I am early in my pregnancy and bled after sex: Advice?

So we just found out I’m pregnant! Woohoo! I’m only seven weeks five days. This is my third pregnancy. My husband and I were “doing the deed” yesterday, and afterward, there was bleeding. It wasn’t just a couple of spots; it was more like a light period. I CALLED MY DOCTOR AS SOON AS I SEEN IT. She said not to worry that it could be normal and to just refrain until my next appointment(1/14/20). I’m just super nervous that I could be miscarrying and can’t think anything but the worst. I’ve never had this problem while pregnant with my other two. I guess I’m looking for encouragement that everything is okay or any advice! Do any other ladies bleed after sex during the beginning of pregnancy?


If it’s light pink, not a deep or dark red, it could be normal. You could have an irritated cervix (happened when i was pregnant with my first and she’s happy and healthy today)

Depends on the amount of blood. Basically, yes—its not uncommon for a woman to show a little bleeding after sex. Your body is becoming more sensitive as things change for the baby. My doctor had told me it was fine. However, always consult your doctor just in case.

It’s normal. You have more blood flow down there so many tiny blood vessels could break.

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I bled in the beginning alot. Even when we didn’t do the deed it kept up until about 13 weeks. Hopefully it’s normal for you as well!:heartpulse:
(36w1d now.)

I had implantation bleeding but it was not red and had no clots

It is quite common but if you are having doubt mama go to your local ER. Best of luck to you and yours :blue_heart:

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I bled after sex with my son during week 7 also. I was super worried too - my son is now 6 :blue_heart: they had me refrain from any sexual activities and they put me on progesterone til week 13. After that time it didn’t happen again

Happened to me with my 2nd pregnancy. And it was heavy bleeding. There’s a lot of blood flow going down to your cervix that when hit the small arteries can burst. But it will go away.

The same thing happened to me and it ended up just my cervix being irritated from all the friction. I still bleed when me and my husband do the deed and my babygirl is 35 weeks and as healthy as can be. It’s more than likely irritation but I would still consult your doctor​:blush::blush:

Keep an eye on it whether it’s spotting or really bleeding ,when I first became pregnant I had “rougher” sex and the next day was spotting went to the hospital they basically said it’s common with intercourse but to try not to have sex for atleast a week and no strenuous activity .

I did when I was13 weeks with my 2nd (never had it happen with my first) and I woke up bleeding. I had a subchronic hemorrhage (likely from the sex) and was just told to take it easy til 20 weeks. Hes 6 months old now :slightly_smiling_face:

At 10 weeks exactly with my first daughter I bleed after sex it didn’t last long but it was a lot as if my. Had just started and gushed out. I went to the ER and then had a follow up with my midwife and everybody confirmed that I had a SCH that formed behind my attaching placenta and an order for my placenta to finish attaching it expelled it and it pulled at the top of my cervix and then all of the banging around during sex brought it all down. She’ll be three next month and I never had any complications with that pregnancy. Positive thoughts and prayers to you :heart:

As long as it isn’t a deep color or accompanied by cramping everything should be ok. You could always go to an ED or Urgent care if you’re not able to stop worrying.

My blood type is A- so if I bleed at all my body will take it as getting rid of a foreign object since the blood type is rare I would have to go to ER to get a shot

I bled my entire 11th week lightly and I have never been more scared in my entire life I had a threatened miscarriage. I just gave birth to this man


I had bleeding with both pregnancies (red and dark brown) well into my second trimester and have two very healthy girls! Could very well be nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

If its light pink or brownish you should be okay.

Not during early pregnancy, but around mid pregnancy… it was a lot and I thought for sure I had miscarried… I called my dr right away and then onto the hospital and they monitored my son for a few hrs and everything was fine!! Thank God… they just put me on pelvic rest for a few weeks… if u called ur dr and she assured u that it was fine I’d say everything is ok… but if I was still worried I’d go to the hospital… better safe than sorry!! Again, I’m sure ur ok, maybe with this being ur 3rd child things are just more sensitive down there!! Try to stay positive!! I’m sure ur baby is ok… I’ll keep u in my prayers. Good luck!!

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If that worried, goto ER

I experienced this, keeping hydrated helped me :slightly_smiling_face:

Miscarriages are very painful, you’ll know if you’re having one.

I had bleeding more in the end of my pregnancy after having sex but im also a- blood type so I also have to have a shot. Everytime I bleed they had me go into the er and they did an exam and determined if I needed the shot or not. Best luck to you. If you worry about it go get checked.

Could be implantation bleeding,see if it worsens (I hope not)and after you’ve been given the all clear,man just have sex everytime you get the chance!!!

I bled after sex for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy! As long as there is not enough to fill a pad you are good to go! Try using safe brands of lube, it helped for us. Sometimes its a matter of dryness…

go to the dr if you’re concerned. nothing wrong with getting checked out and they will probably have better information for you than Facebook

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The Dr.is correct if you are just spotting that may be quite normal but if the bleeding increases or gets worse go to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY !

Had the same thing with my daughter, after a couple of weeks no sex I was fine and baby was fine

Same happened with me at 10 weeks. I was told to refrain from sex until my next appointment a month later. Everything was fine. You’ll be ok!! If it ever gets worse than spotting or is bright red then I’d say go to ER or to doctors. But congrats, you’ll be fine!

I’ve bled after sex this entire pregnancy… 34+4 now…

The 14th is a long way off

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I’d go to the ER though if I were you JIC

Happened to me at 15 weeks. So much blood all the white sheets were red and soaked. Went to ER and they found no reason. Went to OB two days later and eveeurhinng was fine. Just “spotting”. Needless to say we had no sex for a whilllle!

I bled with both pregnancy’s.

I did with my first when I was really early on

I had implantation bleeding around 6 1/2 wks. Had an ultrasound because i had miscarried previously and everything was fine! She did have us refrain from sex until i hit my 2nd trimester for precautionary measures.

The same thing happened to me after sex when I was pregnant with my daughter . Doctor reassured me all was fine :heart: . I also have had bleeding with this pregnancy as well but it was a subcorionic hemorrhage that was causing it . when I experienced my MC before my daughter it was like blood pouring out , so if the bleeding is light and not bright in color your fine love , try not to stress​:heart:

I had regular bleeding with my 2nd for the first 15 weeks so it could be completely normal… if the bleeding starts to be accompanied with severe cramping go to the ER. Miscarriages are very painful…there will be ALOT of blood, you’ll definitely know if th as t is what’s happening

With my first pregnancy I bled for over 2 months straight. It’s what they called threatening miscarriage. The bleeding wasn’t light at all. It was like a period. One day I passed a huge clot, went to the ER and a couple days after that, the bleeding stopped completely. That baby is now 21. Now if you feel cramping along with the bleeding, it may be serious but I think your fine. When you orgasm the uterus contracts so that can sometimes cause spotting.

I used to spot a little after sex, it was just fine for me! I freaked out of course, went to the ER and was totally fine. As long as it’s not a lot and it’s only a little spotting, you should be in the clear. Make sure there’s no odd cramping or pain, and no increase of blood. If that happens, definitely call the doctor and go in. But I think you should be okay dear :relaxed: Also, I would always get Braxton Hicks afterwards as well, so don’t be too afraid if that happens!

I did right before I was 9 weeks. It’s totally normal. He just slightly hit your cervix. Nothing to worry about. And it’s NOT coming from the baby so don’t think it is. That’s what my obgyn told me.

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I miscarried once. In my case (I’m sure it’s the same for everyone) there was a lot of pain-severe cramping. Heavy bleeding and well you would (should) know something is very wrong if that was the case.
If you feel that things are not right go to ER and don’t wait for your appt.
I should add that the miscarriage happened quite quickly from onset of bleeding to the actual miscarriage.
You & baby are most likely fine but if it will ease your mind please go to hospital.

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I bled a few times. Not wild but still. There’s extra blood so sometimes it can happen

I bleed everytime I have sex. Especially pregnant

Same happen to me. All I can say is positive thinking brings positive energy. Get out of the bad funk and think the best. It will help your little stay strong. Good luck

If u decide wait keep feet. Up but go to er

Same happened to me during week 6 or 7. I’m fine, baby is fine, it’s actually pretty normal.

I had this happen throughout my pregnancy earlier this year. Called my doctor every single time freaking out because, ya know…that’s just what we do :roll_eyes: lol but every time they would tell me it was okay and so long as it wasn’t accompanied by cramping, stomach pains, etc. and didn’t last longer than a day or so that it was perfectly normal. That being said though, they always advised me that if it was over the weekend or after hours and I was really nervous about it or something just didn’t seem right, that I could always come in to their emergency room and they would take a look at things to make sure everything was okay. Always better safe than sorry but in my case, bleeding after sex happened pretty frequently throughout my pregnancy and would vary from spotting to a light period, and sometimes wouldn’t happen until a day or two after I had sex. You know your body though and it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Congrats on your newest babe! :two_hearts:


Your cervix becomes very vascular and its easy to pop blood vessels during sex. Chances are its just surface bleeding. I had it with both my pregnancies. Just hold off till the Doctor can check your cervix

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The placenta may be lying right above your cervix and causing you to bleed. You’re very early in your pregnancy. As the baby and placenta get bigger they will move away from the cervix. But please go to the ER if you think it’s something bad.

he could’ve just hit your cervix too hard during intercourse.

I bled one day, but it was spotting. I of course went to labor and delivery. I work retail, I was in the middle of work and was like I’m bleeding, going to the hospital, but I was like 30 weeks. Everything is fine she’s a happy and healthy almost 4 month old. If it’s just spotting I wouldn’t worry

Um while having sex be slow,and gentle.It happened to me with my 2nd.

He could have bothered your cervix. There could be a lot of things. But you should be fine hun:)

I was put on pelvic rest for 9 weeks.

I bleed with my 2nd child. I had sex at night then the next day went on a really long walk. Started bleeding the next night. Doc said it would have been sex or the excersize. However I got told no sex for a week, no lifting, and no walks. I was only allowed to walk from point a to point b. No walking just to walk for a week. It worked and I didnt bleed again. I now have a very happy and healthy baby who turns 10 months tomorrow

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As long as there isn’t any new pain, things are probably alright. Bleeding down there can be caused by many things. It could be implantation bleeding, or it could be that the sex was a little rougher than your lady bits prefer. The vagina is a weird place. That being said, don’t over exert yourself and get plenty of water. And don’t stress out about it, because stress is bad for the baby.

I bled like a stuffed pig for 3 months. My little guy is 1.5 and doing great!

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I bleed after sex call the doctor and a nurse told not a big deal…and than the bitch went out the side of her and told me if I was having a miscarriage that they couldn’t do anything for it…stayed home for couple of days and relaxed

We were allowed to have sex our entire pregnancy because of early bleeding and then dilating very early.
Maybe just refrain for a while, get some progesterone and relax. Stress can cause more issues, including causing trauma on the child’s brain while in utero

Are you having any one sided pain or pooping pains?

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Same thing happened to me but it was heavy and dark blood but baby was fine! Try no to worry too much, I know that’s easier said than done but if you’re not in really bad pain I’m sure baby is alright.

With my oldest I bled so bad with terrible cramps I was like 5ish weeks. I thought I lost him it happened twice like blood to my ankles bad and turns out it was a blood clot that formed when he attached and everything was fine he will be 2 next month. And with my youngest I also had bad cramping and bleeding I was 4ish weeks with him when I bled. And he will be 5 months old on Xmas eve . If you start to bleed heavier and cramping call your dr they did ultrasounds and checked blood levels each time to make sure I wasn’t miscarrying and everything was fine but like I said if u start to cramp and bleed heavier go in and have them check I’m sure baby is fine… I had light bleeding after doing the deed a few times it’s cause when getting pregnant you have a higher volume of blood flowing and your lady parts inside like uterus and cervix are a tad sensitive hope this helped good luck mama!

My wife and I had a similar incident early in our pregnancy. Apparently I bumped her cervix during sex and due to the cervix being extra sensitive, it bled a bit due to the contact.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If they didn’t tell you to come in immediately to be seen, then it’s very unlikely that it’s serious

It happened with me the first 5 months of my pregnancy everytime we had sex. It wasn’t just a little either but it was fine. Dr said its normal even though it didnt happen with my first 2 kids. Shes 7 months old now and I had a normal pregnancy. :slight_smile:

You will be fine don’t worry it’s normal your cervix is just sensitive. Just refrain for now.

I had dark red blood (old blood) and it was a miscarriage. It was light for a week then it happened. don’t have sex again until doc approves. If it’s fresh blood it’s probably just due to more blood flow and broken bloo vessels. If you go in for the appointment and there’s no heartbeat you will know if it’s a miscarriage, unless it would happen naturally before that, but I think you’ll be ok. I bet baby is fine. Head up mama

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I bled all the time with my 2 boys onee is now 12 and the other is 5 months, some woman just bleed. With my 2 girls 11 and 8 I diddnt. Every pregence is different try not to worry xx

I bleed after having sex whilst pregnant with my son and it was because he was lying low. Got told to refrain from having sex and by the next scan he had moved back up. He is perfect.

I bled every time with my first because she had positive blood and I had negative

I bled from 15 weeks until 38.3 (when I had my boy) he was healthy, perfect and is now 6 years old!

I had some tearing on my right side that coursed the bleeding. I was ordered bed rest, and regular check ups.


Hope you have the same amazing outcome xx

The same thing happened to me. I was terrified too. Everything was fine, sometimes it happens in the first trimester during sex. Idk if it’s positioning or what lol. Everything will be fine don’t worry.

I had a miscarriage and I’ve had implatational bleeding. For me, my miscarriage was like a full heavy period. Terrible cramping for more than an hr and I was filling up pads. When I had my implatational bleeding, it was just a spotting and some very light cramps. Currently 28 almost 29 week with my third too so seeing that bleeding had me really worried since I had had a miscarriage before. It never hurts to go to the hospital and make sure you’re ok. I was only 5-6 weeks when mine happened so no ultrasound but they could check my hormone levels and make sure they were increasing. Biggest relief to see that.

It happened to me at 6 weeks with my now 3 yr old. Your cervix is very delicate right now and sex can cause you to bleed in the beginning. I panicked when it happened but baby was fine

I was told that light bleeding/ spotting is actually normal during pregnancy. It’s when you start bleeding like an actual period you have to really start worrying.
But, even then, some women do bleed like that during their pregnancy.
Just keep in contact with your dr and keep them updated about changes. Trust me. They go through anxious soon-to-be-parents all the time and they are used to it. No problem with being a little cautious making sure your baby is okay.

I have heard of it being normal, i know its hard but just take some deep breaths and think happy thoughts. Try to think positive. Worrying isnt good for you or baby. Praying for you and baby

Yes! I bled a lot my first trimester and I delivered a healthy baby boy @39 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

Implantation bleeding. I had it after sex too, right after I discovered I was pregnant. It was like a light period, overnight too. Then I was fine. My boy will be 1 in March. At this point, even if it were a miscarriage, there’s nothing the dr can do to help you, and it doesnt mean you couldn’t conceive again. It’s just a genetic flaw. A way for your body to help you get rid of cells that wouldn’t develop into a baby anyway. A lot like your period. But I’m betting it’s just a result of implantation + sex.

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I bled after sex at 8 weeks. It’s normal.

I had little bit of bleeding with my first and I had a very healthy pregnancy and baby! Take your doctors advice and I hope that you have a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby !

I bled for 7 months and had a 2lb 6 oz baby girl who is now 37

My doctor told me that it was because of the size of my husband and the hard pushing we did the deed.

I bled every single day of my first trimester. Try to stay calm and don’t stress too much! This is harsh, but if you are miscarrying, there is nothing you can do and nothing they will do about it. They never really took my pregnancy serious enough to have me on the OB floor after surgery at the hospital until 23 weeks.

When I was pregnant I bled for the first 3 months. I was so scared cause it was my first child. I guess it’s normal. Maybe just hold off till your next appointment but you should be fine

I had a regular period the first 2 months I was pregnant I think if you are not in pain you will be fine, best of luck and congratulations

I had the same issue during my 2nd pregnancy. My girl is 13 now.
We actually used condoms the entire pregnancy, to reduce any possible infections, I was incredibly sensitive during that 9/10 months. Sorry if TMI.

It happened to be , I got very scared , calle stage doctor immediately and said if the blood was dark brown everything was fine , he said to rest and nothing for about a week

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I did. I was diagnosed with a short cervix & had to have a cervical cerclege surgery & have been on bed rest since 20 weeks. Im now almost 28 weeks but still on strict pelvic rest until my little boy is born.

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Unless there’s cramping and more bleeding, I wouldn’t worry. If you start cramping, and more bleeding, you should definitely have it checked out.

Based on the crap load of paper work I got when pregnant that’s pretty common.

Pregnancy causes all kinds of changes in your body because of all the hormones. Your body is now supporting another little human and so is creating a lot of new blood vessels to help carry all that extra blood you will need. The hormones also make your blood vessels more dilated in your vagina and the cervix is now under more pressure, so it’s softer and more fragile, so the tissue is more prone to damage and bleeding, especially during the first trimester because everything is adjusting. Probably nothing serious, but definitely follow doctors orders and abstain from penetrative intercourse until he/she gives you the okay.

Your cervix are probably too soft right now, you should be totally fine!

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I did. It was like early period bleeding.

Unless its alot I are probably ok…:heart:

I have 2 children and 19 Angel’s, I bled with them all


I hope all is well and it’s just a scare.
Personally me I’d get checked but I’ve had 5 miscarriages and 2 successful pregnancies with complications so I’m simply paranoid. I’ve been septic and seen how quickly things can change in a matter of seconds so it’s never too much to be on the safe side. I’m currently 33 weeks and finally having a baby with my husband which is his first biological and our 3ed. Go with your instincts and don’t stress because it can increase the possibility of miscarriage. Again I wish you the best :heart:

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I’d get blood work done to check your hormone levels and they should he able to do a ultrasound to check for heartbeat. Could be anything but I wouldnt wait!

I would change doctors.

Get checked with your doctor. I bleed like that and had a misscarriage last month i dont think it’s normal. Good luck hopefully everything is ok .

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That’s exactly what happened to me. Found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. We had sex at 7 weeks, and I bled like a light period for 3 days. It’s normal. After that it hasnt happened since and I’m 33 weeks. :slight_smile: