How to travel with kids?

We just drove from Washington to Alabama a few months ago with our ALMOST two year old. He turns two in October. It took us 6 days of driving. We just made sure to have him plenty of snacks and drinks. Stop when needed to walk around and let your child stretch. We would find something cool to do halfway in our day to have a stopping point to get out, shop, eat, and spend some time before continuing our drive. Also if your kid has a tablet or portable TV, USE IT. Download any subscriptions you may have to it so they can watch shows while going down the road. My husband travels for his job. We don’t go on all of the jobs because of them being so far away and we know our son is happiest at home. But when we do go with him, we have to have a lot of preparation to do it

I leave at bedtime and don’t stop but for gas or inconsolable crying.


If you can travel at night, do so. It’s so much easier on them and you

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Put them in the car and go?

I’ve never been sure why people fuss so much traveling with kids.

Give them things to occupy their time in the car just like you would any other time. Tablet, coloring books and crayons, small toys or a portable DVD player. You can travel at night when they’re supposed to be sleeping but some kids like to stay up and enjoy the ride. My son is 8 and he has been a wonderful travel companion, he likes to talk and find all 50 states on the license plates or play iSpy. Keep snacks and drinks on hand and you’ll have to make a few extra stops but outside of just providing some extra in the car, it’s literally get in the car and go.


Did 11hrs with my kids, left at 2am that way they would sleep most the time lol

A few years back I drove from Wisconsin to Florida with my grandfather with dementia and my (at the time) 2 month old daughter. It was rough. A 22 hour drive quickly became a 32 hour drive. Quite honestly though, my daughter did fantastic. My grandfather was more the challenge lol. But toys, snacks, entertainment. All the same things you’d have on a shorter drive, just more abundant.

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We travelled 16 hrs with twin 2 year olds. Those color wow books, coloring books and just snack trays and they did great. In 2019 we went to destin 10 hr trip with 4 year old twins and a 1 year old
We left at 4am and stoped for breakfast at around 9 then had lunch at a park so they could play a little and we really just had a bunch of the same stuff
At that point they were all still rear facing so no tablets or anything like that!!

Leave at night. Get a portable DVD player or a tablet. Netflix let’s you download episodes so you don’t need WiFi. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks. If your child insists on getting out of the car seat, find a safe location to walk around.

We traveled to visit my sister one time, travel at night she said, yeah that was hell. We arrived, they were well rested, we were a tired mess.

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One kid parents are cute lol

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We just drove 20 hrs back in may 20 their 20 he with a three yr old and he did awesome .we had dvd snack and we also sang and talk too him a lot . I was very impressed with my great grandson :heart:

Amanda is an awsome mother…

We just drove 12 hrs from Illinois to Texas. Left around 9 pm and drove straight and only stopped for gas. Our 2 yr old twins slept the entire ride.

Bring their favorite thing: tablet, phone, toy. And download their favorite shows before hand so you don’t have to pay outrageous prices for WiFi. Feed them a lot before the flight. Don’t rent anything. It’ll be a bitch to carry it in but baby products fly no charge on all airlines

I travel a lot with both of my kids since birth. Look into a portable DVD/ bluray or streaming apps on a tablet and id also buy a portable hotspot with as much data as you can just so you aren’t using all yours. Take a tackle (new) the kind that you can move the dividers in and fill it with their favorite snacks and I know its a long trip and you just want to get there but remember to stop and let the kids play about every hour or so for about 10 minutes I know it makes the trip longer but it will also help your child be more comfortable car seats are not the most comfortable thing to be tied to for long periods of time.

We did 13 with our 2 year old. Other then his tablet, variety of snacks, silicone pop it toy (the “trending” button pressing thing), Melissa and Doug water coloring and color safe crayola coloring. We also left around nap time and drove part of it at night.

Travel tray is great! A place for snacks, somewhere to put little cars or any little toy, somewhere to color. Somewhere to rest their hands and arms!! Well worth it!!

When you stop to eat, don’t feed them, let them play for 15? minutes, all get back in the car & eat on the road.

I left at 4 or 5 AM, they peed when I woke up, then back to bed while I readied…, carried them in the car asleep, when they woke up we were 1/3+ “there”.

Invest in a kiddie tablet. Plenty of snacks that are easy to clean up. Regular rest stops. Bring plenty of baby wipes. A pillow. No squeezy drinks. Put their favorite music on the radio as well

I just drove a 13 hour trip with a 2 almost 3 year old. She travels pretty well but was over the car about 7 hours into the trip and that is with stops every 2 hours giving her walk breaks and diaper changes. We drove straight through on the way home but we left at 11:00p.m. and she slept the whole night. So…I would suggest driving at night if at all possible.

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You’ll probably want to stop every couple of hours for bathroom breaks etc. I used to love car trips as a kid and my kids don’t mind them today although the furthest we’ve done is like 3 hours. Have something to entertain them definitely

Plan for stops at parks along the way; tons of snacks. Allow some tablet time, bring a playlist of songs (our daughter likes coco melon) and car games.

Go to dollar store and buy small gifts. Wrap. Every hour he gets a present. Something to look forward to.

When my kids were little I used to make prize bags for long trips they got to open one prize every hour!! They loved it and made our road trips Amazing!!!

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We traveled everywhere with our 3. They had their moments but they loved it as much as we did.

Car seat a must for safety. Kid music and portable DVD is also a good distraction!

Pinterest busy bags! Most of the stuff can be bought at a dollar store. Kept my son busy the whole time. Also we made snackleboxes for everyone which is just a tackle box with different snacks in each compartment!

Travel at night!!! We take a 15 hour trip almost every 6 months and the best thing to do is to drive during the night so they sleep most of the trip!!!

I drive at night so they sleep most of the way and potty breaks when I stop for gas

Make sure you set yourself up for travel sickness eg spare clothes, wet washer, towels, spew bag just in case

Yes travel tray allows them to color and play with toys

My grandkids live the cd’s with lots of songs … monkeys on the bed … ants go marching… old Mc Donald…and all kinds of great songs they love :heart: listening to … it’s the 1 st think they ask for when the get in the car :relaxed:

Do it like our parents did. Throw a pillow in the back seat and tell them to shut up

If possible leave around the time your child usually goes to sleep. He will than sleep for the majority of the trip.

Yes to tray and portable DVD player

Drive at night when it’s bedtime

Gaffer tape works wonders

two words- duct tape :crazy_face: JK