I am 34 weeks and short of breath: Advice?

I’m 34 weeks Saturday and today I am really short of breath and fatigue. I just feel off and can quite put my finger on why. I may sound stupid saying this but I feel like I could go into early labor… it’s a strong gut feeling I have and I just can’t shake it. Have any other mommas felt this way and it actually happen? I went to my appointment Monday and won’t go back till the 15 and she will check me then. But I feel I won’t make it. TIA

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you should call your Doctor

Baby may have just “dropped” but see your OB anyway could be a plethora of issues

Felt that way at 32 weeks, went to get checked and was fine. But I’m a freak and was checked three times before actual birth :joy:

that was me at 36wks… Baby came happy and healthy the next night

I dont have a nagging feeling about going into early labor, but I feel like the shortness of breath & fatigue is a normal symptom of progressing in pregnancy. Your baby is getting bigger which gives you less room to properly take a breath. & well, creating a baby is exhausting lol & it only gets more tiring. Of course, if it is really bothering you a phone call to your doc never hurt anyone. If you do choose to just wait, just watch out for labor signs!


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I would call your Dr and see if you could get in just to make sure for you and baby. Better to get checked and it be nothing rather than it something serious that could be provented