Husband only gets chatty during movies!

My husband isn't a talker which irritates me when we are having a dinner alone or cuddling. But the second we watch a movie or TV show together he never shuts up. This annoys the hell out of me because I am trying to watch the movie or show. I can't pay attention to him and the movie at the same time. I pause if I can but he goes on and on about the same thing every single time. It's annoying! I finally told him to knock it off and now he's whining because I "bitch about him not talking enough". But ffs I've heard his complaints about TV shows and movies enough to recite them. I barely know his feelings for me anymore or how his day went. Who his work friends are. I just know he hates everything I enjoy watching. I don't do that when we watch the movies he likes. I wait until it's over to say it wasn't my cup of tea so I don't ruin his experience. But each time I pick the movie he always talks over it to complain about the plot or characters. It's distracting and rude.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Husband only gets chatty during movies!

I can’t even give any advice because my husband is the same damn way

You sound really petty! People talk during movies and shows all the time and share there feelings during. Maybe stop watching movies and shows with him 🤷🤷


My husband is the same way. So frustrating


Think that’s just men :woman_shrugging:t2:


Next time he starts talking, turn the TV completely off and give him your undivided attention. When he finishes talking ask him a question that you want to know the answer to. Such as… “What’s your favorite part of relationship” or “when can we plan a date night”. Or just snuggle up to him while he’s talking and listen. It won’t take him long to stop complaining about a thing that isn’t even actively happening anymore and your conversation and physical touch will naturally redirect to the conversation to y’all.


He’s an introvert. We aren’t chatty by nature. But he’s chatting during TV time because most shows and movies bore the hell out of us


Mine’s the same way! King of the remote, and very vocal AGAINST my watching what I want to the point of getting up and walking out of the room. Selfish behavior…no solution unless you give it back to him.


My husband talks during movies. And it’s literally as simple as Hitting the pause button. He’s got his quirks just like me. But I’m not going to make a big deal about it.

Stop being petty


Pick a movie you’ve seen. Sounds to me like he’s got some inward anxiety about talking even if he doesn’t know it. Movies give him something to talk about. Join in the conversation. Have a friendly debate. If you want him to talk, and this is how he can, he has to start somewhere. If he starts there and you join in instead of basically telling him, “You arent doing the thing I wanted you to do the right way.” Instead of just realizing he’s trying, then he might start opening up at other times. If you tried to cook his favorite meal because he asked, then he looked at it and went, “You put the cheese on the wrong side” would that make you go, “Better go slave over the stove again to make the same meal with one alteration.” Or would you just give up because apparently he didn’t notice you at least tried.


Do other things together. There is this technique that makes people feel more comfortable talking. Its like driving in a car, you are there and present with them, but not looking directly at them. Try cooking beside each other, or doing a craft, or even cleaning. Give him another way to let it all out, without the eye contact. If that doesnt work, maybe he really is invested in the quality of the product and encourage him to learn and do it himself. Encourage him to solve the “problems” by making his own creative project. Get him a camera, write a script together, act out something, design some costumes. Put in some work together creating memories and maybe it will be easier to let it go during movie time.
If he cant work to solve problems he constantly acknowledges, then he has a much greater problem on hand and may need therapy. Just ideas…

Textbook passive aggressive behavior to use cynicism and disruption to get what he wants ( to protest your choice ), the cure is respectful but firm boundries


I would suggest seperate Tv’s.

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My husband never shuts up. People actually walk away from him because he just keeps talking, and talking, And he does not tell the you the short of the story. Its the long version.and he will repeat himself. It gets so aggravating.

I feel you girl lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can relate in ways

Run dont walk,pack you’re things and leave that toxic relationship :joy:jk just tell him to stfu​:woman_shrugging:

So stop watching TV together. Seems simple enough.
We don’t watch TV together, ever. He watches whatever, whenever. I play my video games whenever he watches it. I very rarely watch TV, but when I do it’s in my bedroom. I will watch series, and if someone isn’t going to watch it all what’s the point in watching any? So I take it upstairs.

Well as a man that works hard if he’s the same, sitting to watch a movie will end up the movie watching me. Lol