Husbands and the internet

Asking for a friend please post anonymously and please post on Facebook page

She found in her husbands phone him commenting to Instagram girls who have thousands of followers how hot they are and even DMs them directly. Some engage in the conversation. He even asked one how he can fly them one out where he lives for the night she said how much it would costs then the convo just ends.

He claims they all have millions or thousands of followers and the convos never go anywhere and that’s as far as he states he would go with it. He claims even if the chick would fly out he wouldnt go any further then just the convo. Maybe it’s just the thrill of the conversations? Regardless it’s wrong.

He claims he’ll stop and make changes but he had also changed the password to his phone the night it all went down. He thinks it’s wrong to go through each other phones. He ended up removing the lock on his phone but not willingly.

Any advice I can give her cause I got none.