How to treat ringworm?

Hi everyone. My daughter (2.5) has been dealing with what has been diagnosed as ringworm for well over a few months now. We’ve used multiple antifungal creams, steroid/antifungal creams, now she’s been on cream and an oral for three weeks now (off the steroid cream for two weeks). It’s came back at least three times now. It was staying gone since we stopped the steroid a couple weeks ago and almost gone on the skin (she has it in two different spots on her lower body) But now I’m seeing it come back in one of the spots. It has been back and forth to the doctor over this. I’ve been disinfecting the house (floors bathtub) washing things in hot water and strong soap then washing again with gentle detergent so it’s not hard on her skin. I feel like we can’t get off this ride. Anyone have experience with this? Thank you