is using a luggage cart to put your seat on so ur not carrying it around. I’ve seen mom’s/dad’s with multiple kids strapped into their seats on luggage carts. Lot less distance to carry it. But the only other option would be no seat and that’s not something I’d do personally so I’m not going to recommend it. Turbulence can be very dangerous

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I don’t bring a car seat onto the plane, even when my daughter was a toddler/baby. She’s been sitting in her own seat since she was 2.

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We bought a extra car seat for $20 off of marketplace. It expired this month but we bought it when we left and used it till it expired.

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You don’t need a car seat while being on a plane. You do need one when you get off for any traveling. In that case look online or go to a thrift store. Costco has an affordable car seat as well as Walmart. Always check exp dates for used car seats and make sure it has not been in an accident. A 2yr is too young for a booster.

You aren’t required to have a car seat according to faa guidelines. We all know chances of surviving an air plane crash is fairly minimal. The recommendation is due to turbulence… Babies become projectiles. I had the same thoughts til I learned more :woman_shrugging: I’m not judging you do whatever you want but by the responses I’ve read most people don’t seem to realize it’s the turbulence not the crash the car seat is for.

Mine always had their own seat ALWAYS Lap babies are not safe during turbulence . I used their car seats up until age 3 1/2 It was a hassle lugging them on the plane but it was safer.

Cosco Scenera® NEXT Convertible Car Seat is like $36 at walmart.