How to wean from the pacifier?

My son will be 2 next month and we discussed the removal of his pacifier he only gets it at night and it’s to the point that he waits by the drawer we keep it in to let us in now hes ready to go to night so any tips on how to get him out of the habit of needing it?


Find something else for him to take to bed with him maybe? Have u seen the little tiny blankets with like a stuffed animal head attached to it. A security blanket my son sleeps with one he loves it.

Just throw it away and never look back.


Cut all the tops off, when he goes to get it it’ll be “broken” and tell him you can’t buy any more.
I had to do that with my son’s bottles and pacifiers. It was rough for the first few days but he forgot all about them after a while.

tell him that he is a big boy now and that there is a baby out there that who needs his pacifiers to stop crying. Maybe decorate a box with him that he can put them in that he can leave in the mailbox with you so the “pacifier fairy takes them away” then show him in the morning the empty mailbox

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We told my boys that it’s time for the binky fairy to come get it! You’re a big boy now. So we placed it on the table and when they went to sleep we threw it away and left a note saying. Thank you for your binky!! Here is a little prize for you since you’re a big boy! Now you can use this at night time. We left a blanket or a stuffed animal beside the note.

My son is the same way! He’s 21 months old and as soon as we lay him in bed, he’s already saying “nukie nukie” I need help too! He’ll cry and cry without it at nap time

He’ll give it up when he’s ready. It is a comfort after a long day.

throw it away. if he doesn’t have one then he can’t sleep with it.

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Tell him the baby bunnies need it put it in a box and take it to the woods let him give it to them .that could just be leaving it by a tree and picking it up have a bye bye paci party .Or you can just take it let him cry a couple days give him something new like a stuffed animal after a couple days he will get the idea just say they are all gone but make sure there aren’t any left in the House

Send it up witha balloon

You should of thrown that thing out long ago


take it when hes sleeping and tell him he bit a hole in it and toss it. it should have been taken a long time ago.

my daughter chewed a hole in hers…I asked her to put it where it goes because it was broken and she threw it away and never asked for a new one

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We told my friends daughter that the binky fairy needed it for another baby. Put it under her pillow(like w the tooth fairy) and then when she woke up there was a small prize for her


Let him have it until Christmas, tell him then that Santa took it. That will sort it. That’s what I did with our daughter, she was 3 and a half.

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Just take it away. Once they get over it they won’t think of it ever again

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I did the Santa thing to and it works.Or if you only have one and he loses it say thats the last one, no more.Let him know he is a big boy and doesnt need it anymore.

Cut the top of it when he’s not looking.

I had my daughter (2yo) throw hers in the garbage, and say good bye. The first night was rough, I laid with her and soothed her until she finally went to sleep. The next night she realized they were gone and went right to bed, havent had any issues since

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He’ll get rid of it when he no longer needs it. I’ve never seen a 16 year old with a binkie in his/her mouth!

If you want to get rid of it there’s a few ways,
Trash it. It’ll take a few nights but he will be ok.
Make a big deal out of turning 2 and working up to it being gone by then.

Replaced it with a new toy and cold turkey.

My parents threw them all out when each of us were 6 months old and that was the end of that. Yes, the first week was really rough but then it was fine.

Don’t use santa then he will hate santa and Santa’s supposed to be fun. Cut the nipple off and tell him it’s broken or take him to the nursery and let him give it to the new baby’s that need it.

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We ended up throwing out all the pacifiers. It was a rough couple of days but now he doesn’t remember that it exsists.

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We did the “pacy fairy” with my daughter. We had her collect her pacys and put them under her pillow and she got a toy ( or something else very special)

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If you tell him the pacifier fairy needs it back for another baby, you could help him tie it to the ribbon of a balloon and have him release it and say bye to it. Let him feel like a big boy helping a baby. Maybe you could allow him to pick a replacement prize. A new blanket, or stuffed animal? Something comforting to him.

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Set Sippy cup on dresser with alittle milk are apple juice tell him hes mommies big boy only babys suck binkies

Just take it away and stick to your guns he will get past it but you will have to have patience


I cut the nipples off my son’s binkies and told him that they were broken and that he was a big boy and we didn’t need it anymore

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I never introduced binkies to my kids so we never had this problem.

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Cold turkey just get rid of them my son at 22 mos we did this the first three days was hell but now i wish I did it sooner

I had my daughter throw hers out all by herself after making it a HUGE deal that she was doing it. I made it seem like she was a stronger willed person than me by doing it. She cried when it hit her that it was really gone, but that was done after 2 days.

I never took them off any of my 5 kids they stopped having them when they were ready nobody walks down the isle with on e

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We gave my sons to the dummy fairy. She brought him a new toy


Just have your child throw it in trash and be done with it. Don’t go back on your word! They are smart to that! Good luck mom!

Why do you not want to give it to him?

My little ones the same, I just didn’t give it to her anymore… rough day or two but she got over it very quickly with minimum stress

Don’t do it !! No one has come to your home and taken away the things that comfort you !!!

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We did a star chart for 21 nights. She gave her dummy to the fairies.
Every night she didn’t have her dummy she got to put a sticker on her chart and at when the chart was full she got to choose a toy at the shop.
The first 3 nights were hell, I won’t lie. But after that it got easier.
I did prepare her for about a week before she gave it away

I never used a pacifier but I felt this way about bottles and when she would go crazy I would give in so I had to throw everything away so there was no going back!

Slowly start putting a small stuffed animal in the drawer with the paci and give him both when he goes to bed then when he gets used to the animal remove the paci or hook it to the animal for a while


At 11 months I took my daughters away. She was grouchy for a day or 2 but doesn’t like them no more

Mine went bye bye at 7 months with all 5 of my children only 2 of them took like 10 days to forget about it the others 3 to 5 days just stay strong stick to your guns

Just take it. Don’t coddle and prolong it anymore. He will be okay.

My son had his blankie tho and that helped.

We used distraction and plan on doing the same in a month with my 2 YO. With my oldest (now 5YO) we waited till the morning of vacation to take the pacifier away. We got her dressed put her in the car and went on our way. She was so excited about going to the beach, doing things, seeing new places that she never even noticed she didn’t have it and she was too tired at night that it wasn’t needed. A couple of weeks later when we got home she found one and said “mommy I don’t need this, this is for babies and I’m a big kid who needs a vacation”.

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Cut a hole in it, my daughters broke and now she won’t touch it

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Just cut them all to where he cant suck them anymore and leave them laying around. Tell him that a monster came and ate them

Well when your child stands by your dresser just say ok it’s bed time and put them to bed… But instead of giving them a kinky have a small stuffed animal in the dresser Ang give that to them. Tell them they are a big child now and give them the toy. Put said toy in the dresser every morning with the child.

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Well good thing I didn’t have this issue… at 4/5 months my daughter hated it & I didn’t have to struggle… btw she’s 4. :woman_shrugging:t2:


It will be tough for the 1st few days but adding a stuffed animal, reading bedtime stories & the idea of the sticker chart will help. I got rid of those before my children were a few months old. Good luck!

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Just replace it with something else. When I got my daughter off the bottle at 1 she was a little fussy but I just gave her her favorite stuffed animal at night along with her sippy and she was fine after a night or two

With my daughter I told her a soother fairy came to get it to give it to another little girl who needed it. It worked wonders

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Poke a hole in the tip. They lose the suction they get. My daughter gave it up almost immediately.

Yes take it away and only give it to him at night…
Explain that’s how it is. I did that with my daughter and she was fine. It’ll take a couple days, but he’ll get over it real fast :slightly_smiling_face: he won’t be upset about it like you think. But stick to it .

Cut a small hole in the tip you can gradually make it a little bit bigger and eventually he won’t want it anymore when he doesn’t get the same satisfaction from it.

Cut the tip off when he sees its not the same convince him to throw it out

My son just didn’t want it anymore at like 5 months old. He would just chuck it across the room. We do still have them and when he finds them he kind of plays with them and then chucks them. My son doesn’t like them anymore and he turned one on may 11th.

Throw it away with him watching and let him have a stuffed animal or favorite blanket in its place.

Just throw it in the rubbisb hell be over it within a week or 2

My girl is 20months and we are slowly taking it away she asks for it constantly. She says dummies here dummies here so i thought it would be extremely hard but she is doing ok just have no idea how we will tackle it at night time as she has to have one in her hand too and wakes up screaming for them :persevere:

Replace it with a ring pop. When it’s gone they’ll think the paci is done. It worked for my daughter, her babysitter got her off of it when I was at work years ago and I’m about to do it with my son so he’ll get off of it.

Just throw it away and then tell him oh no it went by by because hes a big boy now

I’ve seen where people cut holes r have child toss in trash r out window going down the road lol

If it hadn’t been given to him every time he would cry, he wouldn’t need it now.