I am nervous to start my fitness journey after new years: Advice?

I really want to start a fitness and weight loss journey but with all of the tik toks and posts about people only starting the gym as a New Year’s resolution and we will “be in the regular gym goers way” “taking up machine space” and will only “last a week” I am finding it hard to go. I want to get serious about losing weight and yes it might be a cliche but I’m ready now. But these videos make me feel like I’m wrong for starting now. I don’t want someone to say something rude to me in public bc I’ll never go again… I have the worst gym anxiety. Ease my mind please.


I never went to the gym. I stayed home and lost 50 pounds. Sydney Cummings on you tube. She is great. I also changed the way I ate to. I went from 190 to 155.

I think I started going to the gym right after new years. My goal was just to make it to the gym a minimum of I think 4 days a week. Even if I showed up for 20 mins, I made it there. I had a tendency in the past of overloading myself with too make goals and then would slip back and would be paying for a membership for no reason. That goal has kept me in the gym for 6 years mostly. I have fallen off at times but the start up was so much easier. My eating is still not where it should be but I am so much stronger. I started out at planet fitness and it was the best for me. I was later exposed to weight lifting by an old co worker and fell in love. You can do it. Most people are not looking and do not care what you’re there for.

Does you gym have different kinds of exercises classes? makes going to gym fun…

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Maybe you just go and stop letting TikTok defy your life like you would have done if you didn’t use TikTok :roll_eyes:

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Planet fitness has a no bullying policy and they are really good at enforcing it. Most people that are so regular at gyms go to the indie places for their particular needs like weight lifting mainly or whatever so most are not paying attention to you anyways. Who cares if you want to start the new year feeling better? If that’s what you need to feel motivated, awesome. If you woke up on August 3rd and said “today’s the day I work out”, awesome. Please keep in mind that anyone who makes fun of someone in the gym or working out (like riding bikes) outside is such a d bag theyr seriously not worth a second of your time. Only losers make fun of someone that is clearly trying to better themselves.