How to treat migraines?

Has anyone had migraines after having a baby? I have Multiple Sclerosis and I’m wondering if that is the cause or not. My son is almost 7 months. I have went to the doctor and was put on an antidepressant for the migraines but they don’t seem to be helping. And yes I have given them enough time to kick in. I even had my doctor up the dosage.

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Did you have an epidural? Could be a spinal fluid leak if so where you need a blood patch.

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I have migraines and my nueroligist recommended I didn’t get a epidural due to the fact they can cause migraines or increase them

I do, but it’s due to the lights and extreme lack of sleep.

Ive had them for the last 3 years :woman_facepalming: doctor said it was just an old earache… but here we are still in pain everyday. I ended up getting an emergency epidural after 33 hours so could be that who knows

Not after birth but before I did. I went to a chiropractor and they took care of them.

My Mom has MS and I have done a lot of research… all of her symptoms got worse after having my brother and i… the migraines could certainly be an MS symptom

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Yes I have them my baby is 3 months and yes I got the epidural

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Antidepressants for migraines?

I have ms and would get chronic migraines. I get botox injections now for the migraines and have only had one in 5 months instead of once a week. I’m also on zoloft for an antidepressant

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I have a condition called Chiari Malformation.
I would look into it.

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It very surely could be MS. Have you upped your vitamin D?
It could also be from your spinal block or epidural if you had one. Mine were debilitating after my son was born, but that’s also when my symptoms started to flare up to the point of suspecting MS. Good luck, mama. Hope you feel better.

Ever since I had my oldest, at 18, I have had vertigo migraines. They are hell. I take a blood pressure medication to help prevent them so I don’t get them every day like I was. Sometimes I go weeks with none. Sometimes multiple times a week I will get 1. Nothing takes them away besides going to sleep. And even after sleep, the migraine is gone but I have 0 energy for a day and nausea feeling too.

Ever since I had my second son I have suffered from extreme migraines I was told it was from the epidural not working. My son is now almost 3 my doctor recommended doing the shot in the thigh of course not wanting to do anything with needles I refused so, I just suffer it really sucks.

Why would the Dr put you on antidepressants for a migraine? This makes no sense… My Dr put me on a migraine med for mine… There are a lot of different meds out there…I will never take an antidepressant ever again…

never had migraines in my life until I got pregnant with my son. they get so bad I go blind. hes 4 and I still get them weekly.
no one knows why or how to stop them

I’ve had an epidural with all 3 of mine… except my last. I was at 7 cm and asked if I could still have one and they said I could…I absolutely regret it. The anesthesiologist did a SPINAL BLOCK for a vaginal birth instead of an epidural and for about 2 weeks I was in the hospital. Horrible ringing in my ears, seeing double, migraines nonstop. Even after a blood patch. Turns out I’d had a spinal fluid leak & ended up with a subdural hematoma. It’s healed now but i still get migraines from time to time. If i could go back, I wouldn’t have gotten anything as he came only 30 mins later.

I have had migraines for years and have tried everything antidepressants blood pressure pills Topamax so many pills from my neurologist and nothing has helped and I had them severely thru and after my pregnancies I thought it might have been from lack of sleep so I tried sleep meds after my baby was born for a better night sleep that wasn’t it either so I’m gonna try botox in May that is my last option. so maybe ask to see a neurologist and try Topamax cuz most people it works I still take it only for my seizures but they do prescribe it for migraines also and ask about feurocet that’s a migraine pill too there are alot of option besides antidepressants I’m surprised that was the first thing your doc tried but good luck

i have chronic migraine caused by hormone imbalance…it went away with my son then was back after i gave birth, anatypline is the normal depression med they use for migraine treatment.high blood pressure meds r used to treat tension migraines or tension headaches. topamax is an anti-seizure med used in the same way although not normally together. u can botox treatments for migraines (if not breast feeding) from a neurologist is the only thing that helped mine decrease even for a little while. the next step for me in my case would be a hormone specialist since high dose bc seems to be helping to lessen the amount. have them test ur hormone levels, thyroid levels, and make sure to keep up on hydration as well dehydration can cause migraines…