I am 32-weeks-pregnant and was told my baby is low: Has this happened to anyone else?

Ok mommy’s, I had my 32 week appointment today and he has been measuring big. But she checked me because I have been having bad cramps and a lot of pain when I walk. He is super low she said. This is also my second baby. Has anyone experienced this? And was your baby born early and healthy


Low lying placenta? I might have same thing, but won’t know til my 32 weeks ultrasound :neutral_face:

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My first pregnancy I had a baby boy he was super low my whole pregnancy and he didnt come early but every pregnancy is different

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My daughter was super low my whole pregnancy. Like they had to tip my upside down to measure her head. I was induced at 38 weeks and she was born perfectly healthy.

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I don’t remember the week but my daughter dropped, breech long before she was born. She flipped herself. It was painful to walk & worse when she flipped. I’m sorry it’s happening to you. I hope he dropped head down for you.

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Oh yes this was exactly what I experienced with my 2nd pregnancy as well. That pressure is no joke! Just get lots of bed rest and take it easy and the contractions will ease up until baby’s ready :black_heart:

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I carried both of my boys low, and all my girls high. All 5 were born between 36 & 38 weeks, but I’m not a 40 week gal, I’m a 9 month gal.

Yes ma’am! Your baby will be fine! Try to stay off your feet!

My second was way lower then my first.

I did with my second pregnancy. My son was very low. And I’m a hairdresser so I was on my feet a lot. And also had a 1 year old. I didn’t really think much of it (or maybe didn’t have time to think, lol) and just dealt with the discomfort. Then my abdominal muscles separated, the most painful thing I ever went through. I rather go through child labor, lol. My OB told me it’s extremely common in 2nd pregnancies and suggested I get a belly band and it took off the pressure instantly. I was 3 days late and he was born happy and healthy. Maybe try a belly band?

My guy was low the whole time but came at 38 weeks healthy as can be

I was carrying my baby in pregnancy #2 super low at the end cause he dropped down. I delivered at 36 weeks. Pregnancy #4 is a low lying placenta (1cm from cervix) and the placenta is directly under the baby so baby is traverse (side ways) cause it can’t put its head down cause the placenta takes up all the space there. And because the placenta is so low, the baby is stuck really low too and it feels like it’s literally in my birthing canal lol. Very uncomfortable and making my hips separate early and painful. Low lying babies are a rough go. Good luck mama

I had my baby at 36 weeks

This happened with my first pregnancy with my son! He was born healthy, but was a month overdue! He was also measuring big and by the ultrasounds they said he was going to be around 10 pounds at delivery! However, their measurements were completely wrong because when he was born he was only 6 pounds 12 ounces and 19.5 inches long even with being a month overdue! I wouldn’t worry too much it was hard to walk around with my son also and he was extremely low as well and he was a happy very health baby when he was born! :grin:

I’m 33 weeks and last week at my appt Dr said my baby girl dropped already. Dr told me it’s just a matter of time when she wants to make her debut. I’m having alot of pelvic pain and back pain. Also Dr said it is normal since it’s my second pregnancy.

I was told baby was low from 32 weeks on. Doctor said she’s be surprised if I made it to 37 weeks.

He was low like that for so long. Anyways I delivered on his due date as healthy as can be. He also had two inches of cone head from being so low for so long.

Yep I dropped about 32 weeks with all mine but didn’t have my first till 40 weeks, second at 39 weeks and third 37 weeks… on my forth pregnancy and have dropped at 29 weeks! :smiley:

My son was low from 32 weeks till I hit 36 went I to full labor in and out for a week till I was 37 weeks. And they finally delivered bc I was tech. Full term even though he’s still considered a premier.

All 4 mine been really low boy that back pain lol

With my last baby, she was my third, I was told they would be surprised if she didn’t come early because she was head down and low. She was born a week late, after having to be induced.

My last baby was very low too. When it was time to deliver it went really quick because he was already very close to the birth canal. Its painful but try to rest as much as possible

Yes prob low cause will be in labor soon 3 of my kids were born 32- 34 weeks and all all healthy 6lbs to 7lbs

Mine was very low. I happened to mention to the doc. I was 28-29 weeks and 3 centimeters dilated and 90% effaced. I went to hospital and had the shot for her lungs. Less than 48 hours she was here. That was 31 yrs ago. She is great! God is in control.

Carried three very low one born a month earlier one born three weeks late one born on time just depends on baby. Easier to deliver when it’s low don’t have to push that much. My daughter I carried so low she hurt my back good luck


I carried my boys high up under my ribs. My daughter I carried lower and the last month I felt like she would fall out when I walked. She was born on time and in good health

My daughter was a high risk pregnancy so fetal maternal appts weekly with hi tech ultrasounds. She was so low, they could barely measure her head. The entire last 4 wks of it, they couldnt measure her head at all. She was born healthy and super quick! My midwife said there was less travel for baby so it may have been the reason it only took 3 pushes! It was very difficult to walk or even dress my bottom half because of it, but there were zero issues because she was low, good luck!!


By low, I am assuming he has dropped. Mine were all different, and healthy. My first one dropped at 7 months, my 2nd one never turned and dropped, and my third one dropped at 8 months.

My boy stayed low for most of my pregnancy with him. I had really bad sciatica because of it. Ended up having him at 37 Weeks.

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Mine was low and it was pretty painful to walk or sit too long. She was born 3 days before her due date. Huge (9.5 lbs) and healthy!

My 3rd one weighed 10lbs 15 ounces and was low which made sitting, walking, and standing miserable. He was a week early and perfectly healthy.


My daughter was so low l thought she was gonna fall out…l had her at home she dud come a few days early but she only weighed 6 lb.

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My daughter was born at 32 weeks. Had to stay in the hospital a couple weeks, but is now a healthy 26 year who just got her Master’s degree.

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Mine was low and I also had a shortened cervix so the Dr told me to slow down (I had 3 jobs at the time) or else I would go early and I didn’t listen he came at 33wks healthy 6lbs. I had a very fast back labor. Keep active but know your limits.

I pretty much sat on my baby’s head for the last month :frowning: but I only had to push three times too!

This happens quite a bit Ive had quite a few friends that this happened to they went to a chiropractor and they were able to bring the baby back up each time no problems and they all went to full term. Just make sure its a licensed one.

I carried my son very low ( I always skis if he dropped ant lower we could shake hands) He was bon at 35 weeks and had some lung problems but he will be 44 this fall.

I am 34 weeks pregnant and was told every pregnancy will sit lower and have more of an effect on the body. My first two was fine didn’t bother me. This one feels like she is sitting on my pelvic bone and grinds into my hips alot causing me alot of pain. I go next week to check weight but my 2nd child was almost a pound more then expected so they agreed to check the weight this time.

My son was so low that around that 32 week time frame, each time I went from sitting to standing or vice versa I swear it felt like sharp knives down in my lady bits. I still carried full term and delivered 39 weeks 2 days.

Very normal, especially for a boy. And it is 50/50 for an early baby and yes he will be healthy. Congrats !!!


I believe second babies can drop sooner without coming early. My daughter has both babies early and both are perfect and super strong. Just relax and breathe. And good luck with everything. Xo

My second child was so low by the time I was six months along they could feel her head she came out fine and on time

my son was very low. pushing on my bladder. He was full term, healthy, and weighed over 8 lbs. It’s normal.

My youngest was super low. I had cramps the last 8 weeks couldn’t lift my legs very high and he was born on time and healthy.

Carrying low is uncomfortable but not necessarily dangerous. Maybe when you are at rest, prop your feet up and try to find a comfortable position. I wish you and your baby health, happiness, lovee & laughter! HUGS

alot of women carry babies low, and some carry high. it’s completely normal. it honestly kind of surprises me that the Dr. didn’t tell you how this is completely normal

My son, also my second measured big dropped between 32 and 33 weeks. I went to 40 and was induced. He was born 8lbs 11oz

My 1st and 3rd babies were born right at 37weeks, my 2nd baby was born at 34weeks. Baby being low is OK, especially at 32 weeks because your body is starting to get ready. You want him low instead of high, it will really help the closer you get to birth. With #3 I was told he was high, 1cm dilated and like 20%effaced & the dr said see ya next week. I said nope, ill see you much sooner… he didn’t believe me. Lol. About 5hrs later my water broke and he came the next day. With #2 I went into labor the morning after my apt, my water didn’t break so I was put on meds to stop contractions and bereft for 2days. She came on her own with her bag still entact. I went from 5cm-10cm and bag bulging in less than 30min. That baby had a 15day nice stay but all of them were healthy… Our bodies do amazing things, we just have to listen to them

With my oldest he was low and came a month early. With my youngest he was low and they had to induce me. They both was health. Each pregnancy is different. :blush::blush::blush:

My daughter water bag broke at 32 weeks they kept her in the hospital and they waited for her to be 33 week to induce labor . She had a 4 and half pounds baby boy . My grandson was in incubator for one week and then home . He is a healthy 2 and ll months old . :blush:

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Yes, she was 5 weeks early and had a bruise on her head where she’d been sitting head down in my pelvis for so long

Mine was super low still didn’t ever thin or dialate! I could barely walk and he felt like he was gonna fall out, this time I’m 31 weeks with a smaller baby I can just tell because I’m much kite limber and haven’t hit the awful crotch ache stage yet lol goodluck and safe delivery!!!

My second boy was low way back when as he is 27 now causing what they called “round ligament pain” but he came a day after he was due.

Why would you not ask these questions while at the doctor? They could’ve told you if this was common or if you should be concerned.

You could also be a couple weeks further along than they think. The due date really is still more of an estimate based on last period and early size.

Babys coming. Yes can be healthy but some have to stY alittle bit longer. Stay off your feet if possible

My first was very low an it really hurt, but for me was quick delivery good luck!

My daughter’s second baby dropped low at 30 weeks but she had at 38 or 39 weeks

My preemie is now a 6ft tall man.

My daughter’s first was low, came out at almost 10 lbs.:blush:

Where I’m from, when that happens you ‘tie up’ your belly which is basically a belly band/brace.

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I had my son was low. Normal pregnancy and delivery

I think my implanted low because I carried him super low most of my pregnancy and it messed up my hips and back. He was breech and stayed in until 2 days after his due date when he was evicted via csection (found out that day he was breech so they chose to csection) . Currently expecting and thinking it’s a girl cuz im carrying high. Less hip and back pain bit a lot of heart burn, morning sickness, and round ligament pain.

I was that way with my son, I was 37 weeks. He weighed 6lb 7oz. He was fine a little jaundice though, hes now 6’3

My daughter. I carried her low my whole pregnancy. My son before her prolapsed everything.

I had to wear a pregnancy girdle. I had 3 boys, all in front. 9 lb babies

Good. Should make delivery a bit easier. Are you dilated or effaced?

Because the baby is low is the reason you are so uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean the baby is coming early. It’s just the way you are carrying. Has the baby even turned?

You might need a pregnancy girdle

Yes I have 3 times, just push yourself to walk extra

I did.you could go early. Me, I had a very fast delivery.

Yes sounds familiar and mine was actually late. Walking in a waddle and hoping to not pee LOL

My first one was very low,a girl💕

1 week early and pointy head😍

I carried low my third trimester for my second, only early due to induction (nothing to do with him being low) but I probably wouldn’t have gone much past my induction date at 39 weeks. Just listen to your gut about pain and you should be fine. Extra sitting/resting helps too.

Except for my first baby all my other 4 were low. My last one was so low I was in pain for the last 6 weeks. Everything from my hips down swelled. I thought my toes were going to pop off. Then she ended up being induced 10 days Late

I first baby I carried her low throughout pregnancy. I ate well and walked regularly. She was born 1 day early & she’s perfect.

I was induced at 37 weeks due to being high risk with sever polyhydramnios - my daughter was 8lb 8oz & healthy as could be !

My youngest sat low and on my cervix for 3 weeks. She was so low it ribbed the hair off the top of her head. She wad born at 36 weeks and 5 days 5 lbs 8 ounces healthy baby.

My third child drop February 1st and he wasn’t born until may 16th he actually had a boo boo on his nose from hitting my pelvic born and he is fine he just turned 33

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If you aren’t contacting or are you dilated to the point your physician is concerned then relax

I think I was around 32/33 weeks when my son “dropped” he was born at 35. He was healthy. Still is. A little behind on talking but I think part of that is is because he’s my first and I had no clue what the hell Im doing lol. I had him home and was a stay at home mom. He’s been in speech therapy since end of April and he started daycare last week and I’m already seeing major improvements.

I’m 34 weeks with my son and I dropped about a week ago. He’s measuring big, alot of lower back pain and the cramps can be horrendous, especially being on my feet all day at work, but doc said it’s normal. We’re planning on inducing at 37 weeks if he does t come before :blue_heart::elephant:

My babies have both been really low. It sucks but baby will make it to full term

My second was low. She also liked to grind her little head into my bladder which was very painful and felt a great deal like cramps. She was born a week late and a big healthy baby.

Yes. 40 weeks to the day, average size, Perfectly healthy and productive 23 year old today! That having been said, I was very uncomfortable from about six months on!

My entire pregnancy carried low. But dang those last few weeks were rough. Sounds like you’re little one is getting ready for the big appearance. You’ve already been seen by your doc so just relax as best you can. It’s uncomfortable but normal

My oldest daughter was like like this. Had her 10 days later than her due date

My son came 3 wks early. He has no problems. Very healthy.