How to wean from bottle?

In the process of transitioning my 15 month old from the bottle to the sippy cup. She’ll drink juice out the cup but if I put milk in it she will not drink it. And she loves her milk!! Has anyone experienced this? I’m worried she’s going to stop drinking milk now…


Just keep being consistent with giving it to her in the cup, give it a couple of days and she will adjust.

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Get rid of all the bottles and she’ll have no choice but to drink it from a cup.


I did and I told my son that if he wanted his moo juice he had to drink it out of his new cool cup that mommy bought especially for him. He started to drink his milk within a couple days.

Get rid of bottles and try straw cups or the 360 cup

My lo transitioned better with a nuk sippy cup with a soft spout that imitates a bottle with handles. Walmart carries them for like $5.


#1 easiest way to transition to a sippy is never give milk in a sippy as soon as its more then 1/2 milk in the bottle chuck the bottles
#2 easiest way to transition chuck all the bottles your child will eventually drink out of the sippy sooner then you think.

Act like it’s your cup offer her some she will take it

When I started switching my son from cup to bottle I’d give him water in a cup to start, I also started him testing cups at 6 months though. I would just randomly offer him a cup with a soft mouthpiece at first. By 9 months he would take a cup with whatever in it anytime except before napping/sleeping he still wanted bottle. So I started randomly changing bottles out for cups during those times, by a year he didn’t care that the bottle was gone but still had soft mouthpiece cups. Now at 15 months I have him using cups with a mouthpiece that’s more similar to the shape of a regular cup, with just a tiny piece that goes in his mouth and is hard but with a layer of silicone over it (mam brand tumbler to be specific). He takes it anytime with milk or water (we avoid juices unless necessary due to them always making his stools very very soft and causing blowout diapers). It takes a bit but it’s able to be done. Some baby’s just aren’t ready to lose the bottle

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Maybe try a sippy cup that has a soft nipple that’s sort of like a bottle nipple? Then just switch it out randomly

With my oldest we had matching sippy cups. Felt a little strange, probably looked stranger, but she loved it.

Give her choc.or strawberry

My son just got off the bottle a month ago. We just stopped giving it to him, hes fine. He wont drink milk out of a cup, and wont drink mill period now. Not the end of the world. He eats many other dairy products and eats a lot morw food now

We used this and it worked great for both my kids!

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My daughter did that when I took away the bottle. She did stop drinking milk but it was only for a couple years. Plus now days the drs recommend less juice and milk

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Throw away all bottles

Soft spot for sippy cup works best for us in the morning she wants to sit with it. We use 360 for water and juice

My son uses the sassy 360 cups n that helped him get away from the bottle he uses any sippy cup I give him and drink

My oldest did stop drinking milk for a couple of months but now she’s fine .