How to wean from breastfeeding?

This is for the breastfeeding mommas

Since my daughter was born, she took right to breastfeeding. She REFUSED to take a bottle so I just strictly breastfed her since I’m a SAHM. However, now she’s 18+ months and I swear she’s on the boob more than ever! She will drink water or juice from a sippy but refuses any type of milk in a cup (breast, cow, almond, etc). I was planning on beginning to wean her off at two when the doctor recommended. But I feel like I can begin something now so it’s not as crazy a process when she’s two. Are there any other mommas that had their baby super attached to the breast? And how did you wean them off?

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My baby is three and still won’t drink milk other than mine :joy::joy:

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Mine is only 13 months but he’s super attached. Is there any way you could get a job a few times a week? Or go do something like groceries without the baby? That’s how we started and he wouldn’t take any kind of cup before that. I was also strictly a SAHM too.

Mix cow’s milk 1/4 with 3/4 breast milk and slowly increase the amount over a few weeks.

My son was the same way. I was also a SAHM and he refused milk any other way and he nursed all day long for 24 months and even through the night for I think 22 months. He ended up getting tooth decay and needed surgery to remove his top four teeth. They told me it was from extended nursing and especially through the night. Anyway, I was so scared to go through the weaning process because I thought it was going to be awful. I was so nervous. The dentist told us after his surgery removing his teeth he couldn’t nurse for at least 24 hours because they didn’t want any suction where the teeth were removed because of possible dry sockets. So that was the day we stopped. Cold turkey. I cried and cried and cried. I was so mad at the doctor because she didn’t warn me he couldn’t nurse afterwards. I guess I should have been smarter and known. He handled it better than I did honestly. I told them they were ouchie and had booboos on them and put a few bandaids on both boobs. Instead he’d touch them softly and say poor boobies. It was rough the first day but that was it. I know that’s not how it goes for everyone. I think that because I knew he absolutely couldn’t because I didn’t want him getting dry sockets in his mouth, I was more firm about it. When he’d ask about them I’d show him the bandaids and do a little fake cry and say poor boobies ouchie and he totally understood. Then I’d quickly change the subject and show him something else. Now he’s 2.5 so it’s been almost six months and he still puts his hands in my shirt and touches them all the time lol. He would randomly try to eat off them for a few months lol. He still cuddles them sometimes too!

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I got pregnant :joy: each of my boys quit when I concieved their brother. The last just gave it up around 18 months. Good luck momma. Sorry I don’t have good advice

I’ve had the same experience with a few of my children. Just now weaning my last at 2 and it had been hard. He is more attached than I remember any of my others to be. If you can I would continue to nurse until you can’t. My son got sick with a stomach bug. It’s been almost three weeks since I weened. I still have milk. It was very hard not to nurse when he asked. I just tell him the it’s all gone and after a couple days they may ask but not cry. I rock him instead. He still wants the closeness with you. A lot of it is for comfort now so just hold him, read a story, sing. It’s hard for me to let go too so this helps for the both of you. It’s honestly been more calming and less stress on me to be on demand but being there when he feels the need to be close. My son is the same way with milk but since I get coffee almost every morning he want a coco milk (chocolate milk). He won’t drink much milk either but likes go gurts frozen and other dairy products. Has even liked chocolate almond milk. You’ve got to keep trying different things.

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I weeded at 16 month with soul BF baby #1 because we wanted to try for another and it was shire HELL. I ended up covering my,nipples with large bandaids and telling her they were all gone. Baby #2 soul BF weeded herself sadly at 15 month. Woke up one day and refused and never wanted it again no cause so reason. She never had a sippy cup she went from boob to open cup.

Dont give the I used a binky and a bottle after that.

Mine is going to be 3 and we weened after 2 ( I started September of last year) and then it was completely over after my husband and I went on a work summit and were gone for 5days in January … however that’s when I was done her on the other hand is literally STILL obsessed with me and my boobs to this day (6months later). She’s weened but not by choice and honestly I think it makes it so much harder! But the ONE thing that really helped us ween is when setting up a STRICT nursing schedule (we started with morning, nap, and bed time) then one day I cut out mornings, then some time later cut out nap then eventually bed time and the tip I found to work best for those times were when she was wanting (baba) to doing something else that involved physical closeness/ bonding sing a song , play a hand game, have her touch mommy’s nose eyes ears etc or just snuggle and watch a video or play a game on my phone or something.

At about 14 months I started mixing one part whole cows milk with 3 parts breast milk. Then went to half and half and so on. I had him weened at 16 months which was a little earlier than originally planned but I got sick and had to take meds that I couldnt nurse on.

They actually DO NOT need to have any kind of milk at all if they are eating a well balanced diet with dairy products.

Yep. My daughter didn’t wean until 26 months and she’s 4 now and still gropes my boobs :roll_eyes::joy: and she never took a bottle or paci. Maybe start limiting the feeds to nap time only? Otherwise offer juice/water.

My youngest is almost 3 she was drinking Silk Almond milk (vanilla) and just out of the blue stopped a year ago. Will not drink anything pertaining to milk in a cup and only nurses at night to sleep. I wish i had better info but i don’t. (P.s. dad gets sick from drinking or eating any kind of dairy…so that might be my problem)

My first I had this problem. I had to wean her when I got pregnant with my second because I was just exhausted and she woke through the night to feed. During the day I cut her down to two nursing sessions. When she’d want to do more, I’d tell her later and redirect and offer her food and juice. At night I let her nurse to sleep and then after that I’d refuse her and coax her to sleep with cuddling and singing. Took a few weeks but she finally stopped throwing fits. After that I just kept removing a session ever few weeks

I feel you. My son was super attached especially at 12+ months. I woke up every 15 min with him at night to feed and when i try to put him in bed he would wake up and cry until i feed him again (he wasnt hungry Just for comfort). He also didnt take bottle or paci. I was desperate to get 4 hours of sleep so i let him sleep on me while he’s feeding​:joy: that caused me lots of back and neck pain​:woman_shrugging:t2: it got worse everyday until hes 18 months couldnt handle it anymore so i stopped cold turkey and everytime he wants to feed to sleep id take him with the car for a ride until he sleeps. Took a week. i regret weaning him cause i miss it tho​:pensive::woman_shrugging:t2: