I am 38 weeks pregnant and it has been rough: Advice?

Start walking now everday… go early when it is cooler and take water. Take a break if you need, as you need. Just try to walk a couple of miles, and light stretches. Breathe., use lots of pillows to get comfortable right now, and even though you have to pee alot, keep hydrated!!! You will be able to do everything you ever could later just remember to get help so you can nap once in a while…some babies don’t sleep…mine barely did., lol…you will get through, mine are now all grown up!

It gets better. Allow me to advise you to sleep when the new baby sleeps. Rest will help your body repair. Enjoy your sweet baby!

Everything will go back to normal eventually. Once you meet your baby, you’ll realize it was all worth it. You’re going to be a little slow the first days. Depending if you deliver vaginally or C-Section. Just don’t rush your recovery.


I just had my baby csection due to some risks I personally had at 37w 4d. I’m still uncomfortable. You’re almost there hon. You got this.

U get alcohol again! Heartburn instantly gone yes u can breath again and a lot of women have easy births sleeping won’t come for awhile but u will be way more comfortable and you’ll finally get to see your baby…you won’t have to pee every 5 seconds no pressure down there its gonna be great hun u are almost there u got this I have 2 kids on naturally med free vaginal shoes 2and a half one c section…she’s 1 month

I was definitely able to get more comfortable after birth. My main problem, besides the obvious area, was my boobs. They were hard as rocks and so painful, and I would wake up soaked every time because I’d be leaking all over the place.

Ask for an iron infusion before u give birth, it really helps u get over the birth.

aaah honey.it will get better.ur body will feel much better.u will get stronger if u eat right.exercise.and nap when able…as for sleep…hmmmm no guarantee…but nap as u can.

Hopefully ur on iron pills because if not that could be why ur so tired. I was COMPLETELY drained with my son who I had in December. My iron was so low I got iron infusion. I felt so much better afterwards.

You’ll feel a lot better once you give birth, take it easy after birth use all the help you can get from families or friends

You will feel a ton better just lower pain like vaginal and butt hole…lol. but better. Just had my 3rd 8 weeks ago.

On the bright side the pregnancy is almost over and all the discomfort will be worth it one you see that little one

It does get better. Relief of back pain, nausea, heartburn

You will be able to breathe and sleep on your stomach again!

U won’t be sick n tired because the baby inside of you Ull be tired still but sleep will come wasier

Don’t have any more kids

This shall too pass!!!:wink:

I’m sorry it’s been so rough for you.
Yes, when the princess comes out you’re going to feel so much better!
You’re almost there, great job!!

So sorry :neutral_face: it’s been tough for you, but it gets easier then the ecstatic birth then work always mingled with love :two_hearts: and joy, once born they grow up so fast giving you more satisfaction, you will breathe semi normally as your child :baby: does take your breath away, enjoy the time left there is only joy to come xx :kissing_heart:

Try sleeping in a recliner. I was pregnant with twins and from 5 months on up thats what I had to do. Stretching out in the recliner all the way back was a big help and I could breath better. When they were born the equaled 10 lbs 7 oz all together. It was the only way I could get comfortable

I found as soon as my son was born is could lay down comfortably and breathe properly again

A friend told me her culture believes the gender of the baby plays a role in our pregnancy discomfort.
They believe 2 women can not occupy the same space. Lol. Because of that, we will feel more uncomfortable carrying our daughters than our sons. Made me laugh when I heard it but… It fit for me.

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Sleeping on your front again, eating without heartburn and last but not least…getting into your jeans again xxx hang in there xxx

Your baby’s smile will be all you need!

I am 35 weeks pregnant with a girl (my first was a boy) and I am having some of the same issues. My hips are constantly killing me and I am always feeling like I can’t breathe right. All this is normal, once you get to hold your beautiful baby girl, all these symptoms will disappear and you will get back to your normal self again shortly after. Just try to stay positive and know that it will be over before you know it and you will be on to the next chapter in your life! Best of luck my friend! And CONGRATS!! :tada:

I had extremely rough pregnancies on my 1st 2, with my son I had hypermesis the whole way through, I’d bring up anything I ate, I lost 5stone, I got back contractions off and on from 3months, I was so scared id lose him, I suffered awful insomnia, but I don’t remember the pain, I remember the joy of feeling him move, I remember the fear I’d never see him grow up, I developed severe pre-eclampsia at 32 weeks and was enduced at 35weeks as it was bordering eclampsia, he’s a happy healthy 5yr old now, with my daughter I suffered milder hypermesis, still lose 3 stone, it was easier, but I developed gd at 32 weeks, I was induced at 36 weeks due to the start of pre-eclampsia, it all disappears the moment theyre born, all the weakness, all the pain, it’s gone, I’m now pregnant with my 3rd and other than struggling to eat due to bloating, I’m much better but so tried all the time (iron levels are normal) I’m 17weeks today, and I’m glad I’m having a more normal pregnancy hang in there it’ll be over before you know it :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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