I am looking for different experience regarding babies soft spot on their head

So my baby is 2 and her soft spot has not closed yet, I told her pediatrician and they are giving it 6 months before they look further into this because they said it should have been closed already. They took some blood and ran tests but everything is normal, my baby is developing normal aside from this. Shes very smart and healthy. I don’t want to worry but this did not happen with my first baby so I’m confused. I will wait to see what her pediatrician suggests but in the mean time just looking for any other moms that may have experienced this or what the normal time frame is for the soft spot to close. It’s not causing any pain, nothing abnormal, I’m just a concerned mama.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am looking for different experience regarding babies soft spot on their head

My son also had this same thing happen to him. At his 2 year old check up they said okay we want to see him in 6 months to check it again because it should be closed. Went back in at 6 months and they did an xray just to verify that it had closed, and it did. I was worried too, he was my first child and the doctor told me she’d never had a child that the soft spot didn’t close. Prayers for you mama.

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I was told it doesn’t close completely till their 5

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I’m 39 yes old i was like 8 when mine completely closed I have Ehlers Danlos

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I remember thinking this about one of my kids I have 4 I gave birth to 5 in the house…19 to 5… I remember the doc telling me that the skull plates dont fuse together all the way till well into the toddler yrs I dont remember the age but it was older then 2…out of curiosity lol I just felt my 5 yr olds head u can still feel like a dent almost where the soft spot use to be so I’m assuming it’s at the end of fusing so lol based on that I’d say u should see some reduction in the size of the soft spot soon

Tummy time! My daughter was breech and premature and had the same problem, they were talking about surgery or a helmet if it didn’t correct on its own. We were instructed by specialist to do tones of tummy time! By her next check up it was improved enough they were no longer worried. Shes now 4 & healthy as can be!

I have 4 kids 3 girls one boy all my girls were pretty much closed by age 2 my son was closer to age 3. When they were sick or becoming dehydrated they always seemed a lot more open than what they were. Maybe that’s the case for you too. Prayers for everything to turn out ok tho.

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My bio father’s soft spot never closed. He was 48 when he passed. He always told us to becareful when playing with his hair :rofl: because it was sensitive. As far as I know besides that it never affected his life.

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My sisters closed too soon and she had to have surgery as an infant. But thats kind of the opposite issue lol

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Every baby/person develops at their own rate…just don’t let her get wild like skateboarding or something ridiculous for her age so she doesn’t take chances at busting her head…if you worry about playing outside etc…put a bike helmet on!! Better safe than sorry

My daughter is 2 and hers is still fully open should i be worried also?

My son just turned 2 and his is open as well. He just had his 2 yr checkup and our doc checked and said it was open a bit still and that’s good :woman_shrugging:

I would get a second opinion

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It stays between 7-19 months old
It can last as long as 7 years

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I say get a second opinion to ease your mind/worries…

Two of my kids have large soft spots. The dr said they won’t close but rather the bone will grow and fill in so it will take longer than normal.

Make sure the baby gets plenty of fluids

I was told that it dont completely close till they are 5.

Get a second opinion if your worried.

Get a second opinion!!!

It depends on which soft spot is closed. If it is the one in the top the Sagital suture that doesn’t close till you’re 20. The metopic which is the front that usually closes around 2 months: there are also lamboid and cornial. But I can’t remember the ages got those. My daughter was born without her sagital soft spot and had surgery for it.

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I’m 29 an still I have two soft spots in my head. If they don’t close all the way it will be OK just have to were a helmet like all kids when riding bikes or atv’s I haven’t noticed anything different

My sons soft spot didn’t close until his 6th birthdat