I am nervous for my son to have his first play date

my son is set to have a play date with a friends child and i am nervous for his first interaction with a child his age as he has never been around another kid before…he is 11 months old…hwo should i go about this? what if he is mean?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am nervous for my son to have his first play date

I’m quite sure he will love it.

Supervision, encouragement and positivity.

That’s all you can do for an 11 month old.

Redirect if you see any kind of negative behaviour, but don’t punish as they won’t understand.

He’ll be fine.


I don’t understand. Why would you be concerned if he will be mean? He is a baby. I’m sincerely asking


Babies at that age aren’t too interested in other kids or babies anyways. He’ll be fine. It’s good to get him used to being social.


Remember they are babies! Also I assume you and the other mother will be there together the whole time to watch over them. Don’t project your fears onto your child. There’s a whole world out there for both of you, embrace it!

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They don’t play “together” at that age. They parallel play. And yes pushing or grabing at the face is 100% also normal at that age. Sharing toys is only normal at age 4. So don’t expect them to share.

Just relax, let them play. Let them learn how to play.


Let them play. They will both be mean


Good Lord. How would you be if you had twins?


if he is mean then u Parent and Teach him to be Kind And not mean? He is still a baby He will love being around other babies!


What if they’re both dicks?
Baby fight club?


I think he’ll probably be curious about another baby. Supervision is the key. He’ll probably be more interested in the toys than the other child. Kids that age don’t actually play together as they would if they were older. They won’t understand sharing. But it will be fun to watch them when they do interact. Just be there and step in as needed.


Remember that for the first many many years, children are learning, they don’t know or understand emotions for some time , their ability to communicate is pretty low . They seek guidance, they are going to hurt , bite , hit ect and on more than one occasion, they won’t want to share and if another kid picks something up, it’s more than likely they are going to want it. Teach them to share , tell them off for hurting , teach them to feel and understand an emotion and how to deal with it. And remember that all kids are pretty much the same , your child is not violent or mean , they are learning

Who asks these questions :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:


My son had his first play date when he was 3 weeks old. It all started when I met his friends mother at college in yr 9. We became friends and still are anywho 9 years later we got pregnant basically at the same time. So we had our babies and decided to have a play date it was so cute they just layed their and slept the whole time it couldn’t have gone any better. When I went to leave my bloody car wouldn’t start because I was parked on a hill and my car thought I had no gas then I had to roll the car down abit and eventually got it started​:+1: once I got home I woke my 3 week old up, changed his shitty ass then gave him a bath and bottle. He then went to sleep :sleeping: when he woke up I gave him another bottle and changed his ass again. Then he went back to sleep and so on. In the morning I had bacon and eggs for breakfast :fried_egg:

The sooner they can be around other kids the better

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He’s 11 months, he’s probably not gonna have much interest in another baby. Baby playdates are more for the parents. Supervision & correction, redirection


Who thinks an 11 month old.is "mEaN":joy: yall are wild


Well teach him right.My daughter’s first playdate she wanted to hug so tightly I had to constrain,

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He’s a baby!!! You as a parent are the one who’s responsible to teach him how to be kind respectful etc not anybody else. So you teach him to share and to use nice touches when playing with others.


Go in. Put baby by other baby. Go with the flow. 11 months = Baby which means you correct behavior yes, but do you really think he’s thinking “How can I hurt this kid?” I mean he’s not Stewie.


11 months old. So someone else is babysitting for you. At 11 months old I would be with my kid


I mean 11 month old may not even interact with the other child and if they do it will be to steal each other toys lolool

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Let him be a kid and don’t stress the easy stuff. He’s 11 months old, he’ll probably play side by side and not directly with the other kid. Don’t put too many expectations on the play date and go with the flow.

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11 month olds aren’t mean. They’re curious. I’d hope you guys aren’t just leaving 2 babies unattended while they play, cause you shouldn’t do that for like 5 more years.

He’s 11 months and never been around other kids?? Poor baby.
If he’s “mean” then correct him and say we are nice to friends etc. He’s young so I wouldn’t helicopter but also not let him just take over either because he’s at a great age to start learning for what he hasn’t gotten to do

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Jesus christ lady take a chill pill.

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I would be with him. How well do you know the other child and it’s parents.

Sounds like you both need some social interaction. It’s good mama. Try not to worry. Sit on the ground with them and bring a positive vibe. Don’t forget to talk to your friend and have some grown up conversation, lord knows we all need it!

Guys, we’ve been in an alternate universe for 3 years, this is okay for her to worry about. Nothing is like it was anymore and we need to adjust for it.