I am having a lot of discharge after having a laparoscopy for endometriosis: Advice?

Monday morning, I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis. First surgery. I am having a lot of discharge down below as I can feel it coming out… My stomach is still hurting really bad. The meds they gave me don’t work for the pain. The doctor told me no pushing lifting pulling of any sort. He hasn’t told me about the surgery he will on Monday. I’m not sure how long the recovery form it takes? Any tips? Not sure what I can do. I try and walk until my stomach can’t take it anymore. I can’t do the stairs.


I’ve had 3 of those procedures through the course of my life. I did have a lot of discharge for few days after bc I had excessive build up that was removed… I did have pain in abdominal area but worst was in my shoulders from the air trapped inside my body under my diaphragm. I would rest up and lay around til ur better honey and stay off the stairs for sure. Just be careful the discharge is not bright red blood bc that means that’s new blood coming from inside u and requires a call to dr

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Go to the er, you may have gotten an infection. Don’t wait.

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I would go get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry and you know your body. If you are experiencing something different from what the doctor told you to expect, then call him asap for advice or just go get checked at the er.

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Call the doctor? and go to the hospital

It shouldn’t be that painful! My daughter was back to work the next day. Healed well. I’m wondering if it was an extensive amount of endo . Check with your Gyno right away. Feel better soon.

U need to go b checked ASAP

Call the doctor. I had that done five times before my hysterectomy.

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I agree. Go to the ER. Do not wait.

Call your dr not post on Facebook


My surgery pain was about 5 days and I started to feel better just over a week I was back at work

I have had 3 surgeries.

Each time the recovery time was different.

Its painful and some bleeding and discharge is normal.

I just rested as much as i could.

I was much better after 2 weeks.

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I had mine 5 weeks ago and I still have a lot of discharge. It’s definitely still normal after a couple weeks.

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I’ve had surgery 4 times for this, each was definitely different. The pain medication doesn’t help but the pain should subside in about a week, maybe less depending on your severity of endo. Discharge each time, nothing insane after the first couple days. Always double check with your doctor’s office if you feel it isn’t right, you won’t get ease of mind otherwise.

Rest. Call your doctor

That was the worse pain I ever felt, and since then I’ve had 3 kids! The pain meds didn’t work for me either. I had it done 13 years ago so I don’t remember discharge, but I was bleeding for over a month straight is why I had it done in the first place. I’m sorry love but I would call the dr office im sure a nurse could answer that for you.

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I had that same surgery 20+ years ago. I remember the pain but not the discharge. The pain ended up being a UTI and from my understanding is pretty common. You might want to check with your doctor especially before the weeked. I hope you get some relief soon!

I had the same surgery. Pain was awful, the discharge/blood didn’t stop for quite some time. The meds didn’t work for me either, i was in so much pain that I literally passed out from it. My husband had to call my Dr 3x to get meds prescribed. I had to go back for a follow up when I was told I had uterine leiomyomoa. Its a form of cancer. I feel your pain. I definitely would not wish this on my worst enemy.

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I just has a laparoscopy yesterday. I’m in quite a but of pain, and swollen belly, (both to be expected) … some discharge that I was told would be normal. Of course if you’re super concerned, call your doctor. Best of luck with your recovery.

I have not had this surgery but if you are concerned or uncomfortable with what’s going on with you body reach out to your doctor. I hope you have a healthy recovery :heart:

I had it a few years ago. I had very little pain and discharge after the surgury. They gave me tylenol with codeine and motrin 800…that helped with the pain. I would contact your doctor if you are in a lot of pain.

Had that multiple times when I had endometriosis years ago. Discharge not noted but lots of farting afterwards. Gas pressure in abdomen goes up to shoulders Only way to release gas is walking. I feel ya and prayers to you for healing.


I had my endo removed plus an ovary and tube. It was terrible. Absolutely terrible recovery. About a month later i started feeling normal. And ive had zero problems with my endo since.

I just had laproscopic surgery to remove tubes…ovaries and a bunch of cyst and a cyst the size of an orange. Along with a bunch of adhesioins. That was done Monday… They said to have pads in case of bleeding down there but i did not… Medicine wise i didn’t use much cause i am use to the pain from having 3 C sections. How long has it been? By the third day that pain should be at least half gone.

Full recovery can take about a month. The first couple days will be the worse as the pain increases and the bloating from the gas decreases. Discharge is normal as is the pain. Just follow his directions and keep up on the pain meds.

Its been 20+ years but I do remember the pain. Rest and don’t do any lifting or pushing. If the discharge is heavy or has a foul odor, call your doctor. It could then be an infection. And if it will make you feel better, call your doctor. Thats what they are there for. Good luck. Speedy recovery!

Splint with a pillow when have to cough, get up, or walk around. Call your doctor about the discharge. I’ve had this surgery 4 times.

I had the surgery not too long ago to remove an ovarie. I had no discharge the pain hurt but that was because of gas. I took Charcoal pills and it helped out a lot…I was back at work a week later. I did not have to take pain meds

If you have questions call the doctors office and ask to talk to a nurse. You will feel better if you call, that’s what they are there for.


Instead of pain killers can muscle relaxers help to??? Just trying to help. I’ve never had any surgeries I just love reading these and getting help and advice from others.

U never got to have birth children but I flirted through periods I announced I would have a hysterectomy because I would be on tablets to stop my periods and on medication.

Hot showers helped me. I took a couple a day. The pain will go away. .

Are you in any endo groups? We are here to support you. It is yucky and no good. Judt had my 3rd surgery in feb :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

The pain is awful(they cut me in half though and took out a mass the size of a melon, an ovary and fallopian tube) … Just keep up on the medication… Go to the ER if the discharge is foul or a nasty color or if you have a fever… Good chance you have an infection. When I had laparoscopy done years later (because there was still endometriosis or scar tissue from the the first surgery and my uterus ended up getting attached to my appendix and when it was contacting to normal size after having my daughter, my uterus was pulling my appendix with it!)anyway… The nurses placed a heating pad both under my back and on my stomach. It helped tremendously!

I work in an OBGYN’s office. Call your doctor office ASAP— even if they don’t prescribe you something else for pain, they need to know about these symptoms. Ask questions about your surgery while you’re on phone. Googling and asking ppl on the internet will probably not help, as every doctor or surgeon may have different preferred advice for you


That would be something that you really should just call your doctor.

I would contact surgeon, Have you seen color of discharge? It would be best to contact Surgeon, to rule out infection and for pain management.

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Shouldn’t be that much pain and anaprox 2 tabs exstrength should work wonders. If no relief can your dr again

FIRST NO STAIRS to much strain on you’re body 6-8 weeks no lifting you w will regret out later

I’d talk to the dr, especially if the pain isn’t being controlled. Is the discharge colored or smelly? If so id guess infection and you need seen for that.

yes I recovered really quick but I did have drainage and smell I have to use the feminine product with odor block but i was better a week or two

Call your doctor would be the best advice. Or call a nurse on call…

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Did you contact the doctor u must


Call a professional doctor not Facebook doctors lol


Call your Dr and go see them. You need medical care

Call the Dr or ask a nurse.

Had one too it was worse than my C section :confused:

Contact your doctor.

Hi sweetie

I’ve personally had this procedure more than once.

Please go to Amazon for these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KGFXSLQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_aMr9Eb0DNK7CR

& they will help cleanse you. Also there is really no pain meds to take. But naturally hot tea such as ginger or mint tea will help with the cramping & a heating pad. This will take much time to heal. It took me about 3 to 4 months before I felt normal again

Call the Doctor fb is no doctor

Hugs for a swift recovery :two_hearts:

I had this surgery with heavy bleeding after, it turned out just to be my period going back to normal after not being normal from the Endometriosis. I still called the doctor to check in but all was fine.