How was your VBAC?

I have a question. I am due for baby #6 in August. My first 4 were all natural births, then #5 was an emergency C-section that was done vertically (he was transverse, his hand and cord came first). My doctors say I can’t VBAC after a vertical. Has anyone had a natural birth again after a vertical section?


I don’t think it’s safe after a vertical. If it was a horizontal incision I’d say go for it, but I wouldn’t recommend it after a vertical section.

I was told I couldn’t have a VBAC after my vertical.

A vertical cut has a much higher chance of rupturing.

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I dont think there is any Dr’s out there that will attempt one after a vertical c section. The risk of uterine rupture increases significantly with the vertical cut.


I had a c- section due to transverse position one foot in birth canal. This is a vertical cut. This was my 3rd pregnancy first 2 vaginal births. I had one more child also C-section. Very high chance of rupture with a vertical cut.

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I would not risk it, and I highly doubt you will find a team that will agree to doing it.

It’s more risky with a vertical incision (I’m hoping to do VBAC. I was cut at the bikini line.) With a vertical cut, there is more scar tissue than a bikini cut and is more likely to either bust open or cause uterus tearing and bleeding do to the pressure of pushing. My mom was cut vertically with my brother and was told if she had another child, she would have to deliver the same way she did my brother. Of course that was 25 years ago and you would think it would be different now but a lot of doctors don’t want to risk tearing open such a large scar :sweat_smile:

I know someone who had a vbac after a vertical csection. However, the births were about 6 years apart. She had to travel out of town because where she lives, they were not willing to do it.

I don’t think any doctor will vbac after a vertical csection cut. I’m so sorry. I have had 5 vaginal and my 6th was an emergency csection. My baby was stillborn so when I had my rainbow 2 years later because I had a low horizontal cut inwas given the clear to vbac and be induced but i was too scared. My cervix wasn’t dilated when it was time to have baby at 37w4d and they were worried baby was small and not able to handle a long induction. So I chose repeat csection to give my baby the safest delivery possible. I am happy with that choice and grateful once I heard how astonished the ob was about how short my baby’s cord was. Shes a healthy 9.5 month old. And healing was so much better than my csection physically and mentally.

Listen to ur doctor. He is more knowledge than ur fb friends!

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