How would this work?

Do any other mamas out there have tips or advice for hiring a caregiver and having taxes taken out of her paycheck?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How would this work?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How would this work?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How would this work?

It’s up to her to set aside money for taxes, not yours. It’s kinda like self employment.


Surely that will depend only if she’s self employed or not

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How would this work?

Go on the on the. Computer. There should be something there.

Check with whomever does your taxes🤷🏻‍♀️

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Not up to you. If she wants taxes taken out she’ll tell you

IRS rules for 1099 employees are pretty specific. Unless the caregiver is an actual business you have responsibilities as far as taxes go.

1 Like has something called homepay you could probably look into that🤷‍♀️

If you have them come to your house, you have to treat them as a household employee, and you have to take out taxes like a regular employee. They have to fill out an I9 and a W4, and you have to pay social security and Medicare taxes on them, and will be responsible for withholding federal and state taxes if they want you to. You also have to provide them with a W2 at the end of the year. It will be up to them to claim that on the taxes, but you can use what you pay them as day care wages on your taxes.
Now if you drop them off at a home day care, best you work that out with the provider as to what they plan on doing as far as taxes. Ideally and legally, they should provide you with a summary at the end of the year of what you paid them, that includes their social security number or tax ID number. Then you can also claim it on your taxes as day care expenses.

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A lot easier if you don’t withhold them and let her file her own taxes. You either pay her or you pay it to the IRS so you won’t be saving any money. Make it simple and let her worry with her own taxes. She may have other clients and have expenses to write off her self. She is considered self employed.


I am a child care provider. I total up each year what a parent has paid. Provide them with a paper that has amount, my tax ID number and all information. Then I claim that amount on my taxes. If a parent chooses not to claim then I don’t. But 9/10 times I do. If it is under $700 they don’t have too claim. If the child care refuse to claim then they get in trouble. Always pay with check. So their is paper trail.


I hired a company called Nannychex. They did it all so I could pay my mother’s caregiver for several years. When you take taxes out, you are also paying into social security and Medicare, creating those important quarters that will qualify them later on for these benefits. It is the ethical thing to do as an employer.


Unless you have started a business and become an employer of caregivers, this is not your role. The caregiver files her own taxes.

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My friend had been a nanny for over 15yrs, they have always had her take care of her own taxes, I’m self employed, its really not hard, just make sure to pay the city taxes quarterly

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Caregivers file that on their own unless they work for an agency. The person receiving services doesn’t file the taxes for the caregiver. If the caregiver works for themselves they probably have several clients and already know how to handle that.

Just 1099 them. Don’t worry about taking taxes out.

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If you get someone licensed you can take it off your taxes until they are 12.

Has anyone had problems with getting the Social of the child care provider

As an individual, you don’t have the tax ID (authority) to collect taxes for another individual.

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you could give them a 1099

You need to keep track of what you pay them also and report it on your tax returns,they will have to keep records of what they are paid and they are responsible for their taxes,if you report it they also have too.Caregiver could be something you can deduct from your taxes,if they are self employed.I kept track of all my expenses as a home daycare provider,as did the parents they claimed daycare expenses on their taxes,and I claimed as income so had to pay my own taxes.

Have to get ein from irs put on there household employee you will take ss and medicare and fed or state taxes you have to match ss and Medicare send in monthly

When you file your taxes there is a section where you can claim for child care. When using a private provider you put their name and social and how much you paid them for services. They would in turn file their own taxes and list you as paying them. You would give them a 1099

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