I am 32 weeks pregnant with really intense cramps: Advice?

Hi, I’m 32 weeks with my first baby. For the past couple of days, I’ve been getting intense period like cramps; they aren’t Braxton Hicks as they don’t come then fade; it’s just one prolonged cramp. I’ve been getting pain within my cervix on top of this. I’m wondering if the baby is coming soon, or am I just freaking out. Thank you so much x


I would go to the ER, my daughter came at 34 weeks, but originally I almost had her at 32+5, they were able to stop my contractions.

I would consult with your ob. I got this as well. It’s just the body preparing itself for the upcoming labor. But like I said. Talk with your dr let him know your concerns.


Doesn’t sound like it!! Lots of water and electrolytes. Contractions come and go like Braxton Hicks. Could be stretching, ligament pain etc!


I’m 31 wks and any kind of gas or intestinal bloating gives me intense cramping like I’m going into labor. I lay on my left side and usually gas comes out. If you feel like it’s an emergency and the pain doesn’t go away I’d go to the hospital to get checked

Hydrate and call labor & delivery. They’ll probably want you to come in.

I would call your OB. You can be dilated but not active labor which would give you contractions.

Sounds like you may be slowly Dialating. Which is common before actually going into labor. Or it could be trapped gas. You could try taking a warm bath to see if it helps. It can’t hurt to give your doctor a call. Better safe than sorry. If deep down you feel its coming quick. Trust your body and your instincts.

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Call your doctor. Not Facebook


Go to the hospital could be early labor

I’m 37 weeks and I’ve had the same type of cramping (this is pregnancy number 2) and my OB hasn’t been concerned, def call your OB and ask or call the OB department at your hospital and talk to a nurse

Consult with Dr, but I had a lot of pain when I was “spreading”. (When your hips widen to give the baby room to get out. )

Could be that, but never hurts to check it out.

Call your ob! I had some issues 2 weeks before I delivered and they had me come to the office for a checkup so I didn’t have to pay for an er visit. If I needed to be admitted they will tell you. Better safe than sorry.

Drink, drink, drink! Even if you’re not thirsty!

I would have it check out buy it sounds like you are getting ready almost every one goes thru this for a couple of weeks before it

definitely make sure you are hydrated. If you are worried go to the doctors to get checked but it sounds like it could just be a hydration issue

Go to the hospital and get checked! Always be safe rather than sorry!

Could be her moving into position

Call your dr . They know best !


That’s how my contracts fely

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Drinks lots of water. I had something similar with my 2nd. Ended up being admitted to the hospital due to a infection. Was o
Put on antibiotics and was told I was extremely dehydrated.

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Everyone is different. I would call your doctor just in case.

Call up birth suite. They will want to check to see if everything is ok.

If you have been this happening for a couple days then you should’ve already contacted your doctor if you know they’re not Braxton Hicks. My body did this at 22 weeks and I was in premature labor most of my pregnancy n had to be on bedrest plus contraction meds to stop labor from happening

Everything you have mentioned there I had with my 4th pregnancy from around 8 months pregnant. Daughter was born the day after her Due Date. Good luck x

Definitely l&d yo get checked
Hope all is well

I’m almost 32 weeks and no I’m not feeling that. Please go to the hospital, its always better to be safe than sorry. My son would have been born at 28 weeks if I wouldn’t have went to the hospital and that’s the same pain I felt. They were able to stop my labor, give me steroid shots, and he made it to 34 weeks. Also drink LOTS of water. I start to cramp up if I don’t. Good luck.


Weight on the ligaments that support the uterus will cause pain. So, as the baby gets bigger you might have more pain.

You could be starting to dilate or drop… this caused cramp-like contractions for me around that same time. They came in waves and even radiated around my back and down my legs, just like my cramps do. I saw my OB at 33 weeks after it had started and i was already 3cm dilated. I had more intense ones around 36 weeks and that’s when baby dropped low and i was then around 4.5cm. I didn’t go into labor until 39 weeks though! Definitely up your hydration game, take warm baths, and try stretching. Tylenol was approved by my OB and it did help (but I really missed my advil and aleve!). If they go in waves, start timing them when you feel one coming on. The “cramps” could be real contractions!!

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All signs of preterm labor I would say go to labor and delivery get everything checked out to make sure they do an ultrasound and check fluid levels the position of your placenta if your cervix is open and what position the baby is in and the position of the cord and have them give you IV fluids and check you for a urinary tract infection

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Call your health care provider. Advise from a retired OB nurse.

Try drinking something with electrolytes … I would say Powerade or Gatorade
4 -6 cups
Also water
It help help stop Braxton Hicks
Try to keep baby in to full term

32 weeks and having the same problem, its the baby going into downwards position a bit further and edging lower which puts the pressure causing cramping. You will get pains in both sides of your bump too which are the stretching of the ligaments and womb still and it’ll feel similar to a stitch after a run. I get bad pelvic pain on my right side which stops me in my tracks when it appears and its a prolonged pain for about 5 mins and isnt off and on either but was told it is just all due to pressure on the hips, pelvic area and not to mention the lightning crotch which really isnt nice :joy:

Go to the hospital, they will measure your cervix, I had my daughter at 30 weeks and your story sounds similar to my experience while in pre term labour. Better safe then sorry!

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Take honey with coffee it takes away the cramps just once every day

I straight up contracting at 27 weeks we delivered within a week. Go to your labor and deliver ASAP. My placenta was detaching. And baby was iugr

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Call your dr. Period. You will never know if the pain could be something very wrong. Call or go in now

I think growing pains .

I had this and got checked no contractions registered but they kept me in overnight because I had slight bleeding. My waters broke at 12am in the morning I had her 25hrs later at 1am at 30 weeks exactly by an hr. No contractions ever registered but I was having them. My pre term labour just really felt like one big cramp, not really contractions and pressure on my cervix (it was my second pregnancy and my first pregnancy was text book, it felt drastically different). I wasn’t even ten cm dilated when she came.

You really shouldn’t be asking Facebook for medical advice if you are freaking out. Please go to the er or call your doctor.

I have had this since last 3 / 4 weeks n now I’m 35 weeks 3 days
Guna ask midwife Tuesday but think it baby gettin ready n prob more. Ligement growth but it can be very painful n also make me stop for a sec wat I duna
But if worried ring up I been tempted but see midwife on the 8th n growth scan on 14th or I prob would of done

It could be round ligament pain.

I do suggest calling your doctor or just going to the hospital just to be safe. There’s nothing wrong with making sure. Make sure to stay hydrated too! Dehydration can also cause contractions.

Better safe than sorry, head to the dr.

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Dehydration. Drink water and elevate your legs.

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To be safe I’d call the doctor. I confused labor cramps with Braxton Hicks. I went in premature labor at 32 weeks. I was 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. They were able to stop my labor with meds. I went on to carry my son to full term.

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That might be what they call “lighting pains” which is normal in ur 3rd trimester but I’d call ur doc still just 2 be safe

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Sounds to me like the baby is getting into the head down position and pressing on the cervix. As long as you don’t have any discharge or blood present it’s completely normal

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As as already advised get in to be checked and stay off your feet. For the next few weeks. It’s difficult but necessary.

Sounds like you need to call your doctor or the hospital


Go get yourself checked out

The baby might be dropping, but yeah… call your doctor. Immediately.


Call your dr and go to L&D. Better safe than sorry

Go to the L&D where you are going to deliver to get checked out. If nothing you go home but better to have it checked out.


Called the dr. It sounds like pre- term labor

Go to the hospital to get evaluated.

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Call your it doctor or go to ER

If you are that concerned go see your Doctor to get checked out.

Sounds like you’re close to delivery

Call your doctor ASAP


Please CALL YOUR DR!!!

Yes call your Dr immediately !!

Just to ease your mind go get checked but I remember my first it was my body getting ready for birth cervix was stretching and baby was moving down I had a hard time walking it hurt but I gave birth right when the doctor said not a day earlier Just take it easy and walking helped this along the pain did go away once it stretching was done!

I would definitely go into the hospital to get checked out, better to be safe.

I agree with PP. I would also get checked. With my first I had very long painful cramps, and I was in labor. Was 4 cm by the time I got to the hospital about 45 mins after they started

I been having the same symptoms and I’m 38 weeks . I goto doctor check up Tuesday so she said she will check me then

Go to the dr asap, I spent over a month in the hospital due to “pre-term” labor with my first baby…

Call your ob and say you want to get seen and checked

If it’s that bad I think it’s time to get checked out at l&d. That’s what they’re there for.

Call your doctor, they know you best and will be able to give you the best advice.

Drink water lay on side if it does not go away after a hour then call dr. Braxton hicks can be uncomfortable to some women.

Dr. needs to check you!

Your body is getting ready for labor and delivery.

Don’t post here, go get yourself to a doctor!! 32 weeks is very early!!