I am 20 weeks pregnant and started bleeding: Advice?

Please post. I’m 20 years old and eight weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had some bleeding, and at first, it was just some spitting, and then it got heavier. I went to the hospital, and they told me the baby is fine and alive, and the heartbeat was normal. But I have a cyst in my uterus. My mom said she also has cysts but delivered four babies fine. The doctor said right now it’s just threatened miscarriage. Has anyone else ever gotten a cyst or a risk of threatened miscarriage and delivered fine? I’m a young momma, and this is my first baby, and I’m really just looking for something reassurance. Thank you all in advance.


I startd bleeding dark blood at 2 mons dr told me no work stay in bed relax 2 weeks. I did and today by daughter is 40.


Just to clarify, are you 8 weeks or 20 weeks? The post says both and it makes a big difference. Im thinking 8, but just want to clarify

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I had cysts with all 3 pregnancies…i delivered healthy, but early boys. None of the 3 did i carry full term. All 8 weeks early…I was put on bed rest with my last son and also saw a high risk Dr as well.

Perhaps you should seriously consider a doctor I not Facebook


I started bleeding at 8 weeks with my son and they said it was a threatened miscarriage today he’s almost five

I had a hemorrhage rupture at 7 weeks. It was so much blood it was scary. Haven’t delivered yet, but we’re 28 weeks and everything is perfectly healthy and fine now.

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I started bleeding at 22 weeks pregnant just spotting at first then it got heavier I rang the hospital at the first sign of spotting but they refused to see me because I had a scan booked for five days later. I woke up with a terrible headache two day’s before my scan and my bleeding was slightly heavier but not enough to fill a pad they still refused to see me . One day before my scan the nurse that was second in command rang me back and said the main sister had gone home sick so to go up and she would scan me we got there and was told my twins both had no heartbeat. I can’t help but think that if they would of scanned me earlier then something might of been able to be done. If you feel like something still isn’t right don’t hold back just go straight up to the hospital. I know I wish I would of x

I would get In to see your OB .

Definitely follow up with your OB. I had a sub chroniac hematoma that caused spotting and a hush of blood around 8 weeks. I also had super low progesterone They put me on pelvic rest and progesterone supplements for the first trimester.

Happened with my 1st child, I went on bed rest and no sex and he’s now 24

If you have cats DO NOT change the litter have someone else do it! If the ultra sound showed the baby is fine. Relax. Good luck

Yes I bleed my whole pregnancy with my last was on bed rest from 2 mnth till I delivered. He’s a healthy 7 year old now

Dr should have put you on bed rest!! Lift nothing and pamper yourself! I would call obgyn tomorrow for a follow up check and if the bleeding gets worse or your having bad cramps you need to go er asap! Please take special care of yourself!!

Go STRAIGHT to your GP , please don’t waste time on waiting for responses. I lost my baby boy at 19wks on 3/8/2020 no bleeding , no pain nothing found out through a check up with the midwife the couldnt get a heartbeat ultrasound showed no blood floow or heartbeat had to give birth to a sleeping baby and hold him afterwards the most heartbreaking thing ever

Go to the doctor stupid ass ,not the fucking internet !!


She did, can you read??? Nice attitude to someone nervous😡


Go to the doctor to check on the baby You need to be on bed rest. I had a cyst and delivered my baby natural thank god

I was 6-8 weeks with twins they told me the same thing and I lost my babies the next day. I’d def ask a dr! I’m sure everything is fine if you’ve been to the dr❤️

I have threatened abortion (miscarriage) on my hospital paperwork when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I had blood clots in my uterus lining. It bled out one day scared me to death and after I was fine. My son is 2! :blush: be positive mama.

I had loads of cyst and my babies a year old next week, get loads of rest, eat/drink well and take folic acid. I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy :heart:

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Yes for me many times

I had bleeding a sub chorionic hemorrhage well at 8 weeks.
My OB said there was a high probability that it would just repair itself and the blood would reabsorb which it did!
My son just turned 13 years old this week💙.
Take care Mama.
Sending well wishes and many prayers your way🙌🏻

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I’m on my third pregnancy and with this one I have a small cyst but at 11 weeks I bled a lot and I mean a lot. it felt like my water broke but I went to hospital and they said everything was fine and the doctor never could figure out where it came from. every once in a while I will bleed a little for a day and it go away. I’m 22 weeks now and baby still growing strong so it really is different every pregnancy with everyone. Just have to pray everything is okay.

I have had lots of ovarian cysts which never caused complications, but I did lose a pregnancy in my second term while having a uterine cyst. I went in when my spotting started and they said me and baby were perfectly fine. I went in the next day because it got worse and they said it was a threatened miscarriage. By 2 days later I had lost the baby. They never said if the cyst had anything to do with the loss though. Personally, I would contact your ob or midwife ASAP and get in to see them as soon as you can. Otherwise, rest as much as possible and take it easy. You want to keep yourself and baby healthy to reduce the risk of threatened miscarriage. Keep an eye on your symptoms and if anything changes do not hesitate to go back to the hospital.

When in doubt contact your OB. There used to these phones calls they expect phone calls especially from first time moms. At the end of the day its better to be safe than sorry

Any type of bleeding ask your doctor, not people on Facebook. Most will say to ask your doctor anyway.

I had a sub chorionic hemorrhage with my third. I started bleeding at 6 weeks. The bleeding stopped by 10 weeks. My doctor monitored the clot and said as long as it didn’t grow and the baby did all was well. At 15 weeks it had actually shrank some and gone by 20 weeks! She was completely healthy and is now 4.

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LOTS of bed rest & pelvic rest!! Sending many blessings your way :pray::pray::heart:

I had a low lying placenta and small hemorrhage very early in my pregnancy. My doctor put me on pelvic rest (no lifting anything over 10 lbs, no sex, nothing strenuous) after making sure everything was good. Sometimes it just happens. Everything turned out just fine. Just make sure you rest and hydrate. And relax. Which I know is easier said than done. Good luck!

No cysts for me but I did have threatened miscarriage. For me it was a pocket of blood behind the baby. They said it’s a random thing that happens. I took it easy on everything till I was done bleeding. I bled until 12 weeks. He’s now 5.

I was in emerge three times due to bleeding during my pregnancy. First was spotting, the second two times I bled more than I ever thought possible, and was convinced I was miscarrying. All were due to a hematoma. Each time they told me I was at a higher risk of miscarriage. I ended up being followed by an MFN specialist throughout the majority of my pregnancy, but I am now 2.5 month postpartum with a beautiful baby boy. Induced about a month early, but he was well and healthy. Bleeding can be terrifying when your pregnant but it doesn’t always mean the worst. Stay positive mama :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I had a cyst my 2nd pregnancy and he is now 11 months old and completely healthy.

Most of my second pregnancy had me in and out of the hospital for “threatened miscarriage.” I had ovarian cysts, a subchorionic hemorrhage at 12 weeks, placenta previa, and gestational hypertension with trace proteins (I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy), and pre-term labor.

He’s currently blowing me kisses from the hallway. Happy, healthy, wicked smart 1.5 year old.

I had a threatened miscarriage with my son I was put on minimal walking for a while

Me! I had a tremendously scary bleeding episode around 18 weeks that made me so convinced I lost him, that I didn’t even go in to have it checked out until a week later. I was so scared and didn’t want to know. I had a cyst as well as a subchorionic hemorrhage. I delivered a healthy baby boy at 39 weeks! I did go on pelvic rest until my 3rd trimester just to play it safe.

I had sub chronic hematoma but baby absorbed it she 2 n had like period cramps

I had a threatened miscarriage as well. My spunky little man is now 3, and the rest of my pregnancy was normal! :two_hearts:

Theres no such thing as a threatened miscarriage.
I’m a nurse.
Once a miscarriage begins you cant stop it.
So you either have a miscarriage or you don’t. Saying threatened miscarriage implies that one started and was stopped.
Doctors use the term threatened miscarriage because they dont have any other answers for you besides that one… I got told the same thing when I was pregnant with my son.if you’re babys heartbeat is fine then I wouldn’t stress too much over the bleeding…
But if its something you’re super worried about go in to make sure.
Theres no stupid questions when you’re pregnant.

Stay off your feet when possible, plenty of water, watch your salt. I had fibroids, endometriosis, and cysts before I got pregnant. I had a perfectly healthy baby, but I had issues because I didn’t exactly listen to my body or my doctor and wouldn’t rest as often as I should have.

Having cysts increases your risk of miscarriage. You need to make sure that your OB-GYN knows that you have cysts and that you are constantly and continuously monitored with ultrasound to make sure that the cyst is not causing issues. Contact your ob-gyn’s office about your bleeding as soon as you can.

i bled several times throughout my pregnancy with my son, TW: i had a miscarriage 2 months before i got pregnant with him. they still don’t know exactly why, but try to lower your stress, take some time for yourself and maybe just put yourself on bed rest if you can!

I have had 2 threaten miscarriages this yr. the first I went to hospital and was told everything was ok. all the test came back fine. the following morning I called and my dr got me in to check me out. not even 12hrs later there was no heartbeat. I had to go back every 2 days for a week before I fully lost the baby. the second one I started bleeding and when I went in I wasn’t far enough along for there to be a baby in the sack.


I had a threatened miscarriage with my first At about 10 weeks. I kept going to the ER until they helped me. They gave me a shot to save my child. It worked. He’s now almost 11 and in middle school lol not sure the name of the shot. They also told me it couldve been a ruptured cyst in my ovary. But i kept bleeding. Be your own advocate!! If you feel something isnt right, go with your gut and get help.


It happened to me was told it was a threatened miscarriage I had to go back every few days for scan but baby was fine but at about 30 weeks they said baby wasn’t growing and they had to do a couple section 8 weeks early he passed away when he was 15 months old due to myotonic dystrophy

I had a lot of bleeding off an in throughout my pregnancy. It’s scary, but never indicated anything was wrong. He was born naturally a month early but healthy as could be.


Best advise is do not stress, relax out your feet up and DONT stress…I experienced something like this with my 3 pregnancy but I didn’t listen to the Dr. because I was a newly single mama with two young kids to take care of. Praying for a healthy pregnant and baby


I had a threatened miscarriage with my 3rd pregnancy. They kept a close eye on me and did ultrasounds to make sure her heartbeat and everything stayed good. I had her at 36 wks with no problems. Just try and get plenty of rest and dont lift anything heavy.

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I had bleeding with my oldest. I even expelled a blood clot the size of a golf ball. I for sure thought I lost her, because I experienced several losses prior to her. But, when I went to the hospital, she was fine. I carried her full term. I would advise not to overexert yourself. And if something doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct.

I had a threatened miscarriage. Try to get some rest. I had spotting throughout my entire pregnancy and that one episode where it was a significant amount of bleeding even a clot. My baby is 5 now. Good luck mama

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i had a threatened miscarriage with all 3 of my kids. if u feel something is wrong go back. its better to be sae than sorry. if i hadnt listened to my gut i would have lost my 3rd (my son).

If you don’t feel sure of what is going on,get a second opinion. I had two miscarriage threats and spent most of my pregnancy in bed. He was born prematurely. Take care and follow your instincts. Good luck!

Started bleeding at 25 weeks had to go on bed rest. They pumped me full of steroids to make baby’s lungs grow. Thank God bc he was born 5 weeks later (30 weeks) but was on room air the whole time, no ventilator. He never had any major health issues. 5 years old now and very happy and healthy. My best advice is follow drs orders to a T, pray and try to get some steroid IV if you’re in the hospital already. Ps. I leaked amniotic fluid for 10 days prior to birth.

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I had a threatened miscarriage with my now 10 year old daughter. Went to the bathroom and saw that I was bleeding and in the toilet I saw a golf sized blood clot. Not to long before that we found out we were pregnant. A few months prior to this I had delivered a baby girl at 25 weeks who did not survive. So we were absolutely terrified we were losing her too. I went to the hospital and I was just far enough along to see her heartbeat. Seeing that gave me some comfort. I delivered her at 36 weeks and she was the biggest baby in the NICU weighing 9lbs and 5oz. I would just take it easy and rest for a while. Prayers and positive thoughts for you Momma!

I never had bleeding but if you find you are worring too much call you doctor he can check you out and find out what wrong if anything, if nothing is wrong do what he says and hopefully you will be ok either way rest and try not to get too worked up it could be perfectly normal for you. Good luck

i’m not a Dr and can’t give you medical advice but I can tell you with my first pregnancy I had bleeding also. It scared me so much because my mind went right to the worse. I went in and the Dr. said everything was fine. He said some people get bleeding during their pregnancy. Some women will also have their period the whole time they are pregnant. My daughter is now a health almost 11 year old. Take a deep breath. It will be okay. You are already a great mommy for being worried and taking the precautions !! Just keep an eye on it and stay in contact with your dr. Take it easy…as much as you can. most important try not to stress ( i know easier said than done ).

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Yes, I had the same thing happen with my son. I actually hemorrhaged multiple times during the first trimester. It was very scary. Each time it occurred I immediately had an ultrasound and everything was OK with the baby. Once I got past 12 weeks the bleeding completely stopped and I continued through the pregnancy with no issues at all. I delivered 3 weeks early and he was just perfect!!! Good luck through your pregnancy!

You need to see your OB. This is my second pregnancy and I’ve been bleeding since I was 7 weeks on and off. Im 11 and a half weeks now. Baby is fine heart rate is fine. Women can bleed during pregnancy and still have a heavy at times. Hope all is well. Stay positive xo


I had a threatened miscarriage early on in my pregnancy when I was 19 and I wound up carrying to 38 weeks and delivering a perfectly healthy baby who is now 6. Just take it easy and don’t do anything strenuous. Good luck mama :blush:

Yes I had a cyst and was threatening a miscarriage with my daughter at 11 weeks. My doctors told me to take it easy and everything would be fine that the cyst would do one of two things it would bust or go away and for me it went away as my pregnancy progressed I delivered her full term and healthy

I bled till I was 3 months pregnant…
The first time I rushed to the Hospital babies heartbeat was okay but I was told I was having a threatened miscarriage the bleeding was extremely heavy…
I was going for a scan every week until the bleeding stopped when I was 3 months pregnant…
I gave birth to a big beautiful healthy 4.5kg baby girl… She just turned 6years old last week…

My first baby I had placenta prévia and severe pain from a cyst. The pain was so bad I thought I was miscarrying and had be taken to the hospital. Thankfully everything turned out fine. The cyst got better and my placenta moved to where it should be in the last month. Delivery went incredibly well for being my first too. Don’t let others freak you out thinking your first will be your worst. My water broke on it’s own and
4 1/2 I was holding my sweet and healthy baby girl. Prayers and positive thoughts headed your way from Alaska! :kissing_heart:

I had a threatened miscarriage in 2018 I was 6weeks along I was bleeding went to hospital and they said that they couldn’t find a heart beat but it was early two weeks later I miscarried in the drs office

I’ve had two threatened miscarriages and both ended in healthy deliveries, they use the term because you are bleeding and anything could happen in the next few days. Just kick your feet up and relax, drink lots of water and try not to stress

I did the same thing at 20 weeks with my son. He’s six now. However, I didn’t have a normal labor(42 weeks!). Instead of my water breaking, I hemorrhaged. He’s a happy and healthy 6 year old now! He did have a short stay in the NICU though.

From what I understand threatened miscarriage is a horrible term it can mean any bleeding not necessary but that they think that the pregnancy is in jeopardy


I had a threatened miscarriage with my second daughter. We delivered her at 38 weeks and she is now a very happy, healthy, mouthy 13 yr old.

Listen to your docs and to yourself. If your not happy get a second opinion. Try not to stress yourself anymore and def dont pick up anything happy. Let people run round after you for once x

I had some bleeding like that in one of my pregnancies and I was told sometimes that happens but the baby turned out just fine hope all goes well

With my my son I woke up with my bed full of blood. The doctors told me thd baby with fine and it was a threaten miscarriage and to take it easy. He grew to be full term and healthy but it was very scary. Prayers

I had a threaten miscarriage with my son at 8 weeks scared me since i did have a miscarriage before my middle child but after i was past the first trimester everything went fine he was born feb 17th 2020 only 4 weeks early but healthy

I would set up an appointment with your primary doctor. My first pregnancy I started bleeding and went to the emergency room. They found a heartbeat told me when you bleed that it’s 50/50 and to see my primary in three days. When I went to my primary she told me everything they found in the Sono. The we didn’t give me any of that info just pretty much said go home. So while I didn’t have a happy ending with that pregnancy I learned to always follow up with my primary care doctor

I bled like crazy at 8 weeks, had an ultrasound at the hospital and there was a heartbeat, went directly to my obgyn office and passed everything there 15 minutes later.

I had a threatened miscarriage with my first and only. They did ultrasounds once a month. And then I started dilating early. They put me on progesterone and started doing ultrasounds every 2 weeks. My daughter ended up being a month and a half premature.

It happened to me when I was pregnant for my second one. I started bleeding on my eight weeks and few times after. It was kind of clots and I have a big fibrome. All the times I bleed I went to the clinic. For me too baby was safe and heart beat was ok. Doctor told me also it is a sign of possible miscarriage. I delivered a healthy baby girl 39 weeks. Don’t lose hope, just take all precautions and as u did go to the hospital anytime u feel needed. All the best🌸

I had a threatened miscarriage at 8 weeks with my first. I carried her to 41 weeks and she was born healthy. Good luck to you!!

I had a bad bleed when I was 28 weeks pregnant was in hospital for 2 days but all was fine baby came at 25 weeks and is absolutely perfect she is 4 months old now try not to worry too much and just take is easy plenty of rest try not to over do it when doing things around the house or when your out and about

Bed rest I had with my last one I was spotting the whole time couldn’t work I was 33years old but all ended up well…just take care and don’t do to much…

I had a cyst about the size of a golf ball (doctor said) on the inside of my vaginal wall. Painful to sit, walk, or go to the bathroom. No talk about risk of miscarriage. I was 17 yrs old at the time, my first pregnancy. Doctor said if it did not burst on it’s own then it would have to be lanced. Thankfully, about couple? days later, it burst on it’s own. Think I was about 7 months pregnant at the time. Went on to have a safe, natural delivery and healthy baby girl who is now 25 yrs old. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had bleeding heavily with my second child…he was born 11 lbs and 10 oz healthy…prayers are with you…stay strong mama…there is hope.

It can also be placenta previa, had it with 2 of my pregnancies out of 4. And it is scary because of the blood amount. But you just have to take it easy. Have your dr examine the position of the placenta

I have delivered 2 with some complications and bleeding throughout the pregnancy and lost my last little angel due to the cysts suffocating the baby. Hang in there . And there is no harm in being cautious. Best of luck and wishes for you .

Sweet Mama, Go see your Ob-Gyn. I had bleeding/spotting with all three of my pregnancies. One baby was over the due date, one was early and the last was right on time!!! Bed rest, liquids, and listen to your doctor!!! Prayers!!!

When I was six weeks pregnant with my second son I had bleeding just like that. I went to er and everything was fine. Later realized I had a cyst on my cervix and had it biopsied. Everything came back normal they just did extra ultrasounds to make sure everything was okay and I delivered my son two months ago full term with no complications. Still don’t know why I was bleeding but I have a happy healthy baby boy. Don’t stress too much about it. My Drs took good care of me and told me stress could make it worse.

This EXACT thing happened to my daughter in law, and their baby was born beautiful and healthy. It’s so scary but try and physically relax and follow your doctors orders. :heartpulse:wish you all the best!

I havent. But I will say this, there are so many things that can cause bleeding in pregnancy that has nothing to do with the pregnancy itself being problematic. I have heard of some wild things. See a specialist and confirm it. Make sure that is all it is. Make sure you see the best of the best and that your prenatal care is closely monitored.

I had placenta previa at 16 weeks but thankfully it healed amd the baby was fine. I honestly thought I was having a miscarriage bc there was a lot of blood…like all over my bed, when I got up to go to the bathroom blood gushed out all over the floor and bathroom…it was the scariest thing ever. I was put on bed rest and had to have a follow up ultrasound. Baby was fine and everything else went well. Most important thing is to rest and relax, no lifting, no stress and keep your feet elevated and drink plenty of fluids. Hang in there…it will be ok

I had cyst with all 3 of pregnancies. Did have some bleeding. I was put on bed rest in the first trimester because i was high risk for miscarriage for all three. I limited having the do physically things unless going to shower or go to the restroom or dr. At 20 weeks i bedrest was lifted and i delievered all 3 times with healthy happy babies.

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I didn’t have a cyst but the placenta started to tear away at 9wks with my last it was about half way torn away because it was over my cervix. I was on all but bed rest until I was 18wks then very light duty until 28wks. It cause a blood clot in my uterus that was a threat up until I delivered. Luckily the placenta moved as the pregnancy progressed so I didn’t have to have a C-section and the blood clot didn’t cause any issues during or after. Prayers for you and your baby for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

I had a threatened miscarriage and bleeding with 4 of my pregnancies. I went on to have 6 beautiful children but did suffer 1 miscarriage after my 4th was born. Bleeding can be normal in the early weeks. It can also occur after sex.

I bled at 32 weeks and was rushed to the hospital. Stayed a week there and advised to stay off my feet, drink lots of fluid and take my medications. Baby is fine and I know you will be too. Good luck.

I’d recommend contacting your OB since they know your background more than an ER does

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I bled like crazy for the first 14 weeks of my second pregnancy. I had a subcorianic hemorrhage. Baby was born full term and will be 9 tomorrow!

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Drink lots of water and call the dr . It happened to me and I stopped bleeding and was ok. I did go to the Dr to be cautious .

I had a cysts through 3 of my pregnancies. Did they test to make sure your levels are going up? I bled through 2 entire pregnancies. My first one i bled through I was told i was having a miscarriage. I was told to go home and relax while my body rejects it. A couple months later i went to the doc because I was still bleeding only to find out I was 21 weeks and having a girl. My last pregnancy I also bled straight through. No idea why i bled for either and i saw specialists weekly. Both were born healthy. :purple_heart:

As long as you are spotting or bleeding you need to rest and relax! This is what I was told … But I’ll warn you that was almost 32 years ago. Do not worry… The doctor said the baby was ok.

My sister’s last baby gave us a scare, my sister was at work and they sent her to the warehouse and when she got there and stepped out she had a gush of blood, she went in told the manager, manager took her back to the store and she drove herself to the hospital. They did all kinds of tests and all and said baby was fine. She carried until 39 weeks and now she is a healthy 12 year old.

I had normal periods for my entire pregnancy with my second kid. I’ve had endometriosis since I was 12, and my periods are life threatening all by themselves. I delivered just fine and have a healthy 4 year old. You’re going to be just fine

Many many many woman bleed through out pregnancy- cysts cause bleeding for sure!! If they say heart beat is good and strong everything sounds good!!! Try not to read internet to much :):slight_smile:

I’ve gone through a similar situation with my 5th child. I was told I had a hematoma as well. Then I found out I had Placenta Previa and that’s why I was bleeding also. I was put on bed rest because I was high risk then later told that I would need a C-section after delivering 4 healthy babies vaginally. Ultimately, at the end of my pregnancy I gave birth naturally. I was fine and so was my son. Thank God! Many blessings to you and I pray for a healthy pregnancy, as well as your delivery.

With my daughter I had a fibroid tumor in my uterus, at first it was the size of a cherry and the dr said it wasn’t growing, after my daughter was born it was the size of a softball and caused hemorrhaging. I had to go in two sessions to have it removed because my body took on so much sodium the first time… I still have one on my pelvis but definetly stay calm an relaxed. You could possibly already be but you should talk to the dr about it and like others said if you’re still not sure get another opinion ASAP!