I am no longer attracted to my childs father: Advice?

I’ve been together with this man for four years, we have a child together. I recently moved out to my own house as I was not happy with our relationship. A few months passed since, and we have began to talk abit here and there again. I’ve stayed over at ‘his house’ a few times, and I love having our family together. I love having a family for our daughter… I still have love for him, but there is some bad blood still boiling between us that we can’t seem to kick. Normal relationship issues, spats here and there, some inappropriate comments and name calling was shared throughout our relationship. We usually just bite our tongues because we both know we are trying to make things work because we love each other and want a family for our child. My issue is, I am not attracted to him anymore. When it comes to bedroom time, I just am not into it anymore. He still very much is, which makes me feel bad because I can’t get my head back into it. I am looking for advice on how to deal with this, or how to tell him we won’t work out because of this? As I mentioned, we share a lot of love between each other. But I feel as though if I am not attracted to him anymore, how can the relationship ever work again? I think a lot of my love for him is because he is the father of our child and he has never treated me too terribly bad, we have a lot of good memories together. I do want us to work, but I feel as I’ve detached long ago from being unhappy. Before I even left, I started the detaching from him and our relationship. I hope all of this makes sense, and if anyone has some words of wisdom, advice, been through something similar… please share :pray:


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am no longer attracted to my childs father: Advice?

You live on fantasy island and are a player…stay away from him and let him move on…WITHOUT YOU!!!


I hear alot of me me me. Just being honest

You can’t force attraction so that’s tough.