How was your epidural with your third pregnancy?

I’m having my fourth child about 15 months ago I had my third & while having him the epidural they gave me, the dr had moved it in there & let’s just say I remember that pain well. I’m afraid to get it again , I know I can’t handle the pain without it, but I just wanted to know how many other mothers still got it after their third ? How did it feel ? (I’ve been very anxious this whole pregnancy feeling like I won’t make it, I’m very healthy thank God & so is my baby, but it’s just a anxiety attack feeling I have & I’m terrified any advice to stop it would be amazing.)


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How was your epidural with your third pregnancy?

All mine were ok…5 kids…5 c sections…just sore after

My epidural with my first gave me nerve issues for over a year. Second and third we’re fine. If I had another baby I’d still get one. I think it depends on the anesthesiologist honestly.


What I have learned is each time is completely different. My first the epidural never worked and it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. At the very end while pushing her heart stopped. Because we had no time for another try or spinal I had to be put under. It worked well since we both needed resuscitations but at the same time I missed her coming into the world. SO I’d give it another try. You got this!

I had epidural 1st and 5th. Neither successful and I’ve nerve damage. I found my natural labour’s actually easier tbf.


I did natural with my 3rd its bad but I made it, yes I would have rather have an epidural but you can do natural

I had an epidural with my second, I hated it so I chose a spinal for the 3rd. I was knocked out for my 1st and 4th- they were emergency.

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I have 4 children and had the epidural with my last and I wish I had had it with all my others.

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I had an epidural with my first and second, no issues, didn’t even hurt. I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my third & this post has me all paranoid now.


Got it with first it only numbed one leg was scared so didn’t get it with second. 3 and 4 there was nooo way I was doing natural again

I had a horrible experience with my second, it caused permanent nerve damage. Ten years later & it still feels like it did when it first happened. I got an epidural with my third, and I’m having my fourth in May & planning on having an epidural.

Have this one natural


I had the epidural during both births of my baby . The first time I didn’t feel the actual needle no pain the contraction pain was stronger .I was in labor for 3 hours . My legs were numb so I was trying to push in an awkward position . After my baby was born my back felt like it was breaking in two worst pain of my life !!! Now the second one .I had no pain and the birth was very fast I only push for about 15 minutes and my baby was born . I was out of the hospital the next day .

Breathe in for 8 seconds, hold it for 6 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds. Repeat until the anxiety subsides. :heart:

I’ve had three csections. With my second one the spinal they use to numb is very similar to epidural. it took them four tries to get it in before they were successful. It was the worst pain of my life. With my last pregnancy I made sure to tell my doctor and anesthesiologist how bad my previous experience was with the spinal before the surgery. The day of my c-section the spinal went perfectly and I didn’t feel a thing! Every experience will be different with each birth. There are risks with all of it. You have to decide which you would rather go through. Labor pain or risks that come with the epidural. I hope you have a smooth and safe delivery!

Well with my third there wasnt time for an epidural. We got to the hospital at 12:40am and she was born at 1:52 am… that was 30 years ago! Talk to your doctor. Try finding a positive prayer or message you can focus/meditate on. Remsmber its only for a short time and the outcome will be your beautiful new baby!

I’ve got 4 kids. Had the epi for all 4. 2 of the epis helped, the other 2 I felt everything. My last one child was too big to come thru the birthing canal, so she was forced out. Talk about pain. I went into shock and couldn’t feel much. My nurse saved our lives, while the 2 Dr’s. Did nothing. I would still get the epi if you think you need it. I would probably go without if I had another child. Your body can handle a lot. :slight_smile: 3 of the 4 epis I had. They kept hitting things in my spine area that caused me headaches, and other issues while they tried to put it in the right area.

I mean I just had my 4th 3 months ago and my epidural stopped working literally 5 minutes before I had to push so I ended up having to push with pretty much no meds and it was terrible I’d never wish it on anyone… I’m done having kids but IF I were not I still very much would get another epidural because omg it was bad and I obviously wasn’t prepared for that but we’re good we’re here but yea. Definitely an epidural.

You will do great. Mentally tell yourself that everyday, pray about it, speak it out loud. You will start to feel more confident & prepared for your next birth & truly believe that it will be a positive experience. I wish you a beautiful delivery Momma :two_hearts:

I hate the epidural but I’ve gotten one with all 3 and plan on getting one with my 4th. The pain of getting it and the time it takes for the site to heal is worse than actually pushing for me. With my 2nd I had awful migraines and that time they missed and had to poke me twice, but I’ve also felt contractions at 7 cms without it and i was at my limit so it’s kind of a “pick your battle” type relationship and the epi has and will continue to win every time in my opinion.

I was terrified of the epidural and the long term effects. Four babies, no epidural. I have no comparison sorry.

I had 3 with epidural and 2 kids naturally - - take the epidural -

I don’t think it is a matter of first, second, third etc. It depends on where the doctor hits. Some have had 4 or more and no issues, some have had issues with their first

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I had 4 children. 3 with no epidural it’s the best decision I ever made if I could go back I wouldn’t have gotten the first one.

I got it with All 5 of my kiddos!!

I feel like I could have written this one myself I relate to this so much. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy with losses in my past though and my anxiety is so bad this time around.

I had 3 epidurals. I had no pain while it was in place. I have had lower back pain since the first one. I noticed it more when I was laying on my stomach. I have chronic lower back pain, but it’s not debilitating

Had a bad experience with my third, they talked me into my fourth and had an even worse experience. Skip it

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Epidurals also mess with the baby’s alertness. I did mine all natural thank goodness because my son was born with lung problems. Childrens hospital told me if I had had an epidural or any pain relief he probably woukdnt have survived. I also use to know a woman in Idaho who was paralyzed by one. Yeah pain sucks but its beats risking babies health.

I had 4 epidurals and my fourth was horrible, it took them 11 tries and I was miserable the entire time, 10 months later still have back pain because of it!! If I could go back I would have all my babies natural.

I had 1 with 1st child they had to incert it twice I now have a deteriorated disk and did natural with the last 2.

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I’ve had 3 and I’m about to have another one when I have my baby in a couple weeks. I swear I got more anxious after every one lol but I remember the pain of labor and pushed myself through. My third one was easy with no problems, I’m just glad I’ve had good Dr’s.

I never had an epidural, had 3 babies.

I had one with my first during c-section. It came out while they were cutting ne. Talk about pain. My second we just went straight knock out thru iv. Being my spine is curved, can’t do epidural. Much better 2nd time. Woke to a baby lol

I had an epidural with my first and it didn’t work. It has to be placed just right and sometimes it’s very difficult to do. There are also several side effects they told me about with my 2nd, so I refused the epidural. Didn’t get it with my third either. Natural is honestly not that bad. Focus on something besides the pain. Labor is quicker so the pain doesn’t last long.

I had epidurals with both my pregnancies - they worked great - no I’ll effects afterwards :+1::heart::+1:

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I have had 2 kids with pain meds and 3 with out. My 3rd I had no choice but to go with out pain meds. And honestly I would do it again. The bounce back is amazing.

I have 3 kids, 1 with no epidural AND she was my biggest baby :tired_face::tired_face:
I’m not going to sugarcoat it, that pain was terrible. But I feel the experience was way better without the epidural.

Why do you say you can’t handle it with out?
You are so strong!! You may be tougher than you think!

I had an epidural with my 1st- I still have medical issues from it to this day. With my second I wanted a water birth, I didn’t make it in the tub and she came quick (all natural). My 3rd, who I just gave birth to last week, I opted for another all natural. A beautiful healthy 9 lb’er. That was my last but I told myself after my 1st experience I’d never get another epidural.

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First- c section
Second-Vbac with epidural
Third-Vbac with epidural

All times went well. No issues

So my first I discovered it wasn’t placed right or it didn’t work like it was supposed to. My 2nd made my whole body numb to where I couldn’t even push I was doing situps to push baby out. My advice is every single one is different. Maybe try thinking of the first 2 and how well it worked and not worry about the 3rd? Also there are ways to help with pain that isn’t the epidural! You are tough! Ask Dr about a different pain management care

With my second son my epidural didn’t work so I went through labor with out it. It was painful yes but if you relax and not get in your head then your body knows exactly what to do… I thought there’s no way that I can do this the pain was other worldly but my nurse came in she took my hand and she told me “ you need ti breath relax and let your body take over” she coached me through everything and once my son was born that pain I was so scared of Went away.

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I’m about to have my third baby. No epidural with my other two and I don’t plan on getting one this time either. I had no pain meds, nothin. You are perfectly capable to have that baby without the epidural or pain meds. You got this mama, whatever you decide will be the best way for you. If you’re too scared to get it again, try natural first. If you do decide to get it, then that’s the best choice for you. You got this mama, I believe in you!!

I Wish I didn’t wait till I could not take it anymore with the last one (4th)

I had 5 boys and only had an epidural with the last; you’ll be fine

I had 4,all natural. No problems and would do it again.

My first child epidural worked great. Second kid they couldn’t get it to go to my right side. I had fentanyl in my IV and it was a horrible experience. 3rd I just opted no meds and my best experience and recovery.

I’ve had 2. The first I wanted to go natural but ended up with an epidural to prevent a c-section. My second came so fast she was natural. The natural birth was much better. For me it was just like a really bad stomach ache and once she was born it was over.

My sister had 4 children. The first she had a saddle block, the 2nd an epidural, the 3rd was natural and the 4th a c-section. She says her natural birth was the best. You just can’t know ahead of time for sure. Relax. Chances are it will be fine the second time. The anticipation is usually worse than the reality.

Iv had 3 epidurals and plan on having a fourth when I decided to have another child. , just go for it if something different happens thats normal, 3 epidurals and all my labours were different my hardest labour was my 2nd cause the epidural didn’t work for a while because I had to turn on my side and when I did his heart rate would drop, easiest was definitely the last one. Ether way it’s gonna hurt :grimacing::woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:

Every delivery is different. I was in labour for days with my first and totally exhausted. I reluctantly agreed to an Epidural in the end because she was lying spine against spine. The second delivery was much quicker. The baby was in the correct position and I just had gas and air. Don’t assume you won’t be able to manage the pain x

3 kids no epidural. The thought of epidural scared me more than the thought of labour.

My mom had six of us without anything.

I had a terrible terrible experience with my third. I needed to do physical therapy after but due to back to back sickness and my sons health issues i was unable. I got pregnant at 3months pp and nervous to get my next epidural. I felt everything with my third and the Anesthesiologist would not give me time to numb up before continuing. I also had spinal headaches for 7 weeks pp. And refused a spinal block because its like placing another epidural and eff that. So im nervous asf too

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Go all natural. You’re body was made for it and you will feel so much better afterwards!! :heart:

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I actually didnt have a choice bc i was having twins and they thought i would need a c section even though i was dilating fine myself. It was a really fast delivery and i didnt need to have it and i didnt want it, i have back problems from having it forced on me. I think epidurals are bad from my personal experience, so my advice is dont be scared and trust your body, if you think you need it then ask for it but if you can tolerate the pain then good job :hugs: hope u have a safe delivery

I stressed to the person doing mine how I was scared BC my last experience was bad and thank goodness he did great. So maybe when you’re going in to have the baby, stress to the doctor that does the epidural and hopefully he’s good at what he does and it’s not a horrific time again.

Felt the same for the 4th. Once you get the meds your all good.

Why have so many kids have you heard of birth control

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When going natural your body adapts to the process of child birth and release natural body chemicals to deal with the pain. This is something our bodies were made to do for child birth.

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While I was in labor with my third daughter the doc butchered my epidural. I I kept twitching involuntarily and he said I needed to stay still but I literally couldn’t and he’s like oh you’re in the crack of the bed I’m like oh you just now notice okay cool. So he finally gets it in. And it was only taking to my left side then he gave me a little more and it was on both sides but I still felt contractions and I was like weird… So it eventually wore off after about 20 minutes and basically had her natural. After having her I felt HORRIBLE. I had a horrible headache I was nauseous and light headed and the cramps were the worst I had ever had they were stabbing pains actually I never felt that way with any of my kids. 3rd and final epidural. I went natural with my last 2 kids and I won’t get another epidural if I ever get pregnant again