How to wind a child down for bed?

Seeking advice to help child wind down for bedtime

I have an almost two-year-old who was doing great for a while and then has burst out in energy randomly come bedtime. Just curious if this is normal or if I should be doing something before bed :woman_shrugging:t3: We play & I read her a bedtime story before bed which she loves. Just recently she seems to have so much energy before bedtime & not sure what to do about it. I don’t have the support to ask family so please be gentle with me :sweat_smile: Thank you


Mine stopped napping at 2 and we either pushed bedtime back or didn’t have them nap to get an early bedtime

Maybe she’s overtired, bump her bedtime back 15 or 30 minutes? Sometimes when my 6 and 4 year olds get like this it’s because they’re actually overtired and if I put them to be earlier they go right to sleep. Might be worth a try!

Maybe try putting her to bed a little earlier before she catches her second wind

When i was a kid my grandma would have us lay down and start at our feet, wiggle our feet a min and then shed say they get sleepy lol. Then you do your legs, middle, hands, arms, neck, head…and by that time we’d had our wiggles out and were ready for bed…idk if it worked much of the time or if itll work for you, but i remember doing this a lot when i couldn’t get settled for bed. Might help, worth a shot lol :smirk:

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We start about a half hour before actual bedtime and we have a dance party and then slowly slow the music down and end with soft music and snuggles. It gets that final energy out and winds us down.


2 hours before bed time father, daughter, and I go outside and run around or have her chase bubbles. Works half the time. When we go in snack, warm milk, a TV show. Then brush teeth and bed with family hugs and kisses. Routine works most of the time.

Pre bedtime dance party helps my 2 & 4 yr olds get that last bit of energy out.

I agree with the earlier bedtime. We had to do that with our 6 yo. It was 830 and he was so hyper he would be up for hours fighting sleep. We moved it to 8 and it got better. Now it’s 730 and he is asleep within 5 minutes of us sending him to bed if he doesn’t go on his own around 7 because he’s tired. During the summer I also started doing 10 min of quiet time after lunch. Where he would lay in bed and read a book or something quiet. It was a good relax time to just reset his brain. He enjoyed it

My aunt used to make her kids chamomile tea like an hour or two before bedtime to help them wind down. She’d mix a little koolaid with it.

My son is the same and is 4, started around 2. Definitely overtired as mind is the same. My son goes to school and they take a very early nap so by the time he’s home, no more naps. I would suggest an earlier bedtime for sure if your child doesn’t nap anymore.

Mine haven’t napped since they were around 1 year old I say try ur best to skip naps and keep her busy busy all day long my 5 year old boy is the same way sometimes I’m so drained but he is running circles around me lol good luck

Have a walk around the block. Or go to the park after dinner, before bath and let her run it out till she’s saying she’s tired.

When my daughter did that, I started letting her play in the bath longer before bed. She loved it, and splashed herself silly, and was always way more calm afterward.

Well i put mine on couch turn light off put tv on show he doesnt like and say its bedtime go to sleep. 20 mins later sleeping and pick him up and put to bed

Earlier bed time, my two year old was in bed by 7 because she would get terribly cranky if she was up any later. An early bed time is not a bad thing, especially for toddlers who need tons of sleep to grow.

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We usually bring our 2 year old daughter up for bed and when it’s time for reading a book I turn off the main light and only leave the closet light on to be able to see and put on her noise machine. I don’t know if that helps her calm down or not but we usually have no problems getting her to go to bed. I think the light being dimmer helps her calm down a lil bit :woman_shrugging:t2:

Cut out carbs at dinner, she’s processing them as sugar just before bed.

I have a sensory seeker and we all jump on the bed and pillow fight! Obviously very gently since he is 3 and the only people that ever get hurt are mom and dad because my little guy is rough! But he loves it and then he is ready to wind down and sleep

Bath, then jammies,love hugs,story,bed