How to wean baby off bottle?

My toddler will not stop asking for a bottle. We have tried many sippy cups and he has liked none of them. How can we get him off the bottle when he refuses to drink from anything else?


It could be a security/comfort thing.


Throw it in the trash. First 2 were off the bottle at 6 or 7 months 3rd a year and I just through them away. She through a fit for a little bit and later that evening took a cup and actually went to sleep 30 minutes earlier and boom we had a new sleep schedule

I let mine use it until she was ready to give it up


I cut the nipples and told them it was broken. Then replaced with sippy cup

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Throw out completely don’t even keep one in the house seriously that’s what I had to do and he took to the sippy cup right away. Gotta put your foot down at this point n throw away like I said. You want him off so you’re going to need to deal with him whining abt it but he’ll eventually drink from a sippy cup


I threw away their bottles when they stopped getting formula. They didn’t particularly like the sippy at first but they knew that’s they only way they’d be getting their drinks so they didn’t have a choice. I know it sounds cruel but sometimes limiting their choices has benefits.


Once he was a little over a year I just threw them away :woman_shrugging: he didn’t really have a hard time but he’s easy going.

I had him give his to a friends new baby— he was unhappy when it was bedtime but soon was ok

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I made a mistake with my first and let her decide when she was ready. She was almost three. What a huge mistake! Second and third child I threw them away at a year old. They got over it quickly

We switched to a nuk brand that had a silicone top like a bottle. They had ones shaped like bottles and then smaller sippy cups. Make that the only option, i used to leave them laying around every where.


Don’t buy sippy cups. Go and buy a special grown up cup. I was paranoid about buck teeth so didn’t use sippy. Mine went straight to a regular cup and loved it (and nil orthodontist bills! :joy:) Sometimes they don’t like the taste of plastic so give the option of a proper cup too.

Nuby 3 Stage Grow With Me. It has a nipple like a bottle and a sippy cup nipple to switch to. We used the bottle nipple for a week then switched to the sippy cup nipple. Since it was the same cup he barely noticed the change.


When i took the bottles away we used the farmers Almanac to get rid of the bottles it was great

I threw away their bottles by the time they turned one and only offered sippy cups. Had no issues, when a child is really thirsty they eventually give in to whatever they’re given to drink from


Sew black thread thru the nipple and give it to him with water only. He will soon figure out he doesn’t want a defective bottle any more.

We did a bottle fairy she will be 2 in august. So we stocked up on 360’s and had her put all her cups in a box and the next morning the fairy left her juice 360’s and some big girl toys


Just take it away and when they’re thirsty they’ll drink from something … or try only a bottle at bedtime do that for a couple weeks and then take that away too

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I had to just throw them all away. Otherwise I kept giving in. It took a week, maybe 2 for him to be fine with a cuppy instead. We used soft top cups. He hated the hard ones.

I threw them away had no choice but to go to sippy cup

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You can try the straw sippy cups. That worked for my daughter. The nuk one worked for my son. Pretty much I threw the bottles away and didn’t give in.

Throw them all away where the only option is a sippy and when they are thirsty enough they will drink from it.

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Throw them out, or put them away. Maybe take him to pick out a cup he thinks looks cool

He will drink if he’s thirsty enough js


You better learn how to say no now, it only gets worse the older they get! Offer a cup ONLY and don’t back down. Get rid of all the bottles so you won’t be tempted to give in. No child is going to die of thirst over a drinking utensil choice, but they will make you feel HORRIBLE while you are teaching them to grow up.


We started putting water in ours and she eventually stopped wanting it

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My son was about 2.5 when we broke the bottle. We only gave it to him at night. Then we just stopped giving it to him. He asked for it every so often but we kept telling him no that he was a “big boy” and I was pregnant so his baby brother would need the bottles. He was pretty cool with that. Especially after his brother came.

I throw all bottles away. My son cried for about half a day before he realized ain’t no mo bottles​:rofl::rofl::rofl: it took a few more days for him to adjust to sippy cup but he had just turned 1

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Only water in the bottle. He can have it as often as he wants but only water. Stand your ground. Don’t give into crying or tantrums. Put juice or milk in a cup. Leave it where he can get it. Eventually hell choose the better tasting option. It’s not going to happen over night. Also try playdates with other kids his age. Once he sees them using the cup he will want to be like them.

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Just stop giving it to him. It will be rough at first but it will get better and he will drink from a cup.

Take it away and he’ll drink when he’s thirsty :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Just take it away he’ll used that cup if that’s all he has.

My boy had a bottle and dummy until he was three than one day he said to me I’m too big for these now and threw them out himself… each to their own! They won’t have them forever :slightly_smiling_face:

Just dont offer a bottle anymore if he/she is thirsty enough they will drink water or juice /milk there will be a sleepless nights but offer a sippy cup leave it in their bed and just walk away they will learn to self sooth straw sippy cups worked for us. BUT DO NOT GIVE IN they pick up on that habit faster then we think. Orrrr put water with a little bit if Vinager in it not enough to make sick but enough to taste then when the taste the nasty bottle offer a sippy cup eventually will no longer want the bottle

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When my daughter 23 months old, and still wanted her bottle, she also wanted a Barbie. I told her that Barbies are for big girls, and your a little girl . If you want a Barbie , you need to throw away your bottle and I will buy you a Barbie. She walked to the garbage and threw it in. I picked her up and we went to get her Barbie. That night she asked for her bottle, I reminded her that bottles are for babies, and she was a big girl , she didn’t ask for the bottle again, and happily took Barbie to bed!

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start with during the day, take the bottle away. if hes thirsty he’ll take the cup. you’ll probably have some tantrums but you’ll have to deal with it. after a week or two of only having the bottle at night switch to a cup. let him watch you throw the bottles away. it will be hard and frustrating. good luck mama.

Try nuk soft tip slippy cup.


Once my daughter was comfortable with the munchkin straw cup I bought a few more and tossed all her bottles. She never really took to a sippy cup

Throw away all the bottles. My daughter cried when I first said her bottles are all in the thrash. Got 3 sippy cups with different color/designs. Told her to pick what she wants to use. She picked all 3 of them, one for milk one for her water & then for juices. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We just threw them all away. (Bottles) time was done with them and it’s not good for tooth development. It was hard for a few days but once my daughter was hungry she would drink from the sippy cup.


Take the bottle :baby_bottle: he will drink out of the cup when he gets thirsty don’t give in to him! I know a mom who didn’t take bottle from her child and she had to have all her baby teeth pulled

Have him (with help) cut the nipple off of the bottle and throw it in the trash and hide all the others … I never started mine on a sippy after weaning from the bottle it’s better for their teeth. It worked for us!

Does he like the nubby brand that has a soft top like a bottle and shape similar to one so it’s not so strange to switch? I started giving my kids sippy cups with one oz of milk or water at different stages until they got used to it then switched them. By 15months they were drinking out of regular cups

My mom used to tell me to tell my kids to throw their own bottles away… So we would wait for the dirt truck and then they would themselves hand it over to be thrown in the truck… It gives them a sense of empowerment I stead of just taking it from them… Might not work on all kids but Def worth a try


Make sure there are no baby bottles in the home. Take him to store to pick out his sippy cups. Have him help you put his baby bottles in a bag and go with you to place in trash can outside on trash day! Believe me it works! Out of sight out of mind. This worked with my four children and 6 grandchildren.

No sippy cups, at one year I took bottles away. Lost sleep for about a week but I just gave them a cup, they either took it or threw it, if the latter they cried until they went to sleep. Next nite they took it fine. during the day they had a cup that they could hold.

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If he gets thirsty enough, he’ll drink from a cup. Your will just has to be stronger than his stubbornness. Been there, good luck.


Is there a dental reason or other medical reason for giving up the bottle? Or Do you feel it’s time? If it’s not hurting him… my kids love my sippy water bottles ( like a camelback) so maybe offer something like that?

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I just cut the nipples off them all. My son would grab them and try them toss it he got over it very well and just went for the sippy lol

One of my daughters gave hers to my mom’s puppy. After that she never asked for it, she would just say dog got it.

Use a Sprite small bottle

I honestly just threw her bottle out one day and the next I gave her the sippy cup it was almost as she didn’t know the difference that’s how cool she was wit it lmao

Get him a sippy top for his bottle…

Don’t have any bottles. :face_with_monocle:

Switched to these and then introduced other sippie cups. They don’t spill.

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My 2 year old grandson had a very traumatic first year & half due to his dad & custody issues, so coming off the bottle after being forced off the breast has proven difficult :sob:
My daughter went with the Dr Brown’s sippy nipple & hand grip, which essentially turns the bottle into a sippy cup.

When dealing with night terrors every time he sleeps & waking up wanting a “bottle” this has been a lifesaver for us & him :two_hearts:

The only way I got my son off his bottle. Was to throw it away and make a big deal about him being a big boy and only babies have bottles. He wont go thirsty. Get him a drinks with a straw and see if that helps it won’t take him long to master the straw either. My son just got it. Good luck.

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Put lemon juice in it with some water and one taste and he will throw it away. Worked for my grandson


We said to my son that the bottle fairies were taking his bottle and they left him ÂŁ5 in return. He was thrilled. X

We had to use the silicon straw sippy cups. That’s the only one we could get him to use. At first it was alil struggle. But we tossed the bottles and put the cup on the table. It was either drink it or dont drink he gave in right away

Why take it away?He will give it up when hes ready


Don’t Force It on the child’s ready that child ready they can cause more harm than good your luck

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Many may not like the answer I’m about to give you
And I’m going to say as I please

I had a very hard time with this to
My baby boy didn’t want anything to do with sippy cups when it came to bed time

I didn’t like it one bit
But finally I just wouldn’t give in to the bottle
Let baby get mad
It will be ok they forgive
Good luck

My eldest hated sippy cups, so we opted for straw bottles instead

He will drink when he gets thirsty

Keep encouraging sippy cups :slight_smile: tell him they are his big boy cups and praise him every time he tries to use one.

I used straw sippy cups.

I found a transition cup at Walmart. Looked like a bottle but had a different top. I used it for a week or two while trying other cups, then just made it disappear with the stinky binky