I am 7 weeks pregnant and started spotting: Advice?

I’m currently pregnant with my second child, seven weeks along. I started spotting this morning. It was brown and not a lot. I called my doctor’s office, and they said as long as it’s not bright red, and I’m not cramping, then I’m fine. It is now turning redder. Still not a lot, not transferring to my panties, only when I wipe. Should I be concerned? Should I go to the hospital? I’m a nervous wreck because I struggle to get pregnant, and I’ve also never experienced this before.


Get checked. Mine started out like that and sadly I had a miscarriage


Get it checked out. I had something similar to that happen the first time I got pregnant and it was an ectopic pregnancy.

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I have spotted in pregnancy between 7 & 9 weeks and carried to term fine. I’ve also lost a baby without spotting. Just go to the doctor to ease your mind. Worry won’t do any good & our opinions won’t ease your mind. Best of luck.


When in doubt, check it out. Go to the er.


I would go just in case that happened to me twice when I was later on and my placenta was detaching and with my son I got a uterine infection which caused a pinkish spotting

If it is turning redder you should call your doctor again and tell him that.

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Spotted with all three pregnancies. The second one ended in a miscarriage. Sometimes spotting is normal and sometimes its not. There really isn’t anyone they can do for you at 7 weeks. If the spotting gets heavier or you start cramping go to the doctor.

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I had spotting throughout my entire 2nd pregnancy on and off. Ended up having no issues. Healthy full term baby.

I bled early into my pregnancy and I carried my baby. Could be implantation bleeding. :woman_shrugging:t2: Every woman is different. :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: Good luck mama

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As a nurse, I would recommend going to the ER and getting checked out especially with your history. Never hurts to be safe.


Get checked. I spotted for a month before I miscarried (not saying that’s what happening) If you feel cramps DEFINATELY go in even if you don’t find them painful.

I spotted brown and light pink with all my pregnancies in the very beginning. My 2 miscarriages all started with mild cramping, spotting, and then bleeding.

It’s not always miscarriage but that’s a risk I had spotting about 4 weeks then bled bright just for a few hours turns out I had a hematoma which is blood built up by the placenta.

I bled for no reason for 8 months with my oldest. Sometimes our bodies are weird. If you’re concerned though, I would go.

Implantation bleeding… lay down if you feel like your cramping… but if its not alot… you’re good

I had that with my second. Went to ER 4x, and had a huge clot fall after some weeks. After that, nothing and I carried her to term. Go in anyways, always go in and get checked. They can do an intravaginal ultrasound.

I bled when I was pregnant and I didnt no I classed it as my period and it wasnt it was implantation bleeding probably around 5-7weeks when it happened. I was nearly 16weeks when I found out I was pregnant

I had two full periods during my first trimester. Definitely call and let your doctor know, but don’t let yourself worry without reason. Best of luck mama❤️

Hospital don’t ask questions go go go

Get checked couldn’t hurt

Just go to get checked xx no need to worry x just go pet x

Go just in case. I bled with all three of my pregnancies. Much more with my last one (just gave birth 19 days ago) because I found out I had a cyst on my uterus that was monitored the entire pregnancy

I bled with both of my pregnancies. Wasn’t worth a hospital trip. I bled bright red. They said its very common and told me to take it easy. Also said as long as it wasn’t heavy I didn’t need to be seen.

Definitely could be implantation bleeding! I bled, not spotted, bled(!) one day horribly when I was 9 weeks. I had slight cramping, and my pants were soaked… Went to the ER, they told me I miscarried. “There is no viable embryo.” This was after blood work, an ultrasound, and exam.

1 month after that I was sick to my stomach, still waiting on my “period” but figured my reproductive system was still doing its thing, working itself out…everyone’s different. NOPE. I was 14 weeks pregnant. I’m currently now 26 weeks and he is perfectly healthy and active as hell!

Sometimes are bodies are weird, sometimes doctors and hospitals screw up, and sometimes things are happening for a reason. Listen to your gut, and if you feel you need a doctor, go! Definitely don’t compare yourself to others and their bodies.

Best of luck!

Spotting is normal, however, wouldn’t hurt to check it out in case! Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pregnancy

I spotted bad with my daughter and she was just fine and turning 16 months now

My OB put me on progesterone.

Brown is implantion bleeding. Don’t stress mama! I know it’s hard. With my first I had periods heavy for weeks and still had a healthy baby .

If you’re worried, go. It’s much easier than not going and staying worried if there’s nothing wrong. And if there is, at least you would know.

Mother of 3, bled with all my babies, I bled for 2 weeks straight with my first baby. As long as you’re not cramping it should be fine. If YOU’RE worried go to the ER and ask for a pelvic ultrasound.

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I spotted and went to the hospital to be checked. Turns out I had a Subchorionic hematoma. They kept a eye on me from 7 weeks till birth :woman_shrugging:t2: I’ve had 5 miscarriages so anytime I spot I instantly get checked

Don’t stress yourself mama. To ease your mind you should get checked. Doesn’t hurt to make sure everything is okay with your little bean :heart:

I had a few times i would spot especially after sex but id get checked just to be safe. It never hurts to check

Go to the doctor if you feel you should. Better safe than sorry.

I spotted at 7 months and everything was fine. The doc said it could be from sex lol

When I was 34 weeks pregnant I was heavy bleeding. I went to the doctor and they said everything was okay. I would go just to be safe. They’ll do a “NST” to check you and baby and monitor the baby for a while.

I bled with all my pregnancies. The 2 I lost, the blood was bright red, then small clots. But to be safe, go for a piece of mind.

I’ve spotted with both my pregnancies and both babies were fine! Unless the flow increases and cramps start, there’s no reason to worry

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I spotted with a second and ended up having a hematoma, y body eventually absorbed it.

I had brown/light red spotting until I was roughly 12-14 weeks with my first pregnancy and my third. The doctors all said it was normal, and as long as it’s not soaking a pad to just relax. If you’re worried, it doesn’t hurt to get checked and have some peace of mind. Best of luck mama.

Always safest to get checked but I bled heavily. Not just spotting with my lo. Sometimes our bodies just do weird things in the process of growing another being. Try not to over stress yourself

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I would definitely go and get checked out.

I spotted with my son for three months, thought I was having small periods till they stopped and I realized I had a little tummy, then I took a test and went in and found out I was 13w pregnant lol


Go in and see your doctor. Better safe than sorry


Anytime you have a bad feeling then go. It may not be anything at all but it will ease your mind and of it is something then they may be able to do something to help

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For your own peace of mind, go and get yourself checked.

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It all depends on how YOU feel! If you feel there’s something wrong then go to the hospital! When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a full blown period every month for the entire 9 months. I was concerned in the beginning and I would go to the hospital every single month. But when they did sonograms and blood work, thank God everything was fine. My baby was born healthy and here we are 12 years later.

Like I said it, you know your body. Everyone is different. So if you feel something is wrong or even if it’s just to hear from your doctor that everything is ok, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

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I spotted with both my 2nd and 3rd babies. 99% it’s just implanting but still scary. Both babies were perfectly healthy :purple_heart:


Call your Dr. again.

I spotted early on both of my healthy pregnancys after sex. It happened once two days after sex. That’s normal as long as it’s brown or just a little when you wipe, like you said. I’ve also had a miscarriage and that comes with cramping, and just not feeling right. When ever your worried, go to the ER. Better to be safe!

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Go get checked for your own peace of mind! It’s probably nothing , it’s actually normal to spot.

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I spotted til 7 months

If you are questioning it go get checked better safe than sorry. Good luck momma

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I had this with all 3 of my pregnancies and was completely fine. I was told it was old blood sitting as your cervix doesn’t completely close until 3 months. Totally understand it’s stressful, but try not to worry unless it’s red fresh blood. Stress won’t be good for you, or the baby. Good luck xx

I spotted then turned into heavy bleeding for 2 months. subchronic hemorrhage, I would go get checked to make sure baby is okay.

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I had light bleeding with my first pregnancy till i was 5 months and test results telling me i wasnt pregnant till 5 months.
Everybody’s pregnancy and bodies are different. As everyone has said for peace of mind go to the doctor so you stop stressing over it

I did this when I was about 6 weeks. It was nothing. I just took it easy the rest of the day.

Brown blood is just old blood dont stress

I spotted a little bit in the early weeks but im also a nervous wreck in pregnancy and I would definitely go in. It would at least save me all the worry and anxiety.

Definitely call the obgyn and see what they say. If you go to er you could be there for hours with out anyone doing anything until those hours later. Calling your doctor will get you seen earlier and they’ll be expecting you

I spotted with my daughter at bout 5 months n everything turned out ok

Go get checked out just to be sure and safe. Gods blessings over u and the baby.:pray::pray::pray:

I work at an ultra sound clinic. Doesn’t hurt to get checked out.

It’s normal. Just relax drink water and get off your feet. Take it easy.

Get a different OB, tomorrow! I ignored the warning signs with my first and believed my doctor. I ended up having an abruption later on. Switched doctors for my second. Wish I would have listened to my inner voice with the first!

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I spotted off and on until like 4-5 months. I was always a nervous wreck but all test results would come back good. Doc said as long as it was brown blood it was ok. I had a very healthy baby. Try not to stress, I know it’s easier said than done! :pray:t4:

I spotted all thru my first trimester (actually how I found out I was pregnant). It was light at first and skipped every other day but about a week later it was enough to where I thought I had peed myself. I went to the ER and turned out to just be a blood clot that I kept reopening. I had instructional treatment for a week and the bleeding went away. My daughter is now 4 and perfectly healthy. I’d definitely get it checked out tho. Good luck!

I wouldn’t risk it I lost 2 boys from a weak cervix U should get it checked straight away x

I bleed at 9 weeks with my first heavy bleeding like I was having a miscarriage I freaked out and went to the hospital they checked me out and said I had a blood pack that would pass they checked the baby was still good…should be fine but if ur worried go in …just for peace of mind.good luck

Go get it checked out… maybe its normal maybe it isnt… in my experience no amount of bleeding during pregnancy should be taken lightly…

Sex can cause bleeding too, but I agree, I would rather be safe than sorry!! Have it checked out.

Go to the emergency room just to be on the safe side

I had light pink spotting and it was a sign of placenta previa but my pregnancy progressed perfectly and I have a beautiful 15 week old boy. Easier said than done but try not to stress chances are it’s absolutely nothing and bub is fine :heart: