I am group b strep positive, advice?

This is my second pregnancy and I’m strep B positive. I’m sobbing. I don’t know what I did wrong I feel so gross and awful. What is wrong with me?? Now I have to be stuck to an IV. I’m so upset I’m having a meltdown.

Has anyone else gone through this?? Why does this happen?? I’m so upset…


I don’t really understand why you are upset. I had it with both pregnancies and it’s SO not a big deal. It’s nothing you did, it’s something that just happens. You get an antibiotic in the hospital and that’s it. It’s really not a huge deal at all!


this is my first pregnancy and i have it. it doesn’t make you gross, the doctors said 40% of women get it. it’s not a big deal, and it’s nothing bad at all…


I had it too. You did nothing it just happens

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I had it too during my pregnancy and got antibiotics. It’s actually really common.

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Most people carry Group B strep in their bodies anyway. Nothing to feel gross about. Calm down, relax, let the hospital do their thing and you’ll be fine.


I had it to. No big deal. Just an iv that you’ll already have for fluids and now just add an antibiotic is all

And realize that you can get strep B on and off your entire life and never even know. It isn’t a sexually transmitted disease or anything “gross people” get. It’s totally alright. You just get pumped with some antibiotics and you’re good to go.

Don’t stress out or feel gross. You’ve probably had it on and off already before even getting pregnant and never knew. No biggie. Really, it is okay.


I was strep b positive with my second pregnancy. I honestly can’t remember if they gave me an antibiotic or not since I was having a c-section, it was over 17 years ago… my memory is a little fuzzy. Definitely no big deal and no reason to feel gross and awful. As others have commented it’s very common!

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I didn’t have it but a lot of mamas (like me) need an IV anyway whether its for fluids or other meds so don’t stress about that part. Also, like others said, it isn’t your fault and you aren’t gross.

Literally half of all pregnant women get this. You’re emotional (hello pregnancy hormones) get over it there’s a lot worse things you could have. There’s nothing you did it’s just bacteria women carry. Congratulations on your newest soon to be addition!! And coming from someone who’s child nearly lost her life because of not being treated with the antibiotics before hand because of a false negative test. Take the damn antibiotic and be happy you have something offered to you🙄 because it could literally cost you your child’s life

Its super common. I didn’t have it with my son but then had it with his little sister (although i had almost every single thing you could have as a side effect of pregnancy with her including PUPPS) not a big deal whatsoever. Antibiotics at the hospital and you never have to think about it again unless you have another baby. Truly not a big deal

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It happens more often then not just be sure to get the IV antibiotics and baby should be fine its not because you did some thing or are dirty

My doctor just told me this. I also tested positive for GBS. He said that most everyone carries GBS in their bodies it’s just that, we, carry it in our birth canal. It’s not a big deal. They give you antibiotics while you’re in labor and everything is fine with baby. It’s just a precaution to keep baby from getting sick after they are born if they also contract GBS on the way out.

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I was positive too, the drip in the hospital did make me really itchy, so if it’s uncomfortable, make sure you tell them so they can slow the drip! Easy peasy!

I had it with my second too. It’s nothing you did. So I hope no one told you that. It’s really not a big deal as long as you get the antibiotics during labor baby will be fine love.

I had it with both of mine. Don’t stress your self out. Your over thinking it xxxxxxxxxxx

Relax it’s not a big deal just take the antibiotic. Ur freaking out and being emotional for no reason…geeze :see_no_evil:

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This seems like a SERIOUS overreaction… It’s not a big deal at all… I was hoping mine would come back positive because I wanted a c-section. Lol. I wanted no part of labor whatsoever and if the strep B was positive I could avoid antibiotics for both me and baby by just having a c-section.


There is no reason to freak TF out dude lol this happens it’s normal it’s not your fault it’s totally treatable like take a breath. Take several breathes lol and for goodness sake calm down. Stress is not good for your baby just get the IV and relax. My goodness. Is this your first baby? Cuz lettme just tell you this is the first of a lifetime of obstacles and things that need to be dealt with when that baby comes lmao. You are literally freaking out for no reason. Did your doc not explain to you what it is, why is happens and that it’s common and treatable?


I had it with my first but no my second. They just gave me an iv with antibiotics. My doctor said it’s super common and happens more often than not. It doesn’t mean anything negative. You and the baby will be just fine!

I had it with both of mine, they just give you antibiotics while you’re in labor…my daughter didn’t get it but my son did, he just had to get extra antibiotics after he was born and he had to stay at the hospital until he no longer tested positive, Wich was 3 days.

There’s honestly nothing to be upset about. It’s just like gestational diabetes, you did NOTHING wrong. Sometimes it just happens. I had it with my 1st but not my second.

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I didn’t have it with my first but i did with my second. You’re not the only one so don’t beat yourself up about it. When i tested positive with my second they wanted me on iv for antibiotics but he came so fast that they didn’t have time to hook me up to one so in that case i just had to stay for 72 hours just for his safty an observation. Nothing happened to him an he was perfectly healthy.

I’m positive too. It just means we need antibiotics and an extra day in the hospital. No biggie.

I was strep b positive it isnt anything bad your just a carrier for it i was hooked to an iv so it wouldnt go to my baby everything will be okay i had to be on medician throughout my pregnacy taking 4 pills a day they just want to be safe its nothing wrong with you its normal for healthy woman. Its not like diabetes i nver got diabetes. It just means your a carrier most woman dont even know they have it.

Some of y’all are just assholes. Maybe she seems a little over emotional, but have y’all forgotten what pregnancy hormones do to you? Ridiculous.

I had strep B with boys , it’s more common than you think it is , I had csection with both and they started me on iv antibiotics before I even went into the OR! Nothing to be stressing about, now it would be an issue if they didn’t test you for it


It’s really no big deal. I had it with my first and he came before I could get the antibiotics because I got to the hospital late so they just monitored him for an extra day but he was 100% healthy. You’ll be alright. It doesn’t make you gross.

They gave me the meds with both my kids since I delivered early and they didnt have time to test before hand. Dont sweat the small stuff!

I wasn’t strep b positive but I still had to get the antibiotics because I didn’t know my water was broken & I was in labor for 3 days already… no biggie. better safe then sorry.

You’re overreacting. Just take the antibiotics during labor and delivery so that your baby doesnt contract it. It is totally normal. Sometimes, you have it during a pregnancy. Other times, you don’t. Calm down.


Lol calm down. I dont see why your doctor has not treated you now. You did nothing wrong. It happens. Good luck!


it’s ok

calm down

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I would research it. Baby has less than a 2% chance of contracting it and less than 1% of it being a dangerous infection. The US is really the only country who routinely tests. You can be positive one day and negative the next. You CAN say no to the antibiotics!


I tested negative with my first two an positive with my 3

It’s extremely common, it’s why they test for it.

I’ve gone through it and 60% of women have. I don’t think it’s because your gross and awful

I was positive with one and not the others. It isn’t gross. It’s hormone related. Just breathe. U have an iv in anyway. So getting the antibiotics will be fine

Be glad you got tested it’s weird… I had 3 pregnancy’s no issues… The fourth he ended up with group b strep menegitis and fighting for his life at 4 days old… Is now 9 months old and taking 1st steps… So when you are hooked up to iv rest assured its to prevent your baby going through such a horrible start to life… Each women can carry group b in their birth canal and is normal… I assure you I am very clean and hygienic :grin:good luck and hope all goes well… X

I had this. They managed to get one dose in me before she popped out. She was born fine xx

I had it when I was pregnant. It’s nothing you did. It can’t be caught. It’s just a bacteria that some women have in their stomachs. I was really worried about it too but that’s how it was explained to me.


It’s extremely common. Nothing you did, just happens sometimes. Get those antibiotics mama! :grin: good luck with your new little!

I had strep b for my last baby and it was no worries. I felt taken care of by my medical staff and just knew that its quite common. Its nothing you did, i had two other babies prior and never had it before. Its just something the body sometimes does. You got this momma

You live in a world with Germs. You got one, ok so you Relax in a bed get some IV and you and the baby are fine. I didn’t hear you say at any point OMG I have a terminal disease and me and my baby are going to be sent to a nice warm place where we are going to be waited on by good looking men and all of it diapers are to.be charged and I will be waited on like a queen. No wait that is my dream. It is not the end of the time. You are not dirty you did nothing wrong it is life. What are you going to do. When one child makes the other eat worms I did I made my sister eat worms. Or when one get a broken arm if they play sports they will. RELAX. YOU ARE ALRIGHT.

People are being complete dickheads about this. Help a mama out. Don’t make fun of her…

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I’ve heard its pretty common. I was positive with my daughter. It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. I have also heard that you can have it with 1 pregnancy and not another 1. Don’t stress yourself.

I had this in my last pregnancy 9 years ago and took a pill and was fine. Calm down as much as you can because the stress isn’t helpful. I’m far from gross or dirty. You aren’t gross or dirty either. It’s very very common in women during pregnancies.

I was positive with my first 2 and negative with my last its not something you can prevent. Its not hygiene related.

I was negative but my doctors policy was regardless they give you antibiotics when you go in to have the baby

How silly you didn’t do anything wrong like 40% of pregnant women get it and nobody knows why or how it just sometimes happens. I developed it with my first pregnancy but not my second it just happens at the end of the day the good news is you’ll have the nurses with you through it all.


I had with my daughter. She is almost 2 and she’s fine .

It lives naturally in all of us at one time or another and isnt harmful to moms…
I was undiagnosed and they did not give me antibiotics during birth. Almost lost my baby 2 weeks later.
Be glad it was found so precautionary measures can be taken during birth!


You get antibiotics and should be just fine, you did nothing wrong. It is common. Also you are hormonal… So you will be more upset, and for the love of all things scared DO NOT Web MD search anything while pregnant. Stay calm, relax, you will be ok.


I had it. I’m allergic to the meds they use … so I had to sit through 2 rounds if Iv meds!

I had it with 2 of 3 my pregnancys and will more than likely have it with my current pregnancy… next week ill be tested to see for sure. Its not that big of a deal just a pain in the ass with the antibiotic.

I was this pregnancy too. You didn’t do anything. It just happens sometimes, hun. 1 in 4 people have it naturally and there’s no avoiding it. They’ll get IV antibiotics in you and monitor baby for a bit (i had a 48 hour hospital stay). It doesn’t normally cause issue with the baby if they can get the antibiotics in but they just keep an eye on them just the same.

It’s not like it’s Aids.


It’s not your fault a lot of pregnant women get it you didn’t do anything wrong

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It’s 100% normal, don’t trip at all girl.

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Okay first of all…take a chill pill. It’s not that big of a deal and has nothing to do with you being “gross”. I had it the first pregnancy but not my second.


UMMM …Many many women get Strep B … it dosent mean your a dirty person … I tested positive with all 8 of my kids … It’s not a STD … and your gonna need an IV anyways at delivery so they just put the antibiotic through that … Seriously is this a “ Joke “ post … wtf


What is wrong with you? You caught strep… Not a lot you can do to stop that. You’re not gross, you’re just sick. :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

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You are not alone in your feelings! I felt the exact same way when I tested positive with my second, but not the first. So I did google it and did my research, but that’s just the type of person I am, I like knowing things. But it’s not as bad as it sounds, and will probably be the last thing you’re going to think about while you’re in labor. Focus on that beautiful bundle of joy you’re about to have! Congrats

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What? Do you think it’s an STD? I’d suggest talking to your DR about it, sounds like you haven’t been properly informed on it. I had it with both my babies. You just get some meds through the IV your going to have anyway.

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I had it with my 3rd your ment to have at least 4 hours iv during labour but I was only in labour for 2 hours my little girl was taken straight to scbu but was back to me within an hour was terrified but they did what they had to do she’s now nearly 5 xx

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I’ve had 4 babies was negatove for my first two and my last… came up positive on my third… I have no idea why but that’s just how it was. You’re good sweety take some deep breaths :heart:

Are you serious? Girl its nothing to worry about. I had it with my first. second we didnt even bother testing and just did antibiotics anyways. No big deal

I had it with my second pregnancy and they gave me antibiotics while I was in labor. I didn’t know I had it until my last check up. But everything was fine and the baby was healthy. She’s 7 years old now. So don’t stress.

Ihadit with our 1st and 3rd (both girls) not sure if I had it with our son since I had him before they did the test. But all 3 are healthy, I did have all 3 c-section but they still did the antibiotic

You didn’t do anything wrong lmfao it happens. I had it with my first and not my second.

If you planned on getting an epidural, you’d be stuck to an IV anyways. It’s not that bad. You’ll be fine.

It can be different for every pregnancy. It has nothing to do with being clean or dirty. It’s not a sexually transmitted disease.

It’s group b strep. You didn’t do shit to catch it. You just have it. :woman_facepalming:t5:
Not much different than the other bacteria that lives on us all the time. Some people have it and some people don’t. Sometimes people that had it durning one pregnancy don’t have it during a second. They’ll just give you antibiotics during labor.

You need to talk to your doctor…it is nothing to freak out about…its a every day normal thing…he should have explained it if you were this upset about it

Totally normal! No reason to feel gross. It’s not an std or anything, some women just carry it. It’s good your doctor’s know because as its harmless to adults, it can hurt baby if it’s unknown. Doctors will take care of everything!