How to turn breech baby?

Has anyone had experience with a breeched baby at 37 weeks? Gone through with trying the positions to get baby to move? Or with their doctor trying to move baby from outside?


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I read bouncing up and down, laying on your left side with your knees high and walking helps


Yes hurts like hell schedule the C-section and lo and behold the day I went in for my C-section she flipped.

My dr told me not to go home and stand on my head because the baby just flips when he wants to. I’m 33 1/2 weeks now and he’s breach but they said he has plenty of time and fluid to flip. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

I’ve never had a breech. My doctor one thought he was breech.

No experience personally but try if you haven’t yet I heard it really works

Getting on all fours and rock back and forth ,
Getting on all fours and putting head towards the ground and bottom in the air

My son was breech most of my pregnancy, then my water broke at 35 weeks and he was still breech, turned out he couldn’t move cause the cord was around his neck couple times around, I had to have c section to get him out, he wasn’t breathing 100% on his own from it, so he was given oxygen for first 24 hrs, and I was In hospital for 4-5 days while respratory specialists monitored him , within 24 hrs he was good and breathing on his own. Just be careful if they move your baby, they would have moved my son he could of possibly died, good thing my water broke and they were able to get him out

Yes my baby was breech , the dr and nurse turned her

Exact situation! Try

Yes but I ended up having a c-section because of it

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I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and my son is breech as was my daughter. Both c sections. And nothing is comfortable anymore. I find laying on my left side with a pillow between my knees is the comfiest right now. Standing is comfortable. Sitting up hurts. But hey you’re almost there!!!

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I had to have my daughter turned by the doctor at 36 weeks put me in labor and needed an emergency c-section because of it

My baby turned at the last minute they said they usually do, I hope that happens with u

My baby broke my water. His knee was in my pelvis. I had him at 36 weeks on Father’s Day. He was 7lbs 1oz. The cord was wrapped around his neck and body. He was fighting to get it off. I was scheduled for a external cephalic version the next day!

Yes my OB tried to turn my son when he was transverse breech and it didn’t work. I had a c-section because I had 4 other children prior and he thought it was best. I also tried everything they recommended position wise but he was happy I guess and never turned.

I’m sure Google or WebMd has some suggestions. Have u asked you DR?

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My doctor told me he could move her told him to fuck off hes not touching me an to just schudule the c section i was 2 weeks from givin birth and went in sept 24th to get the c section told my nurse they are not touchin me till they do a aultrasound and behold she flipped got induced instead

My daughter was breech so I had a c-section at 39 weeks. My OB didn’t recommend manually turning her. She said it’s really painful and the baby could just turn back or it could not work at all.

No, but I’d ask your dr about trying to turn baby

I would ask my dr about some exercises that may help

And I should add…when my doctor tried to turn my son it hurt like hell and I had bruises on my lower abdomen from fingertips of his assistant who actually got up on the bed to try and push him into position. My son was born via c section about 8 days later and his femur was broken at birth. I will always think it was from that procedure but they said it was from a rough twist of his foot/ankle during delivery.


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I had my baby breeched 3x during my whole pregnancy I went to a chiropractor for mine she massaged my hips in a way to allow the baby to naturally readjust itself

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My daughter was breech until I went to my chiropractor. She didn’t touch my belly or the baby at all. You can google it & even call some chiropractors that do it & they can further explain it to you

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Yes! Mine moved at the very last second.
Have a look at spinning babies website

My oldest was breech when I went into labour but my doctor was able to turn her with no problems had a successful vaginal birth

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Baby can position itself at any point. Mine did.

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No I was too fearful, then my water broke at 37 weeks and I had to get a C-section.

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My doctor said he didn’t feel comfortable doing it so he did a c-section… to be honest I regret not waiting and trying to do it to have a vaginal birth…

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Yes my son was breech they tried to turn him, it hurt so bad that I was laughing…and he NEVER turned
.I went C-section

My daughter delivered face down at 36 weeks with the cord around her neck, she didn’t cry for 2 minutes and I was so scared!

My son was breach. The doctor tried to turn him from the outside. It is very painful. I wore bruises of his hands on my belly for several days. They were unable to turn him and I ended up going into labor from the procedure and had to have an emergency c-section anyway. My advice would be to try the exercises and if baby doesn’t turn on his own just schedule c section. Best wishes for a healthy baby and safe delivery for mama and baby.

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Oh my God some of you people are so frustrating. READ AND COMPREHEND BEFORE YOU COMMENT! She’s asking if anyone has had SUCCESS getting baby into the right position around 37 weeks. It sounds like she’s obviously already spoken to her doctor, she didn’t figure out on her own her baby is breech. :roll_eyes:

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Yes I wouldn’t do it again.

I was induced at 38 weeks but my baby wasn’t breech and everything went pretty smooth after I got the epidural! Welcomed my handsome lil man may 24 2018!

Both mine were breach until the last week :slight_smile:

My middle baby was breech all the way up it ended up a c section but she’s the most fantastic child ever strong willed and beautiful

Yup had to go into c-section

I have not :confused: sry no help. Only complication I experienced was meconium with my 1st & fluid in the lungs of my 2nd.

My daughter was breeched the whole the time we tried everything she turned the day before I went into labour

My last one turned breech a few weeks before delivery. I was so scared to do a C-section but he turned back over on his own, and I was able to do a vaginal delivery. And now today he is 10 and is STILL flipping and jumping around everywhere lol

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I did, I was 37 weeks and the dr gave me positions to try and turn him and it worked. I also did acupuncture.

Yes but I had twins and ended up having an emergency C-section

My son moved so much right before I gave birth an the weeks leading up to it, I was terrified to actually delivery an ended up having an emergency C-section.

My dr wouldn’t turn the baby… had to get a c section

My first baby was breeched and ended up with c-section

My baby flipped at 28 weeks and stayed like that.
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My daughter was breech in labor at 37 weeks. I had to have a C-section.

I’ve never dealt with it… But best wishes

I’ve heard of babies turning on their own shortly before labor! Good luck to you mama.

I’ve heard of babies moving just in time for labor!

Right at 39 weeks my baby moved

Never experienced that before

Yes its very frustrating!

My daughter delivered twins prematurely. Both were head down until the first was born then the second baby suddenly went breach. They didnt have time to prep her for c-section so she was born breach.

I haven’t but my friend Cozette might have some insight on this

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I was breech and my mom tried pushing for hours before the doctor realized I wouldn’t come out that way so she had to have a csection.
With my oldest, she was breech until 38 weeks, and I honestly don’t know how she turned just one day she was turned.

No personal experience, but I know of several babies that turned days before delivery.

Good luck hope everything goes smoothly …My baby turned shortly before birth on her own lol

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Not this mama but lots of stories!
Stay stong and keep trying, but do whats best for baby as well, dont want to stress them to much in the process

When I got my anatomy scan at 24 weeks… she was head in my pelvic bone. Super low. I’m almost 26 now. Nothing’s changed.

I was close to 37 weeks but she finally flipped!

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Never had a breech baby

I had to have a csection, everytime we’d try to flip her, her heartrate dropped. So I went for on elective csection

I have never dealt with a Breech baby

Alaina Farmer yes I agree. I’ve heard of a few ppl do had the same. They had lots of ultrasounds to keep checking too

Not personally but I do know a couple that have finally turned just a couple days before she went into labor. I hope all goes well!

I was induced 5 weeks early …she was breech…Dr turned her…it worked. You go on ur hands and knees…it hurts but was worth it…7.6 lbs

I am 35 weeks and she is still breech. She has been trying to flip. What I hear from my dr is that It is really uncomfortable trying to move babies from the outside and it doesn’t always work. Plus it has to be done at the hospital just in case something happens and emergency c-section has to be done.

Sometimes they move into the right position just in time!

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My first baby was breech they had me try several movements to get him to turn but nothing worked we ended up having a csection

Mine turned the day before I went intolabor. She was sideways the whole time. I was scheduled for c section but she flipped on her way. I would never allow dr to do it…I’ve heard horror stories.

Briana Chantell so painful they tried to turn my daughter and she went straight back I tears streaming down my face was awful

Apparently spending an hour on all fours with your butt more in the air will help them turn

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Both my babies were breach at 35 weeks. Tried flipping my first, her heart rate dropped. Had an emergency C section at 36 weeks.

Have someone flick your belly :joy: Melissa

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YouTube spinning babies it worked for me and my sister.

Kinzy, I know Joshua was breeched, you might have some helpful advice.

37 weeks now with a breech boy. He has until next week to turn or i have a c section. Been trying everything

It shouldn’t hurt like that, Im sorry you had a horrible experience :frowning:

Yup with mine they couldn’t turn her and I ended up haveing a c section at 39 weeks where she came out butt first :woman_shrugging:t4:

My baby was breech at 37 weeks, i googled some ways to help move my baby and found something on google i just forgot the site.

Try spinning babies. Forward leaning inversions also something I think helped with mine was putting a ice pack at the top of my stomach where his head was and sitting in a warm bath.

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I had 2 csections because my kiddos were breech. I tried everything to get them to turn. I tried getting down on all fours with my ass in the air while your head is on the floor, I’ve tried the shining the flashlight trick, but nothing worked. My placenta was against my tummy so they would not attempt to manually turn them from the outside as you can do damage to the placenta. I don’t think I would of tried turning them anyways. I have done some research on it and it’s a low percentage that it will work and even if it did the baby can flip back to being breech. Plus it hurts and a lot of women bruise very bad and the

Athena my doctor never try to help move them but she told me to so safe stretches to help the rotate. But unfortunately they never did so I had to get a cesarean

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My baby was breech at 37weeks but by the time I gave birth at 39+3 he had turned himself around.

I found out my first was breech at 37 weeks and had the doctor try and turn her and everything but none of it worked she was a big 8pounds 8 ounces and 21 3/4 inches long . I’d say it’s worth a try when the doctor try’s to turn the baby it will hurt like hell but it’s temporary pain and if it works it worth it!

I did she finally turned last week and I’m 5 days past due date today

Cozette I didn’t know stretches helped that too

My son was breached at 37 weeks but the day I went into labor he turned himself around, I also done some squats , and walked a lot to make him move around to see if he’d turn and he did