I am overly tired every day: Advice?

I have a question, and was wondering if any moms experienced tiredness everyday like you never had any kind of sleep, im a mom to two babies ive been through alot with both when pregnant and after they were born because of the father treating me bad over a child he had with someone else i tried everything to bond with her but she ended up giving me a hard time in the end he seen for himself how she was with me but he still treated me bad and said alot of hurtful stuff, anyway i never really had sleep being pregnant from what i was dealing with and same goes for after both kids were born because even when she went to stay with family he found ways to bring her up or argue with me about her, and he ignored me and the kids while being on his phone alot, both babies are 11mnths apart, long story short now i feel like i dont want to do much unless its about the kids even though i get 8 hrs of sleep i feel like ive been up all night i also suffer from migraines so i do know that is part of the reason, i need some advice because im just the type a person that always tries to deal with stuff on her own but now im just in need of some advice cause i tried everything also seen the docs about it after both kids were born but nothing helped i also ended up with anxiety.


It sounds like you have depression. If I was you, I’d remove anyone who isn’t good to me!!


Being overly tired and having no energy, despite having a decent amount of sleep, is a big symptom of depression. It’s been a year since my son was born and I’m the same way! I also have anxiety. Removing a toxic relationship can help, but you can also reach out to your doctor again. If you haven’t, try an antidepressant. If you already tried one, maybe you need to try a different kind… there’s so many and it can be a challenge to find the right med/dosage, but once you do it can make a huge difference in the quality of your life! I finally started taking an antidepressant and even within a week I noticed I was a lot more attentive during the day to my son, AND (bonus) even started getting stuff done around the house!


welcome to parenthood

Have your thyroid and b12 checked out also may need an antidepressant

Do be prepared on antidepressants… it is a process and trial and error. One dose of one rx will not cure it forever. And a major major downfall of them is weight gain so be prepared for that. Just warnings for you. I’ve been on plenty different kinds and ultimately after like 15 years i know the ins and outs of alot of them

Have your thyroid check. You could have an under active thyroid which can make you extremely tired.

Id seek a therapist and build confidence and happiness within yourself and learn your worth. Build boundaries and remove toxic relationships

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Sounds like ppd I had it after my first son really bad for pretty much the same reason and I was miserable because of the situation and my anxiety being so bad and it didn’t start to get better until I left him and now my depression is gone and my anxiety is so much better I can actually leave the house now and talk to people without it bugging me to much

Check your thyroid and vitamin levels
Turned out I had thyroid issues

Have your thyroid levels checked. Hypothyroidism is very common in women and causes a variety of symptoms but a big one is tiredness

stress will take it toll on you more than anything, if that man can’t treat you good and help out why keep hangin onto it. Really think it over.

Call your doc and have them run bloodwork.

Even though I only have one child, i had all the symptoms you explained. Talk to your Dr. Get a full blood work up done. Check everything. Also if you can go to a sleep clinic. If you’re constantly tired you’re not getting into REM sleep, a simple cpap machine will help with that.

This is a bit confusing. Do you have a young step child that has to live elsewhere?

Depression, anxiety, & you probably need to have your blood drawn & let them see if all your vitamins are ok, especially your D3

Check out adrenal fatigue syndrome. Your doctor can also test for it