How to treat dry skin?

Anyone deal with dry skin in their toddlers? My daughter is 3, and of course red headed and fair skinned. So she has quite a bit of skin issues, and her skin gets irritated easily. Which I can normally get whatever it is to go away. Now she has two dry patches on her left arm, and the tops of her hands feel really dry. Her checks are super dry and she has a small spot under her lip that is red and dry and irritated. I have tried everything. The two spots on her arm look better but everything else still feels super dry. I’ve tried baby lotion because it’s easier on her skin than some other lotions. I’ve tried non scented Vaseline lotion. I’ve tried just Vaseline it’s self. She doesn’t act like it bothers her. Just seems like nothing I’m using is helping her skin. Any suggestions on what I can use to help her dry skin?


Not in the same boat exactly, but my son has bad eczema and I use coconut oil and vitamin e oil and it clears everything up in a matter of 2-3 days of use works great for diaper rash too!

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Right after a bath, before bed.


There’s coconut oil, aquafor, and maybe even try the belly lotions for pregnant women?

If you live where its really cold ( like i do) youll see this as a losing battle sadly. These are all the same places my kiddos have issues every winter with. We use aquaphor on their faces at bedtime and try our best to keep their cheeks covered when they go out ( think a face mask instead of a winter hat) Otherwise i always make sure theyre super dry before exposing them to any of the cold temps and dry skil lotion on their arms. Luckily if it doesnt bother her then thats a good sign

My son had eczema and all the heavy lotions seemed to burn and make it worse a&d ointment doesn’t burn and works

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The Peaceful Bee Co. Look it up on Facebook! Their salve is awesome!!!

Aquaphor or the Aveeno baby stuff

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My son is a red head and fair. He was born with dry patches and tiny bumps theyve never gone away. His ped said he has keratosis. Skin issue thats basically just a pain in the butt.
Perhaps she has that as well. It never goes away it feels like but we manage

I know this sounds crazy but night emoliant cream from Mary Kay works wonders and a little goes a long ways!

I would try eczema lotions like aveeno. Helps my son

My little one has dry skin patches, too. I use Aquaphor Baby Ointment

Dove Winter Care body soap worked wonders on my son

Lubriderm lotion and Dove soap is what my dermatologist always told me to use.

Oatmeal “bath bombs” are good helpers, just take pantyhose and fill them with oatmeal tying off every so often and cut them so that they are separated. When it’s bath time throw one in the tub and let her soak in that, before she gets out rub her down with the oatmeal bath bomb.

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An oatmeal or cocoa butter lotion will be good. I would also suggest products that are for eczema

Vaseline! My son had really bad eczema, and works the best!

Coconut oil and tea tree lotion helps.

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Goat milk soap works for my daughters eczema

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I lather on cetaphil for my kids in winter especially. Works better than any of the barrier things for my kids. Always dried out.

Child’s farm is good I use it on my sons eczema and his skin is dry where he hasn’t got eczema and it helps a lot

Yes the little one i have at the moment suffers from eczema so i out a bit of baby oil in his bath and it keeps his skin moisturised and if his skin gets too try etc i moisturise him after his bath.

Goats milk based soap and coconut oil

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Eczema Honey Co worth every cent!

Maybe more water?
I have eczema and I struggle with dry skin too…

My son has dry bumps on the backs of his arms identical to mine. I put baby lotion on his whole body then I use Burt’s bees diaper ointment on the dry patches. It keeps it at bay. He’s almost 4 we do that after his bath.

My son(2) has bad eczema and when he’s having skin problems I give him an oatmeal bath and use Aveeno eczema cream and it’s gone within two days give or take!

My LO doesn’t have eczema but this stuff has worked for every little skin irritation she has had. I make sure we always have some.


Curel lotion is AMAZING. I have really dry skin and Curel is the only lotion that truly moisturizes my skin. It also spreads really well so you don’t have to use a bunch. A tiny bit goes a long way. It’s honestly probably the best lotion out there.
Also, coconut oil is always good but it is oily so not sure how well it would do on clothes.

I use Hempz lotion believe it or not. My 3 yr old has bad eczema and dry skin and it’s the only thing that’s made a difference. I tried all the lotions designed for it and none worked.

This stuff has been a GODSEND for my extremely sensitive skin. Not gonna lie it smells nasty but moisturizes better than anything else i have tried. My knees, wrists, elbows, and belly were starting to crack and bleed they were so dry. A week of this and my skin feels buttery soft again. Just wish I could have found it sooner!

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Inwould not use vasaline. It seals the area. Whatever you use should allow the area to “breathe”. I would check with her doctor and be sure she does not have a skin disease, like exema , before trying products that you are uncertain of

Cetaphil or CeraVe. The super dry cold weather exacerbates skin conditions. These might help.

Creamy cocoa butter and vasaline they sell it at dollar tree, if you can’t find it then palmers cocoa butter lotion sold at all dollar stores and walmart. Used the first one since my daughter was born its a dollar but it healed her scratches faster, dry skin, baby acne, and rashes. The second works well on dry skin.

Aquafor works great! A bit messy but well worth it

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I have a 2 year old that is red headed and fair skinned I swear by oatmeal baths and coconut oil and baby oil… There is no such thing as to much coconut oil I swear haha

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My daughter has really bad skin issues also, she uses the Cetaphil bar of soap in the shower and then the Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion. When I say she has skin issues I mean she breaks out in these terrible bumps from an infection she got as a baby, and it ultimately killed her protective layer of skin, she is 9 now and we have it under control but the Cetaphil has worked wonders for her skin.

I had this issue in winter months. Less baths/showers and when you give her a bath add a few drops of baby oil to the tub fixed my issue almost instantly.

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I can’t recommend castor oil & zinc cream enough
A big tub won’t cost you Much. I don’t know where you are based but Tesco used to do an own brand one. Boots also do it.

I sell Rodan + Fields Skincare and our Soothe Regimen works wonders on these issues.

If YOU or your loved one suffer from sensitive skin, redness, burning, eczema, etc, I can help you!!

Give it a try! 60 day $$ back guarantee on all products. You have nothing to lose.

If interested msg me for info…

I use Vaseline (when my toddlers will let me). It’s the only thing that clears my sons red, dry patchy, cheeks up! His poor face is always so flaky in the cold weather.

Have you ever tried aquafor? It’s been a lifesaver for us!

My daughter is a redhead and also has fair skin and eczema. I use Aveeno body wash. For lotion I either use baby oil when it’s not bad or cetaphil if I feel like it’s a bit drier than normal. For dry spots or eczema break out spots I use eucerin flare up treatment.

My son has really sensitive skin and I do too. It’s going to sound silly but use baby butt cream, the a&d treat is what I use. It works really great!

Aquaphor is really great for the super stubborn dryness. Also look for ‘just hatched’ baby lotion on Amazon. It’s a bit lighter, but is great on my kids.

Cetaphol and aquaphor work wonders for my daughter and I. We are both red haired and faired skin.

I was doctors try to tell me it eczema she also had what I would call cradle cap from the time I adopted her at 6 year old. Tried everything. I started using plan olive oil on her skin because I couldn’t stand anything on my skin or it would break out. I also tried every soap on her skin I finally switched to Philosophy I get it on QVC. Only certain ones very strong ones make her itching. Fig, Apricot, Vanilla, Beach, I use it on my Grandson since he was 3 months old my daughter was on internship and was not around her before then I might have tried it earlier. I don’t like the Prue Grace, Love,Faith Ect they are mild but smell like old lady to me they might work but I don’t buy. I do but Lemon she doesn’t like it. I also buy Orange Chocolate her and Granddaughter can’t use. I know my daughter is older then your children but she functioning on your children level and has same diaper rash, skin, hair (cradle cap) problems. As far as diaper creams if you have an Aldi around I buy there’s it is highest in Zinc that I have seen at any price for healing and is only $1.99 a tube. Best buy around. I used it on my husband and MIL both when in diapers before they passed. Also healed up the worse bedsores. Better and another brand last longer too.

Hanicream they also have a face one… Can buy it at CVS type stores… $16 to 18 for a pump one. The Dr years ago told me about this for my daughter and we still swear by it… Heals the skin so quickly

My kid had same skin dermatologist had the answers

You should try Aveeno baby soothing relief moisturizer cream! I tried everything the back of my daughters arms were so dry they were peeling. This stuff worked wonders! Now I even use it on me.

make sure you have a humidifier in your house, the winter can make skin even more dry.

Sounds like psoriasis, I would have her tested for allergies , does she drink cows milk , what kind of bath soap do u use . Have i tried Aveeno excema

have you tried not asking on fb? go to your pediatrician and if thats not successful, ask for a referral to dermatology. quit asking for medical advice on fb.

We use the Aveno Baby Eczema lotion & it works great!!

Get baby some vitamin E oil and bag balm. Rub the vitamin E oil into her skin after bath time and let that soak in as she air dries. Make sure baby is completely dry before putting on clothes. Before bedtime and naps rub the bag balm on the dry patches. It is made with lanolin which closely matches the natural lipid barrier on our skin. All else fails look for a ‘colloidal oatmeal cream’ because that matches the closest but tends to be the most expensive and hard to find. Personally I don’t like the oatmeal baths there’s too much residue and not enough relief.