How to use evening primrose oil?

Anyone use evening primrose oil to help soften your cervix , either just to help your body out or scar tissue on your cervix . I have some scar tissue and my ob suggested it , and that it could or could not help. She didnt really give me a brand name to use , what kind did you guys use ? Thanks


I used the the Wal-Mart brand from 37 weeks on, my OB said it’s probably the reason I didn’t tear much. (I’m 5’5 and my daughter was 8 lbs 5oz)

I used what I found at our local health food market. But I started using it around 36 weeks. I didnt have any tearing what so ever and really think thats why, especially since my 8.1lb babe came so quickly!

Yep! It really helped with mine. I got it at Walmart