How was your next pregnancy after a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage and became pregnant again very shortly after they swore I wasn’t pregnant because I didn’t have a period so I went in for blood test and sure enough I was I delivered a healthy baby boy had no issues besides a heart murmur but most kids are born with that they said and he grew out of it!

I miscarried in September and got pregnant with a healthy baby in December

So sorry for your loss. I conceived about 2-3 weeks after my miscarriage. I never even got my period but had apparently ovulated. I also had to have surgery to remove it. I had a textbook pregnancy and worked as a hairdresser on my feet until 38 weeks. Went into labor on my due date and had a beautiful 7lb 8oz girl. She 7 now with a 6yo brother. I wish you all the best.

Personally, I’d wait for your cycle to regulate a bit. I never had a viable pregnancy after I miscarried the first time (every pregnancy after was a miscarriage) and didn’t get a rainbow baby before giving up all together. A friend got pregnant right away after hers and has a beautiful family now. Everyone is different. My advice? Take time to heal yourself first.


I’m so sorry for your loss xx
We had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, I delivered the baby at home and ended up with a D & C 2 weeks later. It destroyed me mentally and physically, we’d had 2 miscarriages in the 8 months prior to this one. We decided to wait so I could heal emotiinally and ended up with our surprise rainbow baby 5 months later and she is now 7 weeks old.

There was no clear pattern for me. I’ve had 3 consecutive miscarriages. Two of them where we stopped detecting a heartbeat (had to have a D&C) and the last one was just very early. It was 3 months between the first miscarriage and second pregnancy, 5 months between the second miscarriage and third pregnancy, and 3 months between my third miscarriage and fourth pregnancy. Fourth pregnancy went all the way.

Definitely take all the time you need to heal, both physically and mentally. It’s been 5 years, 2 healthy pregnancies, and I still get mildly depressed at the date of each miscarriage

I had a miscarriage in June, and got pregnant again in October. I just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Miscarriage definitely stays with you forever and your heart will always have a small piece missing. Take time to heal and when you feel ready start trying again. It’s all in Gods hands💛 best of luck.


I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I conceived about 4 months after my miscarriage. It was pretty easy for the most part, besides having to go on bedrest from working and going into labor early. Shes now an extremely energetic and attitude filled 2 year old

It took me a while to become pregnant after also discarding at 10 weeks and needing a D and C. About 8 months. Our son was finally conceived, and born healthy with no problems. They should tell you if they can what caused the miscarriage (mine was a molar pregnancy) that could also help with emotions around what happened and with your next pregnancy

I had a miscarriage around the same time but didn’t conceive my girl for 2 more years. Very healthy pregnancy, no issues, I was just an anxious mess the whole time because every little thing scared me. She’s a happy healthy and vibrant nearly 3 year old :purple_heart:

Took me years to get PG again after my baby died in utero. Even after fertility, I was never able to have a baby, they are passed away in utero, and the last miscarriage lead to a full hysterectomy. I have both endometriosis and PCOD, my situation is unique. It’s normal to feel very sad, and to cry alot for the 1st week or so. For me, I cry on the days I found out I was PG, the day I found out the baby died and when they were removed. Time does not take the pain away it just makes it bearable. But life turns out as it should. Try hard to relax and realize God has a reason even if we never know it.
You will survive and you will be okay.
PM me if you need to talk.

I had a missed miscarriage at 17weeks and needed a D&C Dec 4th, I had my first period February 7th and got pregnant the 21st of February 2020​:heart::rainbow: I’m currently 23weeks3days so far everything is going very well … I waited till after my first period I also had a ultrasound mid January because I was still bleeding off and on.


I got pregnant literally the next month after my miscarriage. No issues during pregnancy, went a week past my due date, and baby was and still is in very good health!

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I had 2 miscarriages in a row, probably about 10 months apart. We stopped actively trying for awhile and pursued adoption. A year or so later I got pregnant and I’m due at the end of this summer. I don’t there need to be any should or shouldn’ts when it comes to this. Take the time that you need, no matter how short or long that time period is. Heal as best as you can and you’ll know when/if you’re ready to try again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Out of 7 pregnancies (4 miscarriages) All my 3 littles are rainbow babies I have two healthy boys and I’m at almost 39 weeks with our little girl. Both my youngest boy and our soon-to-arrive little girl were conceived within a month of miscarriage with DNC. Take heart, that little soul inside you is just waiting for the perfect little body to inhabit and didn’t like the first model.

My first miscarriage was in Dec 2015 and we waited a couple of years and ended up having another miscarriage Nov 2017. One cycle after our miscarriage we became pregnant with our rainbow baby Jan 2018​:rainbow::two_hearts: I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s such a hard thing to go through emotionally and physically.

I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost at around 6 weeks for our first pregnancy. After that it was difficult and a mix of me being very stressed and confused. I took it very hard but also wanted to try immediately to regain what I felt I’d lost. My partner on the other hand thought we weren’t ready at all and that it was a blessing in disguise, however, it turned out that both reactions were just us coping with the grief. It was hard to adjust. When we fell pregnant again I was very cautious, almost too much so at one point and then remembered that I had done nothing wrong the first time around. The pregnancy was uncomfortable because he was a big, healthy 9lb 3oz when born! When you do fall pregnant again don’t be hard on yourself for allowing yourself to enjoy and be happy. Dont feel guilty. When you fall pregnant again, your little one lost will be looking over you x

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I’ve had quite a few miscarriages and even though I’ve had two children in amongst them all I wouldn’t say I’m over it. I don’t think I ever will be. No reason to wait really, lots of people don’t and go on to have healthy pregnancies. Sometimes a bit of time helps to process what has happened to you.

I had 3 miscarriages between my oldest and youngest. Absolutely devistatin! About a few months later I got pregnant again with my youngest. No complaitions and he’s as healthy as can be. I know ur pain! Just pray and put it in God’s hands. Praying for you :pray:

Every pregnancy is different so just keep that in mind. I had my first miscarriage at 14 weeks and needed to surgically remove that pregnancy. My dr advised to wait 2 cycles so we did and got pregnant right away only to have another miscarriage at 9 weeks. We saw a different doctor who said just try again, no need to wait a cycle and we conceived a healthy baby who’s now 5.

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I miscarried my first. A year later had a healthy baby girl no problems. Then 2years after her had a boy lots of complications with pregnancy but he made it. Then 4years after him had another boy once again complicated pregnancy but he arrived safely. They are now 12,10,6

So sorry for your loss! My very first pregnancy went the same way resulting in miscarriage…I went to the doctor at 10 weeks and there was no heartbeat and that grief can be such a mixture of feelings :pensive:
Luckily I became pregnant about 2 months after and have a healthy 4 year old son and am now 7 months pregnant with our daughter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am so sorry for your loss. I was 13 weeks when I found out my baby had no heart beat and had to have the same procedure. I got pregnant a few months later. My son was born at 32 weeks and was in the NICU for 28 days with a few complications. As far as the pregnancy goes it was normal and no issues. He is now 12 and very healthy.

I’m sorry for your loss, a pregnancy soon after a miscarriage will have the benefit of the uterus already having much of what it needs to provide a healthy start for the pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks with the need for a D&C. I was told once I started menstruating I could try again. I didn’t start my monthly for 4 months after. We got pregnant the first ovulation after my period. She is a happy and healthy 8 year old now.

I am so sorry for your loss. I have not personally experienced this pain but I know many who have. Take time to grieve the loss. There is nothing wrong with that. And reach out for help if you need it. There are counselors who specialize in women’s health and fertility out there. I see one for different reasons and it is a godsend.

I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks 2 years ago in September and was heartbroken. I already had a little boy and managed to conceive again straight away as soon as I felt ready after the miscarriage. He was a healthy 8lbs 11oz and the pregnancy was fine apart from the worrying for the first few months. We named him Eric and he will be 1 in September :blush:. I still feel sad about the one we lost and then guilty because if it hadn’t happened we wouldn’t have Eric but that is nothing compared to how much I love my boys :blue_heart: do what feels right and pleas don’t feel pressured x

I’ve been super blessed and had no losses - 2 incredibly healthy pregnancies and births. That said, it took 8months to conceive Bubba #2! Just saying it can take time even without the trauma or any difficulty conceiving xx

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I got pregnant a few months after my loss and he is an amazingly healthy 17 year old. When you feel mentally ready, try and know that sometimes bad things happen. You’ll be a mama :yellow_heart:

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I had one same time as you. It took two months before I was willing to try again, but he was perfectly healthy. Hes about to turn two (tomorrow) and is smart as a whip! Went full term and everything. I was very nervous though, and for my own peace of mind invested in things after the first trimester passed that would make bringing him home more secure for me, such as an oxygen monitor (I got the owlette but there are several others and way cheaper) to alert me if he stopped breathing. Even when you think you are ready to try and conceive again, it really makes you a lot more anxious, even when nothing is wrong. Just be mentally prepared for that.

I had a miscarriage similar to yours and conceived on my next period. The miscarriage was hard with the hormones and depression. But the pregnancy was great and I felt amazing.

I got pregnant 3 times in 2018. Miscarries in April, August conceived the third time in October. I had an amazing beautiful daughter last July. Perfectly healthy! I am now preggo (22 weeks) with girl number 2. For me the anxiety sucks. You can conceive very quickly, I’ve heard you’re more fertile, just not sure if that’s fact.

I lost a son in September 2015 at 22 weeks. Then I miscarried our son at 10 weeks in September 2018 and ended up needing a D&C in October. We waited until January to start trying again, and found out mid February we were expecting. We had our rainbow in October 2019 weighing 8lbs 9ozs and 21.5 inches long. She is now a sassy 9 1/2 month old.

Just make sure to give your mind and body time to heal first❤

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I had a miscarriage in November and became pregnant with twins in June of the following year. I guess it took my body quite some time to heal and recover but it was definitely worth it because I have 2 healthy babyboys​:blue_heart::blue_heart:

I found out at 8 weeks that our baby didn’t have a heartbeat and had stopped growing at 6 weeks. It was a missed miscarriage. I ended up cancelling my D&E. So mid March 2018 (should have been like 10/11 weeks) my miscarriage was complete. We pretty much started trying right after my first period but it took until Dec of 2018 to get pregnant again.

We lost a baby in May 2019 at 10 weeks also. I took it really hard #1 we had seen and heard the heartbeat and everything looked great at 7 1/2 weeks but #2 because that is still your child. I went through a few weeks of grieving especially since we had not shared the news with anybody. We did decide we were going to try again but took a couple months to heal physically(I also had a D&C done), mentally, emotionally. We ended up pregnant and with twins​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was a nervous wreck my entire pregnancy that something would go wrong but in April we welcomed boy/girl twins. They were 2 months early but are healthy and doing great!!
I am sorry had to go through this. Make sure to take the time you need to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. There is no right or wrong time to try again. Hang in there! Hugs

I had a miscarriage, had a regular period, then got pregnant. Had a healthy baby boy and he is 9 now. My condolences for your loss, and I pray blessing for you future.

We were at 14 weeks when we miscarried. Our older son was 8 and we were told for years I could not have anymore. We were so excited. We just started telling everyone when I started having pains on Easter morning. We went to the ER and they couldn’t do anything. They made me come back the next day to do an ultrasound. I saw the technician face and knew. We had to wait on the doctor. They did not do a DNC. I passed the baby at home. I went into shock and had deep depression. We decided to be done. So I gave up. 3 months later I started not feeling well and took a test. Positive. I wanted to be excited but couldn’t. I waited a bit to tell my husband. He was so hurt the first time. When I finally told him, we decided to wait to tell anyone. I took things very easy. I was scared the entire pregnancy. My husband surprised me with a 3D ultrasound. We found out it was a boy. We have a photo the technician took and it was a pic of our son with his thumb up like “I am good mom.” We all laughed and I knew it was okay to get excited. We then told everyone. Our older son told everyone that GOD knew we were sad and really wanted a baby so he took the baby to heaven, fixed him, and sent him back to us.

When he was born he didn’t cry. I freaked out and started crying and screamed. When I heard his first little cry I knew it was okay. He is now a happy, healthy, loving 11 year old.

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Get married 1st. Then bring that baby into a wonderful, committed, secure family.

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So sorry for your loss. This happened to my best friend, and I found out I was pregnant three weeks after her dnc. When I was 4 months along she found out she was 6 weeks along, she had her a healthy healthy baby boy.

I had two miscarriages, each 3 months, during 2018. My last miscarriage was Dec 23rd 2018, my sons 2nd birthday. I figured out it was some time mid January when i got pregnant with my now 9 month old daughter. I did not get a period inbetween those pregnancies. My pregnancy was smooth except could not figure out my due date due to not having a first period but bleeding for 4 weeks straight during February. Besides everything, my daughter is a perfectly healthy rainbow baby. :purple_heart:

So sorry for your loss, I had a very similar experience. I was completely broken & wasn’t sure I would ever be ready to try again but we did about 2 1/2 years later & the pregnancy was perfect, no issues though I was very cautious.

Yep. I miscarried at 13 weeks. Passed naturally on my own and bled for a month. Immediately began trying again and I had a perfectly fine pregnancy and a very healthy now seven year old. Heal and take what time YOU need and do things on YOUR time

I did fertility treatments and had a tubal pregnancy. We tried after 1 month. Doubly devastated each of the 3 months that we tried and didn’t get pregnant. Took a month off of treatments and the next month got pregnant with my daughter. I think the main thing is to be in a good emotional state before you start trying.

I had a miscarriage in April (after 9 weeks) and in August (after 11 weeks). Pregnant again in October and we can welcome our baby girl any day now. Pregnancy was super easy without any complications and a lot of humor. I am in my 40’s and feel super blessed.

I suffered a misscarage on the 28th may 2020 at 9 weeks it was a complete misscarage and only bled for a 2days after bht from then on me and my parner havnt used protection my first bleed was the 1st July and it lasted 1.5 days !! Its hard to get my head round two very healthy pregnancys and bring two into the world but then suffer a misscarage im struggling with loosing the baby but but infeel like im ready for another try but scared that it won’t be a healthy pregnancy !! I know some one that had one full term pregnancy and has since suffered 5 misscarages so I think its different everyone xxx

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Had a miscarriage december 22nd 2014, ended up pregnant by then end january 2015 (found out in march 2015) had many complications with that pregnancy and he was 8 weeks early but he is healthy as can be…

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I miscarried in 2008 at 16 weeks. Took 2 years to conceive again. Pregnancy went well, she will be 10 this fall. Don’t rush yourself. Healing emotionally can take longer than the physical healing.

I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. It hit me hard I lost alot of blood and nearly lost my life. We then decided to try again which took 6 months and I was a nervous wreck throughout but once I saw my baby on the scan I was able to relax more and ended up having another baby after that xx

I’m so sorry about your loss! I hope you both find lots of love and healing… I know it’s really hard…

I was shocked to find out I was pregnant 2 months after a miscarriage. He is now almost a year old and I’m 19 weeks pregnant now. There’s always hope! My sister had several miscarriages ( including one at 14 weeks) and later conceived twins!

It took me a long time I ended up having to terminate after a miscarriage so I was Devastated. I now have my son who is three but it was three years after the last loss. I still cried and I panicked a lot if I didn’t feel my son move for a while etc

You take your time to grieve of you need it

I was 18 when my I discovered my boy had no heartbeat I was nearly 5 months, I had to give birth. He’d be 24 now.
I didn’t try again until I was 31
As long as you give both your body and mind time to recover you’ll know when it’s right. Good luck x

I miscarried Twins at 12 weeks. We got pregnant again around 3 months later. Pregnancy was a breeze with him besides my crippling fear of something going wrong. He was 9lbs 10oz at birth and will be 3 next month :heart:

I had a d&c after my miscarriage as well at 10wks. This was at at the end of April in 2016 I got pregnant in dec2016 and had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby in sept of 2017. That was my 4th pregnancy.

Just because other moms have done it doesn’t mean you should. Do what feels right for you and hubby both… if you feel it best to wait a little while for your own sanity that’s fine :blush::heart:

Sorry for your loss. Quite a few women lose a first child and go on to have a healthy child. Perhaps you could wait a year before trying again. Ask your doctors advise. And see if tests can be carried out if you want answers.

My 1st pregnancy I lost I ended up passing it and Didnt have to have surgury I was emotionally drained when it happened all i did was cry. i got pregnant 5 months later and had no issues had a healthy baby girl who will be 8 in sept. When my saughter was 4mths old I got pregnant again ended up miscarrying again and got pregnant within 2 weeks(which was definitely a worlwind of emotionshaving losing and becoming pregnant again SO close) ended up having a healthy babybiy with no issues through out my pregnancy he will be 7 this year in nov. I am sorry for your loss

I got pregnant 3 months after a DNC. The babies I lost were twins who had been dead for four weeks before I found out. The rainbow baby is now 14 and completely healthy. I got pregnant with her little sister three months after my rainbow baby was born, and she’s completely healthy too. It’s easier to conceive after a pregnancy, and can happen very quickly.

I’m sorry :heart:
I conceived 2 weeks after my miscarriage at 7 weeks, My midwife told me I didn’t have to wait until I got my period. My baby girl is healthy and now 5 weeks old.

I had a miscarriage at 4 months the week before Christmas. I had to go for an emergency d & c because I was hemorrhaging. I had gotten pregnant again that February after. My daughter is now 5 years old and perfectly healthy.

I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter who was born at 40 weeks. when she was 6 I try to conceive again got pregnant within a month and had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, my doctor urged me to wait but I didn’t want to. Pregnant again in lost that one at about 5 weeks. Gave up for a while, got pregnant again had an ectopic pregnancy, lost at 12 weeks. now I’m on my 5th pregnancy 28 weeks along with absolutely no complications and everything has been perfect so far.:heart::pregnant_woman::blue_heart: I can’t wait to meet my son in October

Sorry for your loss.
I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy at 10 weeks Dec 2013. The hardest thing ever to get through. We decided to try again right away and conceived again in July 2014 the month our Angel Baby was expected. This time a healthy pregnancy w/ baby boy💙#1. And 8 mo after giving birth to him conceived Baby Boy #2. Thankfully, this was also a healthy pregnancy. Just gave birth to our 3 child this last week July 12th. 2020.

Every pregnancy is different, Whenever you are ready, I would definitely say go for it.

I have had two pregnancies the first I waited 8 months before falling pregnant and I took that miscarriage the hardest.
When I finally fell pregnant I lost that baby too :frowning: I kept trying straight after my second miscarriage and feel pregnant on my next cycle.
We now have a beautiful 4mo baby girl :heart:

Good luck, I’d say no to ‘try’ and just enjoy your partner it will happen, stress won’t help :heart:

I’m sorry for your loss… Miscarriages are unpredictable especially early on. I miscarried a few years back it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. I was hospitalized and needed multiple blood transfusions and a D&C to be stabilized. I don’t remember feeling 100% afterwards for a while… I remember telling myself I was not having another baby ever! Come to find out I was pregnant just a few months later in November that same year… I contemplated not keeping it. I really thought I might die. But aside from my anxiety that history would repeat itself that pregnancy went smooth and was completely uneventful. I’ll be celebrating his 5th birthday in 2 weeks.

Hello, I found out at my 3 month scan that my babies heartbeat had stopped. I had to have the same operation as you and I conceived again 3 months later. During the pregnancy I had a scan every month and was nervous till about 4-5 months when I started to relax. I also suffered the baby blues after her birth and took a few months to get back to normal.
My daughter is now 3 and very healthy and full of life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that she is an angel sent to relieve my heartache and loss :heart:. Good luck, I hope you’ll have the same luck that I had.

Last year in January I ended up pregnant didn’t know it until March when I had a miscarriage. Never thought to test because my cycles were always off. When I went to the er I knew I had lost my baby when they told me I was pregnant. I told my husband I couldn’t go through that again. Well come June went into the er pains and my test came back positive went to my ob and lost the baby. I had a procedure to remove kidneys stones after that well at the beginning of July we conceived our son. I was terrified the entire time. At 8 weeks I started cramping it went on all day. Went to the er and saw our baby for the first time. His heartbeat was going. Though because I was passed 8 weeks I was okay. Well week 10 comes around I woke up bleeding and told my husband we need to go the er. Turns out I had a subchronic hemorrhage right beside him. Being told I could still lose him scared me. Was on bed rest til week 15. At 32 weeks my bp was slowly climbing went in at 34 and decided to do my csection(due to him breech)at 37 because of my bp but at 34.1 my son came to severe preeclampsia. Don’t give up I understand it is hard.

I’m Rosanne Jeanette Alaniz Salazar ive had 4 miscarriages. I have 3 living children and I’m 7 months pregnant right now. My newly miscarriage was back in 2017, my youngest would be 3 years old in December on the 24th.

Umm, There is no easy answer for the question that is asked. In my oppinon me and my partner lost our first baby together and were pregnant now after 2 /1/2 years of trying to have another.
I battle the lost of my babies everyday, Grief comes in waves. Allow yourself to heal physically, physiologically and mentally.
Then when you and your partner decided go for broke.
Until then, continue to heal

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After my first miscarriage at 9 weeks i was able to get pregnant with my daughter 4 months later. She was born full term at 9.9 20 inches and is 5 years old now.

I had a miscarriage two weeks before getting pregnant again :slightly_smiling_face: I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and doing great!

Sorry for your loss. My 1st pregnanacy was whats classed as a missed misscarriage. Around 12 weeks i had a scan with no heartbeat. Had a medical procedure as it was going nowhere as had stopped around 9 or 10 weeks. That was 18 years ago. I went on to have a healthy girl the year after and then 2 healthy boys over the following years. So my daughter is 18 this year. I am afraid you will possibly spend the whole pregnancy worrying which is normal. I had one period after my miscarriage before trying to concieve. I was so heartbroken i just wanted a baby so much there was no way i could wait. Good luck i hope your next pregnancy is trouble free xx

I had a miscarriage in December and found out I was pregnant again in April. I had a healthy baby girl almost exactly a year after I miscarried :heart: I think the only thing that made my miscarriage a little easier (after a while) was knowing that my sweet Madilynn wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t miscarried. Try again when you’re ready. Don’t be afraid to take time to grieve if you need more time. But don’t feel bad for trying right away either if that’s what you want to do. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you get your rainbow soon :heart:

Very similar to my story… my next pregnancy 2 months later, she is perfect and about to be 20. Do it when you are ready.

We lost a baby in March of 2017 got pregnant around September. We waited until we were emotionally ready to start trying again. We now have a happy one year old little boy. He was the easiest pregnancy I have ever had. I’m sorry for what you are going through keep your head up❤️

I had a miscarriage around 6 weeks, and got pregnant with our daughter immediately following the next cycle. My pregnancy was amazing. I had an all natural birth at home with midwives. She was extremely healthy and a chunky bum. Had her at 40 weeks. 6 days. :partying_face:

I was 11weeks and lost our baby, 3 weeks later i fell pregnant again, the gynae told us we might encounter problems falling pregnant so fast. Besides blood pressure my pregnancy went perfectly well althought i gave birth a month earlier.

I was 18 years, it took me until the birth of my second child to get over it mentally, I was totally heartbroken. Even now it’s still hard sometimes. Now I’m pregnant of my third baby.

I had four miscarriages in a row trying to conceive after the first loss. My hormones needed time to even put I’d give myself a few months just to be safe

I miscarried my first two (had to have the first one surgically removed and the second one medically managed). Fell on with my daughter after my first proper period following mc2. And conceived our son when she was 5months.

I had a miscarriage Dec 17. I got pregnant again Jan 1. No complications. Baby was perfectly healthy. Full term pregnancy.

I went through something similar…in our ultrasound to find out the sex we learned I was pregnant with twins but neither had a heartbeat. My dr recommended waiting 1 full year for my health and to let my body heal. I was afraid to try again at first and went on birth control. But God had a plan and our second son was conceived a year later despite me being on birth control. My thoughts and prayers are with you. The most important thing I can say is take care of yourself and do what you feel us right for you. I’m so sorry for your loss.

I had a miscarriage I was told to wait until after my next period. I was already 39 and didn’t want to keep waiting so we tried again I was pregnant with 3 weeks after my miscarriage and had a beautiful healthy baby girl.

I had a miscarriage last August then got pregnant with my rainbow in November. She was born early due to preeclampsia but she is happy healthy and thriving. :purple_heart::purple_heart: you got this. The whole pregnancy I was terrified to get attached.

My close friend lost her baby in December of 2017 at 6 or 7 months I believe pregnant. She then found out she was pregnant in Feb of 2018. She has a beautiful rsinbow baby and i got pregnant in April 2018. So our daughters are close. She was not even thinking about conceiving again as she was still mourning her baby she lost. Have hope. Either way prayers.

My first pregnancy we lost the baby, my second pregnancy was super rough gallbladder ruptured and everything, but we ended it with a healthy 9 lb baby boy, third pregnancy we lost, and i am currently 35 weeks with our final baby which is a girl, this pregnancy has been the easiest as far as no life threatening incidents but as far as heartburn sickness (all day) and contractions and pains im definitely glad this is the last one

I miscarried 2 Septembers ago. We waited until the new year to start trying even tho we were told we could try again after 1 cycle. Conceived early March and delivered a healthy baby girl in November.

I had a d&c on July 10th, then got pregnant again Labor Day. It was the healthiest, best pregnancy of all of my babies (I have 4) and he’s a perfectly healthy happy 11 yo now

I conceived about 3 weeks after my miscarriage. The only issue I’ve had with my pregnancy was her measuring small. But I have a happy healthy baby girl

I miscarried at the end of December and got pregnant at the beginning of February. He is a healthy 8 month old now. My pregnancy was fine, I had him at 41 1/2 weeks

I had a silent miscarriage discovered at 16 weeks midwife check back in dec 2017 we tried again straight way and conceived in February 2018 and had a very healthy baby girl in the October

We lost our first daughter at nearly 23 weeks … we immediately tried again and got pregnant about 3 months later. I had a very healthy pregnancy other than a small 3cm hemmorage at 8 weeks which resolved itself - I was on pelvic rest for 2 weeks & by 10 weeks it was 1cm. She’s now a perfecttttt 3 year old. Also, we just had our son in April. Healthy pregnancy & babe aswell. :two_hearts:

I conceived about 6 weeks after my miscarriage and had a healthy baby girl. Four years later I had a healthy baby boy. No problems with either pregnancy. Good luck to you. I was so scared the first few months of my pregnancy with my daughter but I got through it. :heart:

I miscarries my first at 9 weeks went on 2 months later to conceive and have a healthy baby girl

Only you can decide what you feel is best. Good luck for the future and hopefully you’ll have a rainbow baby too :ok_hand: x

MC then had Our first born and MC then our now second born waited about 5m after it took us time to heal and that pregnancy was great, I worried at first but he’s here and causing trouble.

I was in the situation and I waited 2 months I got preggo in March. It helped me heal. That was 15 years ago.

I had the same thing happen to me at my 12 weeks scan and i too had to have my baby suegically removed this was on nee years day 3years ago. I conceived my beautiful rainbow baby 1yr n 3months after the loss of my bubba and the pregancy was hard mentally as i was always on edge if it was going to happen again i use to dread scans n couldnt look at the monitor parying to god that my bubba was ok n she was i remeber the lady seeing me cry before she even put the gel on my belly cz i was scared n wen i told her why she was amazing and went that extra mile to make sure i was ok but after i got further along i learned to relax n enjoy it xx im so sorry for ya loss our babies where far too special for this world xx :heart::heart::heart:

I just had a m/c last week I went to the doctors yesterday for a confirmation appointment to check the baby and see how far along I was since I had some light bleeding , my doctor checked me and I had nothing in the uterus , no sac no baby and no heartbeat, i was so sad so upset as my levels indicated I was pregnant I went and had HCG levels done by blood work and my levels were high and I ended up taking a urine test to find out it became negative, I was 5-6 when I lost my second baby , so depressed , during my bleeding I felt horrible back pain as labor but light and not as intense, I passed a sac out as big as my thumb and didn’t think of it to be anything since I’ve seen anything like that before , I cried the bleeding stopped 2 days later as it lightly went away

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. I was 9weeks and my baby stopped growing after 4-5weeks in the womb, so it was a missed miscarriage. It was awful, I just came after on naturally, 4 days after finding out the baby didn’t grow. It broke every fiber inside me and my partner. Everywhere I went I saw pregnant women. Even at work I saw someone who was pregnant the same time as me and just saw her bump getting bigger. It was like the universe was laughing at me. But 3months after it happened I find out I was pregnant with my son Ethan…was petrified all the time. Dreading the first scan, thinking they were gonna say nothing is there or the baby didn’t grow. But nope he was happy and moving about. He’s now 2 but will be 3 next month. I’m now pregnant with our second and not due till December 1st. I’m so sorry you went through this, it’s awful hearing about people going through it all. I remember when I went for a emergency scan a few months back and sat waiting for a nurse to get some details and all of a sudden I heard a woman scream. I can here someone with her saying “Babe it’s ok, I know I know, just breath, I know babe…crying I’m so sorry sweetheart!”…just hearing this womans heartbreak with the news every expecting mum dreads to hear made me cry with her too. Wanted to get up and find her cubical and give her a massive cuddle. I wish you luck and happiness for the future :heart::heart::heartpulse:

Honestly, I found no clear pattern in all this…I had 4 miscarriages,4 ectopic pregnancies with one live birth before ivf which resulted in our second child…but in no particular order :woman_shrugging::blush: its so hard to keep a positive outlook though.

I had a curet at 9 1/2 weeks and was told i could try from my next cycle aswell. It took me 10 months to fall pregnant which at the time felt defeated. I actually went to see a kinesiologist who said my body didnt want to let go of the pregnancy and sure enough the next month i fell pregnant and it was the same month i was meant to have my first. Im one week away from due date and my wee peanut is healthy and there was no more scares than the initial first scan waiting to see that heartbeat appear. All the best lovely xx

First was a termination march 2008 second Lost at 10 weeks around my birthday oct 2008. Conceived 7 months later mostly a healthy pregnancy born march 2010. Conceived again 6 months later with my twins lost one at 14 weeks went on to have a fairly normal pregnancy born june 2011. A year later june 2012 Conceived again but was having a hard time with having 2 close together and dv so terminated around 8 weeks was hardest thing to do but was right at the time… fast forward 5 years Conceived at start of 2017 and born November 2017 very healthy active baby although he tried to enter the world very early around 24 weeks ended up holding on till 39 weeks… in time you will heal and know when its right to try again or dont try and let it happen on its own… my doctor and midwives always advised me to wait 3-6 months for absolute healing of body.