I am in a relationship but feel like a single parent: Anyone else?

Sounds like he is enjoying doing nothing, and if you keep on sorting things out he will be happy doing bugger all, you will have to sort the problem out, best way you can.

That is in no way a partnership! Don’t put up w that
What’s the point in having him there if he can’t bother to step up. If you haven’t sat down and been blunt. then do that but otherwise honestly walk away. No one deserves that. Plz message me if you need to talk.

Kick him to the curb

If you’re in a relationship and you do everything for that relationship and your effort goes unnoticed it’s time to get out.

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He’s without excuse. Needs a fulltime job in the real world and needs to stop getting you to feel sorry for him. He’s a grown ass man. Expect grown ass responsibilities from him or rid yourself of him. He’s just dead weight to you.
Sounds so much like my former boyfriend I could just :face_vomiting:

Time to sit down and have a chat. Explain to him how you are feeling and that your health is not as good. If he wont step up then time for him to pound sand. Kick him out. He could be working anywhere and making some income. He isnt trying very hard. You deserve better and until you voice too him then who knows if you will see change.

Well if you’re doing it all & he does nothing, why do you keep him ? Love well apparently he doesn’t love you as much or he would step up !! This relationship isn’t a good example for your kids to grow up in, not only will they see how men are to treat women but how a woman allows a .man to treat her this way. You & the children deserve better. It’s possible if you make him move out, he may realize how serious you are, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, in other words tell him enough is enough, step up or get out !!!


The only time I ever felt like a single parent was when I was married to my ex. Once I left him, my life got much easier!!!


If he is home then he should be handling All the house work and looking for a new job this should not all be on you. I do stay home and my husband works so I handle all the day to day stuff and take care of our son but when he’s home he helps with things and does things around the house. It’s a partnership and if he can’t pull his weight then there is a problem and obvious it’s beginning to affect your health.

Tough love is the best love! Make him pay Bill’s as he should & require him to help regularly or else he needs to go back to his mother :100: no exceptions

Sounds like he needs to be stay at home dad. He already is, he is just not fulfilling any of the work that includes. He is getting a free ride. He would be taking care of your child, eliminate the cost of childcare. He needs to clean, cook, grocery shop, laundry and whatever y’all decide. You are working 3 jobs!!! He is doing ZERO!! Please go to the dr. You say you can’t afford to, but you can not afford not to. Do you know if the mass is malignant or not? He needs to be supportive of you as you are him, in every aspect of life. If he can’t do the basic essentials of couple with child life, I would personally start to re-evaluate my life, prioritize and eliminate. Every person and every thing falls into 2 categories:
Essential & Nonessential
Good to you good for you=Essential
Bad to you bad for you=Nonessential

Side note I would definitely take the stress of giving to others off your shoulders.

Maybe for you and your child I would look into managing apartments where a free unit is part of the package. This can be extremely helpful. Your partner could perhaps work in maintenance or landscaping. Just a thought. Good luck and please take care of your health. Your child needs you💕

Only person stopping you from happiness is you.

Yeah sounds like you need a real man instead of bitching on here. Dont compare dual parenting to single parenting EVER. It’s an insult.

I’ve always said, and lived by, if you feel like you’re doing it alone, you might as well do it alone. It’s a lot less stressful when there’s no one to resent for being lazy and unproductive and keeping you from happiness. I felt like I had an extra kid to raise and finally had enough and made my life a whole lot better not having that frustration and resentment by kicking him out.


He should take care of the home completely unless he is at an interview. Tell him to get busy and run the house and everything an at home mom would be expected to do or get out.

Me but he didn’t have a job yet. I worked, no children though. He didn’t do anything for 2 years but got unemployment. We had a son later and he was working, 6 weeks vacation from the job. Didn’t take care of our son, I paid for child care paid our son. Plus everything else. Being single was easy, didn’t have to wait on him.

If my husband was like that I’d tell him to get help or get out. Child comes first and what kind of example is he showing on how a responsible adult is supposed to act? An adult gets the help they need to help provide for their family.

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I just left a 9.5yr relationship with three kids. And every detail you described was me… Whenever we would fight it was my fault, I told him one time he made me feel like a single mom and ever since then, every fight we had, he would say “ shut up before I MAKE you a single mom” needless to say I left in July and I’ve never been happier. Yes, it’s super hard work but o was already doing everything alone. The only difference is I don’t have to put up with another adult child. If you aren’t happy and do 90% of the work, what’s the point of being in a relationship?maybe try talking to him? Tell him that you feel like you are putting in most of the work and that you need support from him, not just financial but also in planning trips and spending time as a family, I tried everything and anything for 1.5 yr and he didn’t change anything. And every fight got more intense, so I left him. If you’d like to talk, you can always message me…