How was your next pregnancy after a miscarriage?

I learned my baby did not have a heartbeat around ten weeks pregnant. I ended up needing to surgically terminate the pregnancy. It’s been two weeks, and I’m taking the loss very hard. My doctor told me I could start trying to conceive again after my first period and once I’m emotionally ready. My boyfriend and I decided to try again sometime in the fall strictly to be sure I’ve healed. But I’ve come across other women who have been through something similar and were able to conceive healthy babies within weeks after their loss? Most went on to deliver healthy babies as well. My question is, has anyone conceived soon after a miscarriage/and or abortion? What were your results? Did you have a healthy baby? Did you have issues throughout your pregnancy? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.


Not me but i know someone who miscarried around 9 weeks. Next cycle became pregnant and gave birth to healthy baby. She had a miscarriage 2 yrs before as well.

Miscarried in October, and got pregnant in January. I’m 26 weeks now. Everything is going well so far :pray:

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My four month old was born after a miscarriage, literally a couple months after. He was induced at 37 weeks weighing 5lb exactly. I have small babies :see_no_evil: he’s perfectly fine, meeting all mile stones x

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My rainbow baby was a healthy 7lb girl :two_hearts: she was born 1 1/2 years after my last miscarriage

Had a blighted ovum until 12 weeks waited 3 cycles and almost 38 weeks :pray:

Miscarried in December, got pregnant again within 2 weeks.
30 weeks along with a boy, I am considered high risk though.

I was pregnant within 3 weeks of losing my second. Healthy baby girl came at 41 weeks

I miscarried at 7 weeks. Fell pregnant again 3 weeks later. Am almost 34 weeks pregnant now with very healthy rainbow baby.

I miscarried in July of 2015 got pregnant again in October of 2015 we have a healthy 4 year old now. She was premature but we expected that she was 36 weeks but her brother who is 6 was 33 so I consider that good.
I went to a specialist office in addition to my regular obgyn due to my oldest being so premature. They where great! Would recommend finding one in your area in addition to you obgyn

I misscarried at 8 weeks. I didn’t find out I miscarried until 12 and a half weeks. I had to have a d&c. I found out I was pregnant 9 months later with my son. He’s 4 now.

I lost mine 18th sept 18 at 8 weeks pregnant, and found out I was pregnant 18th nov 18. Everything was perfect and I now have a healthy 1 year old boy who is amazing. He came 3 weeks early. Dead on 37 weeks. His idea not mine :joy: and weighed 6lbs 8oz.

I got pregnant a month after my miscarriage, my next cycle, but it wasn’t planned. He was born at 37 weeks and did spend time in the NICU but it had nothing to do with my miscarriage or how soon after he was conceived.

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks after getting pregnant on clomid. My doctor told me to wait until after my next period to try again. I was devastated and was determined to try again as soon as my body decided to ovulate, I ovulated a few weeks later and got pregnant with my now 3 and a half year old.

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage and then I got pregnant with my daughter four weeks later. She’s now 8!

I miscarried last April, had my cycle in may. Found out I was pg in June. My rainbow baby is 5 months old :rainbow: no complications during pregnancy or childbirth

I miscarried in August 2014, found out I was pregnant again in October 2014 and had a healthy baby girl in June 2015.

I lost my first at 11 weeks pregnant & ended up pregnant 1 year and a half later. Gave birth to my son who was born full term and 8 pounds 1 ounce.

Miscarried for a 2nd time in a row(last one was previously in December 2018 and have been trying since then. ) in October 2019 then got pregnant right away this time in December 2019… so far 32 weeks into a healthy pregnancy and all tests point to a healthy baby :blush:

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Miscarried October of 2018 at 8 weeks, got pregnant in January 2019 and lost baby in march at 10 weeks (had to have a d&c), got pregnant in may and had our 9 pound rainbow girl in January (two weeks early!).

My dr thought i was miscarrying because my progesterone was low, so i had weekly blood tests and was on progesterone suppositories twice daily for my first 14 weeks with my daughter

Be sure to express concerns tonyour dr and ask them to look for any reason you may be miscarrying if you’re worried. I asked my dr for blood tests, thyroid tests, and progesterone tests. She did everything i asked until we found my progesterone levels were lower than they should be to support a pregnancy

I had a D and C March 23, 2018. Became pregnant in May 2018 and delivered a perfectly healthy baby February of 2019. I previously had 2 early early miscarriages back to back (within a little over 2 months) and successful pregnancy conceived 4 months after those and had a full term baby in 2015.

I’m so sorry :pensive:, I had a miscarriage 7/21/2017 I was 7 weeks and baby did not have a heart beat 2 1/2 months later I ended up pregnant again I was super nervous I was supposed to have twins I lost one of them at 12 weeks and my son stood. I am blessed that my son came out healthy strong and big and full term lol let me add I have always had fertility issues it’s hard to keep a full pregnancy my two sons are miracles I have 3 rainbow babies while I was on birth control :pensive: but every pregnancy is completely different and I wish you guys luck

Huni be kind to yourself you didn’t abort the baby it didn’t have a heart beat therefore it was a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage then a week later ended up pregnant to my now 9 month baby boy xx

I miscarried in December 2018, conceived in January 2019, had a healthy baby in late September 2019! She’s almost 10 months now. My rainbow baby girl.

I lost my baby in may in 2018 and conceived in June and found out in July of 2018. Make sure that when you express your worries to your doctor. My doctor payed very close attention to me and my baby once I told them I had a miscarriage. I know have a healthy 1 year and 7 month old

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in December 18th, 2014 and conceived my son on December 25th, 2014 just one week later. He’ll be 5 next month :blush:. He was almost a month early but that had to do with my blood pressure issues and not the pregnancy. He was small but healthy and came home with me and no time in NICU.

1st miscarriage it was 1yr and 2 months before I got pregnant again. Maci Lou is now 3yrs old and getting ready to start head start.
2nd miscarriage happened 3 days before Christmas 2019. I’m now 26 weeks with a healthy baby boy(we have 4 girls)

My dr wanted us to wait 2 cycles after miscarried naturally at home at 11 weeks. (No heartbeat at 8 weeks stopped growing.) But after my check up and 1st cycle he said I looked good and we could try after I had my first cycle after menstrual cycle. So we did and had a healthy baby girl but were very nervous for a long time in pregnancy. But she’s 3 and a half and healthy. When they surgically remove and scrape uterus you need longer to heal. 2 cycles would sound like sound advice to let the uterus heal and go back to normal for next pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks and following my d&c surgery we waited until my 1st period and try again and 3 months later we found out we had fallen pregnant and carried until 39.1 weeks & now my rainbow baby is having his 4th birthday this September💙

So sorry for your loss :broken_heart: i miscarried in January (2016), pregnant in March. Healthy no problems. She’s going to be 4 this year!

Had a miscarriage in November of 2016 after trying for over 2 years. Had a chemical pregnancy in April of 2017. Got pregnant again in August of 2017. Gave birth to a healthy baby girl in April of 2018. We watched my hcg levels very closely for the first 2-3 weeks after finding out. We had some scares where they didn’t rise like they were supposed to but everything ended up okay. I did use progesterone supplements because mine was a tad low, which could cause a miscarriage. I had her 3 weeks early because I had preeclampsia, but she was perfectly healthy. Don’t lose hope. Try to relax, it will all work out.

I miscarried n my baby was due in April. Ended up having a healthy baby girl in June.

i conceived ten days after my miscarriage and am now 25 weeks pregnant. i’ve had no issues during this pregnancy at all, baby is totally healthy.

I was 9 weeks 5 days when I was told my baby didnt have a heartbeat. I was given a pill to “push” the fetus from my body. I havent been the same since and it has caused a lot of mental turmoil on my behalf. My baby would be almost 2 if I hadn’t lost it. I hope all works out for you!

I had an ectopic pregnancy, had the have a D and C and the pregnancy removed, thankfully it didn’t rupture my Fallopian tube. My doctor suggested wait two full cycles. I got pregnant right after my second cycle and had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I did have Gestational Diabetes with her but that wasn’t due to the previous pregnancy.

I miscarried at 14½weeks april 13th 2019… found out I was pregnant with my second end of August 2019 and gave birth to a healthy baby boy on April 14th this year.

I was a year and half later. I have a healthy 6 year old. It was scary mentally for me.

It took me 14 months after a miscarriage to convince and I had a very healthy pregnancy

I had two miscarriages back to back. At 6 weeks and 10 weeks. I actually conceived my son while I was miscarrying the second time. He is 8.

I had two healthy babies then two miscarries. The second one resulting in a dnc. Was actively trying not to get pregnant and did a month after the dnc. Delivered a full term baby boy with zero complications. Was a nervous wreck the entire pregnancy though

I had a miscarriage April 2012, had a D&C then was due June 8, 2013 but ended up having my son a month early. My pregnant was perfect. No morning sickness or anything. So of course since I previously had a miscarriage I was crazy worried. But it was a wonderful and healthy pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage pretty late actually later then I ever recalled but I saw on paper work in a later pregnancy I was like 15 weeks but it is true…I had a miscarriage on july 27th of that year and found out I was pregnant October 31st…its easier to get pregnant when your body is in pregnancy mode and yours so fertile…that’s mostly why they tell you not to have sex for 6 weeks after birth because your body is still in pregnant mode…

Take care of yourself first. Make sure ur healed and ready. I had a miscarriage end of july ish. And found out I was pregnant (5 weeks along) at the end of august. Not sure if my son has a twin or if it just happen so fast.

I had a miscarriage when I was 12 weeks, baby stopped developing at 10 weeks. I had the surgery on Nov 22, 2018 and was pregnant again December 4, 2018. Baby girl is 10 months old❤

I had another healthy pregnancy and baby about 3 1/2 months after

I got pregnant within 6 months of miscarrying our first. We have a very healthy 2 week old baby boy now. The pregnancy was super easy and we had no problems or complications.

I miscarried on Jan 20 2019 and got pregnant by feb 20th. Never had a period in between getting pregnant so quick after the loss was actually good for me healing emotionally wise. I don’t know if I had waited we would have tried so soon.

I had a miscarriage and then got pregnant four months later (due in about two weeks now). Baby and pregnancy have been normal. Just be warned that grieving while pregnant is something else entirely. Your dealing with hormones which makes grief more pronounced and milestones (like due date of baby miscarries, etc) very very hard. Sorry you had to go through that

I had a miscarriage November 1, 2013 and conceived my youngest daughter at the end of December 2013. My baby girl will be 6 in September :heart: I went on to have another child 12/2016, as well. Hugs!!! I know how hard it is, I was ten weeks when I miscarried too.

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I conceived about 6 weeks after my loss and I also had a traumatic loss with severe hemmoraging and hospitalization. It was dramatic and emotionally i wasn’t sure that I wanted to try again right away. So we took a break for the first cycle after and we didn’t intentionally get pregnant right after that. We weren’t trying ‘not to’ but we weren’t trying either. This pregnancy has been HARD. I also got gestational diabetes (did not have wiry my other 3 pregnancies) and have had a much harder pregnancy. BUT this is not always the case. Don’t let it discourage you. I feel like this pregnancy actually helped me HEAL from the mental stress of the last. I was q nervous wreck in the beginning thinking i could lose it but having this baby here has made me feel much less sadness about the loss.

I miscarried in February 2019 and got pregnant in May 2019. The baby was very healthy. You will worry, that is normal! Don’t let it take your joy for this baby away. It’s joyful and sad at the same time.

The advise i can give will be this… heal mentally to get yourself in a good place… than work the body… feed well vitamins some relaxing techniques. Have a papsmear, check all is good with your womb. Start but without pressure to have a baby… once you are pregnant stay in a happy place. Worrying will only make a blockage in your mind. One bad experience doesn’t have to be the next one will. See it as such can make the difference. Goodluck!

After my miscarriage in July 2018, I got pregnant in October 2018. Now I have a perfectly healthy 1 year old

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I had gotten pregnant after my daughter was born 2 miscarriage n 3rd I thought I was miscarriage as well all back to back hes going to b 3mths my daughter is 19mths…my drs gave ok as old and many health issues so high risk

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I had an ectopic last June and we got pregnant again 4 months later now my baby girl is 2 weeks old. Healthy no issues

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I just had my D&C on Monday. I was 12 weeks & our baby stopped growing at 5 weeks & 5 days. It was very hard on us! Prayers :pray:t3:

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after the miscarriage it took 13 months to get pregnant again (we started trying after my 1st period after the miscarriage) and while I was paranoid any time the baby wasn’t moving, baby girl was born at 39 weeks and will be 10 months old on Sunday.

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Give yourself some time to deal with this & heal. Talk to each other. And if needed, talk to a professional. It will happen again. But give yourself time

My husband and I miscarried and a couple months after conceived again the hard part is not getting pregnant or trying. For me it was the fact I had lost a baby prior and his to deal with the sadness that came along with it, pregnancy is a hell of a drug and makes your emotions run wild. After my son was born I came to grips with the fact that this was my opportunity to step up for my child and not let my unfortunate ase affect me as a mother that I can be to my son.

I miscarried May 2013 and next caught January 2014 he’s now my nearly 6, rainbow baby xx

I convinced my now almost 4 year old 3 weeks after I lost a pregnancy it wasn’t the plan but at the time my husband was my emotional support and that’s just how it happened but I can say he was a very healthy easy pregnancy

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I had a miscarriage in December of 2015 because my boyfriend hit me and made me lose our baby I was probably around 8-10 weeks as well but I didn’t have to have any surgery and I ended up pregnant with my daughter who is 3 years old now in February of 2016 of course I ended up leaving the guy and started dating his best friend I know really shitty but my husband and I have been married now for 4 years and we are very happy with each other and our daughter so it definitely is possible.

Miscarriage due to work 7 days after learning I was pregnant, bled about 3 weeks conceived immediately after that against Dr advice to wait, had 100% healthy boy

Every singel body and person is different. No better place to get answers then from your own doctor.

I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. Had to be surgically removed as well. I got pregnant again after my first period and I now have a beautiful girl who is 6 months.

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Same happened to me at 13 weeks. It is so horrible and a pain I’ll never forget. I went on to have another miscarriage 5 months later but my story ended with fraternal boy girl twins. Keep hoping, your time will come

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I miscarried in April 2017 at 8 weeks. Had to have a D&C. Had one cycle in may and found out we were pregnant in June. I had no physical issues with that pregnancy and baby was healthy. But… make sure you are emotionally and mentally ready again. I would take nothing for my son, but my anxiety during his pregnancy was through the roof.

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I miscarried my second pregnancy (my daughter was 2) at 13 weeks. Had a D&C & started trying again straight away. Fell pregnant 3 months after miscarriage. He is now 13.
I personally think the longer it took me to get pregnant the harder it would have been. When my due date for the miscarried baby came I was already 6 months pregnant with my son. I think if I still wasn’t pregnant at that due date it would have been much tougher emotionally.

I had the same thing… found out at 12 weeks that my baby passed away 1 month prior… it was on my fiancee bday… I needed a d&c the next day and it was hard… I went on the pill n was pregnant 2 months later (wasn’t trying for a baby) n that baby my son will be 3 in January keep your head up I know it will be hard… just know one day u will meet your child agian​:blue_heart::heart:

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Miscarried in October of 2018 around 23 week
Got pregnant again in February (valentine’s day baby :grimacing::grimacing:)
Mason went full term. I opted to have a c section because I had so many complications with my first one.

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I have had three miscarriages, after two of them I conceived by next would be period. I did have alot of episodes of preterm labor though. My body does not make enough progesterone so my body never wants to keep the babies in. I have had four babies with the help of progesterone treatments. I had 3 premies and one we finally made it to 37 weeks in May. He was a rainbow baby, he was our first unplanned baby. It was quite a shock for us when I conceived then had a miscarriage and ended up pregnant again. Our other three where planned and we never had accidental pregnancies until last summer.

I miscarried jan 1, 2020 and found out i was pregnant again the middle of Feb and i am now almost 30 weeks and besides her being small everything is looking great

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I’m so sorry for your loss and I can’t begin to imagine your pain. While I haven’t personally experienced this, I will say I know plenty of women who had healthy and problem free pregnancies after a loss. My best friend has a beautiful wicked smart 4 year old rainbow baby and her pregnancy was as unproblematic and easy as can be (not to say pregnancy is easy, but in comparison to say my pregnancies which had me in and out of the hospital constantly and on bed rest for months at a time). Take this time to heal and keep optimistic about the next one. I wish you and your boyfriend the absolute best and hope you find comfort soon.

There’s lots of facebook groups regarding this subject. I’d recommend looking into joining one or two for personal experiences and support from mothers who have a better understanding than I do.

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After my miscarriage i got preggo after 4 weeks. Had a healthy 9lb baby

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Miscarried at 18 weeks. Went through labour and delivery with a D&C for placenta that wouldn’t detach.

Rainbow baby was conceived 6 weeks later. High risk pregnancy though with subchorionic hemorrhage causing heavy bleeding from 8 weeks- 25 weeks. Put on bedrest twice. Healthy boy born only 3 days early.

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I had a miscarriage but didn’t try again till about 6/7 months later as I just wasn’t emotionally ready… But now I have a happy healthy 9 month old rainbow baby

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Miscarried October 2018 at 4 weeks and got pregnant again April 2019 and had our healthy rainbow baby girl Jan 2020 :purple_heart:

I miscarried twice in 2017 both were a month apart. It was devastating to my husband and I. But in 2019 I gave birth to beautiful baby girl! Now my pregnancy was scary at first because I was bleeding from placenta previa, but it did subside and my pregnancy was great! She came at 41 weeks! Then I got pregnant again and had a healthy baby boy this year! So momma, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Trust your gut and listen to your OB and you will be fine. Best wishes!

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I had a lot of trouble with my pregnancies too. I’ve been pregnant 9xs… I have 3 beautiful healthy grown children the rest were miscarries and 1 tubal and the last I had to carry until I miscarried b/c it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. To answer your question, after my tubal my Dr gave me only a 20%chance of getting pregnant with 1 tube and it would probably take along time. Well, it was within a month and I was pregnant with my 3rd. I have RH- A blood and him being male through my hormones and everything else on a roller coaster ride. I had an awful time carrying him. I pray you will have a much easier time. May God bless you as a mother. It will happen when God sees you are ready. :pray: :pray: :pray:

I miscarried at 15 weeks and 5 days last June. I found out I was pregnant again 2 days before Christmas and am now a month away from having my rainbow baby! It is possible & I wish you and your family the very best of luck :heart: my doctor put me on Progesterone vaginally 2 times daily the first 14 weeks of the pregnancy & I swear that’s what got us past the 1st trimester. It was really stressful for me up until I could really feel her moving since I didn’t have ANY symptoms of miscarrying the first time so I was worried sick up until I felt those movements on a daily basis. But my docs were super amazing about it & let me come in weekly to hear her heartbeat. Rely on the Good Lord & you will have no issues :heart::rainbow:

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I lost a child fell with my daughter had a miscarriage and fell with my son depends on individual I suppose

I would recommend waiting a while. 6months is what my doctor told me to wait and I had a healthy baby. But I know someone who tried to conceive like right after the miscarriage and lost another baby. So I’d just wait a lil while. Give yourself time to heal and mourn your baby. Itll be ok

I wish I could say it was that easy for me but I miscarried in october of 2008 and didnt get pregnant again till may 2011. Been trying for baby number ‘2’ since 2017.

I got pregnant with my rainbow baby 2 months after I miscarried. My pregnancy was tough just because of the fact I was so nervous through the entire thing. But I had a healthy baby boy and he is perfect. Don’t give up. When you are ready, you will know. Just try and stay relaxed through your next pregnancy. So sorry for your loss though. It does get easier. Some days are still harder then others. My mind wonders. But you will learn to cope and know you have a little guardian angel looking after you and your family. Sending love from my family to yours momma!

I miscarried my 3rd child at almost 13 weeks. It was a horrible and emotional experience. It’s been almost 12 years and there are days it is still hard. However, I conceived a few months after I miscarried. I went on to have 3 more healthy children. I was extremely scared and nervous with my pregnancies after, but I had a wonderful doctor who let me make appointments just for reassurance. Take a look at IRIS page on facebook (Infants remembered in silence). They really helped me understand what emotions I would experience, grieving, and connecting me to others who have been through the same.


I had a miscarriage and fell pregnant again within about 9 weeks. He was born healthy and is now a hormonal 11 Yr old. Xx

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I had a miscarriage back in the beginning of April and literally 2 weeks later I conceived. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with a perfectly healthy baby. It is possible!

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I miscarried at 6 weeks and got pregnant 3-4 weeks later. With zero issues. Only reason I knew I was pregnant was cause a period never came. :woman_shrugging:t3:
I now have a beautiful, healthy 2.5 year old daughter.

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I fell pregnant 7 days after my miscarriage. There were no complications with my pregnancy and I have a healthy 3 month old.

Had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and got pregnant a month later no issues. Healthy 2 year old girl!

My miscarriage lasted months! It started Christmas Day. My dr let me pass everything naturally, I went weekly & had ultrasounds & bloodwork. I was cleared in February & found out March 9 I was pregnant for my daughter. I had a healthy pregnancy & healthy babygirl.

Morning hun, please dont take it hard on yourself, your body knew that baby wasnt healthy so bubs naturally perished so mum and dad could bring it a healthy sibling to love and cherish…xxx sending love hun

I lost my first pregnancy September 27th 2013. I got pregnant with my daughter December of 2013. She’s a healthy, crazy 5 year old. No pregnancy or postpartum complications but I did lose another pregnancy January of this year

I got pregnant 3 weeks after a miscarriage, know have a perfectly healthy wee boy

I’m so sorry for your pain. We lost another angel baby last night. We were so excited, and found out the baby had a chromosome issue. I feel your pain, I don’t know why these things happen. But I’m praying for you & your rainbow baby you will get :purple_heart:

I had a miscarriage back in 2016 at 7 weeks. About a month later I got pregnant with my rainbow and she was born 39 weeks.

I had a miscarriage at the end of my first trimester. I got pregnant 9 months later and at 17 weeks started bleeding. Went to labor and delivery per my doctor and ended up having a cerclage done the next morning. Was on bed rest the remainder of my pregnancy but he was a healthy baby boy. Got pregnant with 2 years later and had to have the same procedure at 20 weeks. What was happening was my cervix was shortening and preparing for birth way too early and my doctor thinks that’s what happened with the baby I lost. I wish you the best of luck…

Yes I had two miscarriages in a row within two months ( fell cleaning. And fell on ice bad winter ) and I got pregnant again like four months later natural and the. Again five months later after that. And I’m pregnant again. Things happen for a reason. Hugs. Don’t give up. When your ready your body will do its job. Relax don’t stress

They are called rainbow babies

I just miscarried a week and a half ago… I have no advice but just wanted to say how sorry I am. I have been an emotional mess for the past week :cry::cry: