How to wean toddler from bottle?

My almost 2 year old has started waking up around 3/4am for a night time BOTTLE, yes she still takes one every night right before bed. How do I break her of it? If I don’t give it to her she screams like someone is torturing her :sob: please help with things that have worked for you!
Thank you in advance


Following bc my daughter about to be 20 months and I am pregnant again

I’m an asshole but I’d let her throw her tantrum. Usually a few nights in they get they’re not getting it. My son has a sippy cup filled with water only because I’m afraid he’ll make a huge mess with a real cup in bed.

My 17 mo old and my 3rd kid, does this. My other two came off the bottle so easy but this one is my baby baby. She has to have it at night or she screams! She don’t like cold milk she will only drink her toddler formula. If I put anything else in it she throws it at me. I just give it to her. After a long day of her and my 2 yr old I just give in so we can all get some sleep!

Just put water in it. Then put milk in a cup if she wants a drink of milk she has to use the cup. This is what I did with my children. By oldest daughter was so hard all the other ones where easy. I took my other ones off the bottle at 10 months but still gave them breast milk in the cup it was much easier to break them. I never gave the bottle at bed time or naps made that mistake with my oldest! I have 5 children. This worked best for me. You have to do what works best for you. Just no anything in the bottle besides water will make their teeth rotten. Best wishes.

give her a cup dont give in your the boss.

Stop putting anything but water in the bottle even at bedtime. Offer a sippy cup with milk or juice. All she gets in the bottle is water. Couple days and she wont want the bottle any more.

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My son is 18 months and did the same thing. We started out with putting just 4 oz in it and now we’re down to 2. Eventually we will take it away, but 2 oz isn’t going to hurt him.

This is the best I could find of my 2 year old smiling. He had a treatment done on his front teeth that turned them black to stop bottle rot. I had to stop him from the bottle cold turkey as well. Trust me. I hated it. When he screamed and cried I just wanted to give him a bottle. But you have to tough it out and know you’re doing what’s best for your little one.

We just tossed them all. Let them cry for it and continue to offer the sippy cup ir regular cup or straw cup. If its there u will give in. Toss them all away.

Also keep a bottle of water in her bed.

My 2 year wants her milky for bed and even sleeps with the sippy cup like a teddy bear.

At night I let mine sleep with a bottle with just a little water in it. He’d find it in the middle of the night and drink just enough for him to fall back asleep but not enough to soak his bed if it dripped

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if shes hungry feed her… my toddler wakes up sometimea for food sometimes for water

would you deny yourself these things if you woke up hungry or thirsty


I bought my daughter cute sippy cups with her favourite TV characters on it. Threw away all the bottles. And gave her chocolate milk in her sippy at first. Then I switched after she was using the sippy cup regularly I put water and Gatorade in it. It was a process

Maybe she is not eating enough calories during the day? And get rid of the bottles.

I got alot of shit on this page posting about my almost 2 year old for the exact same reason. A bunch of know it all moms had to comment. I’m a first time mom, so I dont really know what to tell you, but I’m glad you arent getting the backlash I did. I guess the sympathy for new moms fades when they are out of the newborn stage. Smh.