I am pregnant and crying because my youngest won't be my baby anymore: Advice?

So my son just turned 2. I’m due to have my second in a couple of weeks. Lately, I can’t stop crying, like actual tears where I can’t control. I’m not typically a crier, so it just is so bizarre to me. I am sad that my son won’t be the baby anymore, then I start thinking of how fast the past two years have gone, and I start crying again. We decided to have another because I want my son to grow up with a sibling and have that bond, but now I just feel guilty that we will just be moving a new baby in. I feel like I’m going crazy, and hoping this is hormones! Has anyone else felt this way? Or can you give me any advice. My husband tries to help me, and I know he’s right when he says growing up is all a part of life, and no I don’t want to stunt his growth lol, I just can’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness that he won’t be this sweet little boy forever and that he will now be the big brother.


You’re hormonal and baby might be closer off than you think. Iv had 6 babies and usually get quite emotional close to birth. Good luck and I’m sure you will be delighted to welcome your new bundle of joy to your family and I’m sure being a big brother will be a awesome role for your son to grow into :blue_heart::heart:


Awwww he will still be a baby!

This is normal. Don’t worry mumma, he’ll always be your baby. Even when he’s a daddy himself.

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Totally normal! :heart: They never stop being your babies, even when they’re 30 :smiley:

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I cried and cried because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to love another child as much as I loved my son. I worried that he would feel unloved, or unwanted by having another baby. I felt guilty stealing time away from him. Then on the other hand, I felt guilty about not giving a new baby as much attention as I was able to give my son. My hormones were crazy sensitive. I think everything you’re feeling is normal. big hugs

If you keep concentrating on how fast the moments are moving, you are going to miss the moments!


Its definitely hormonal! I felt so worried when I had my 2nd I thought my 1st would feel so left out. Turns out all that worry was for nothing!!! Dont worry momma it will be fantastic just let your 2yr old help you with the baby as much as possible!

Totally normal i have 4 and felt the same way breathe mama hes still your baby and always will be

He will always be your first baby…he will always hold a special place in your life for that. Your new baby will also hold a special place in your life as he will he your youngest…I had 2 and they both have such special places in my life! I love them both more than life itself. They are in their mid 30s mow, but they bbn both are still my babies! Let the tears flow and just roll with your hormones…it will all settle put soon enough! Prayers for you sweet lady!

My baby turned 29 n I still cry like where did that lil boy go so fast !! Second baby turned 20 , time goes by quick then you’ll have grand babies :”)

He’ll surprise you and be the best big brother.

Nothing will ever change that special bond with ur first . Nothing . The rest of ur kids will have to come to understand and accept that theres something extra special between u too , they also will be very special when they find there way . I think every mama does this with the 2nd , 3 rd etc… It’s natural but u will see , u have to become two different mamas and u will create something special with #2

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He will always be your sweet little boy just enjoy the blessings God has given you

It’s normal. I’ve had 3 and felt the same with my second two. My oldest will be 24 this year and my youngest and only boy just turned 12. They will always be my babies no matter how grown up they think they are!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is very normal to feel this way… And to be honest the baby will a lot/most of your time… I would suggest you spend as much time as possible with your son as possible maybe read a book to him while nursing/feeding the baby … when the baby sleeps the house can wait a while

Now you’re blessed with two babies…it’s hormones and natural. You’ll love the new one just the same and the older one will still be your baby💕

It’s definitely your hormones and once you see big brother with little brother and witness them play and love eachother you’re gonna feel a whole 'nother way…completely inlove and know this is perfect.

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Hormones lol you will be fine

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No matter how big he gets, he will always be your baby boy. You’ll just have 2 babies instead of one.

Hormones bc your pregnant

It’s normal dear, go on and cry

My son turned 18 in September and I was crying today because it hit me that he wasn’t my baby anymore. It’s normal and will continue for many, many years to come.

Completely hormones!! I cried once while pregnant with my second because my slice of pizza didn’t have enough cheese!!


In 8 weeks i will be welcoming my 2nd son. That will make my boys 12 months and 5 days apart. While mine are much much closer than yours i cry a lot as well. Its part of pregnancy. Lol the hormones will kick your ass.

The fact that you are concerned says a lot, relax your doing great. As a mom of 4 I can relate.

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Hormones. Hands down! I cried because my hubby asked me if I wanted cake. And all I wanted was a damn Pepsi :joy:

It might be your hormones. My two boys are 14 months apart. I had so much mom guilt that my first and only son wasn’t going to be the only child anymore and I wouldn’t be able to give him all the love and attention when the second baby arrives. So before the baby came we gave him extra love and attention took him out to play a lot spent a lot of time with him. Even after the baby was born we focused on the first one a lot more because I didn’t want him to feel not loved being the older brother now. But having two together is so much joy he loves his little brother he became so independent and smart and caring. They do grow fast but instead of feeling guilt and crying enjoy every moment.

I went through this with each of my kids- however my last one was different because I got fixed. So she, as long as the surgery lasts my lifetime, is the last baby i will ever carry. That, as happy as my body is over it, made me bawl so much. I still cry sometimes lol

I am a older sister and the bond between me and my brother is unlike any bond i have had. I know that we look out for eachother for live, through thick and thin. What im trying to say is that you shouldn’t feel guilty, It took years for me to understand why my parents had another kid and now im thankful.
I hope this helps you some​:heart::heart:

You’ll be fine! I have three and a bonus kid! Some days are easier than others. I cried over not having sour cream for a taco, a dead something in the rd and by the third I was just over it. You’ll be ok!

This is your hormones going crazy and it’s not selfish to have another baby, it’s a blessing cause they will be forever friends and just because your having a baby doesn’t mean the first one isn’t a baby anymore. You will be fine and you will find that you love both babies with all you have. My babies are grown but they are still my babies.

I think every mother I’ve ever spoken to has had the same worries about having a second child me included. I used to cry at the same thing your upset about, and then cry thinking I couldn’t possibly love another as much as I did my first, and then cry thinking what if my first thinks I dont love him so I had another :joy: you’ll be fine, the babies will be fine, your obviously a good mummy to even think about this in the first place xx


I had a second for the same reasons. Life made us wait until my baby was 4, but those feelings still come up.
We bought my fist son a baby doll pretty early on to practice with, and kept him in the know all about the pregnancy. He was even able to be there to witness the birth.
He is totally in love with his brother and loves having the relationship, and we are only 2 weeks in. And watching him grow into this new role is so heart warming.
Yes, I still miss him as my baby. Especially since he was easy and number 2 has been full of challenges. But, he was going to turn 4 with or with out a sibling. He’s going to grow up no matter what. I didn’t want him to grow up alone, and now he doesn’t have to.

Pregnancy and birth are full of emotion. Do your best to cherish the moments with your baby while you can, and be gentle with yourself. <3

Do you have siblings? Would you rather be a helpless baby forever or would you rather go to a concert and get really drunk with your brother/sister? That’s what helps me when I’m sad that my daughter won’t be the baby. I love my sisters so much and they’re my best friends and I know I’d pick them over expensive toys, bi-annual trips, and I’d sure as hell pick them over being a baby! And I know my daughter will love her brother so much and they’ll have a bond like me and my sisters have. I hope that thought helps you as much as it’s helped me!

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I feel you.
Just had my second daughter and my first is now 22/23 months old.
I cried when she was taken home the night I was in labor, when she came into the hospital the next morning she ran to her dad and didn’t even say hi to me. Broke my heart.
It’ll be a rough transition with two because your first one won’t understand and will cry a lot. It gets better tho I promise

Hormones girl. I felt guilty and cried as well felt so guilty cause the 2 lil ones I raised who were not mine who finally living full time with there parents were feeling like I wasnt having enough time for them cause of all my appointments, being exhausted so I couldn’t play, and they couldn’t come stay with me when they wanted. I felt so bad especially when they voiced how they felt. When my daughter was born there was alot of jealousy but now it has calmed down thankfully.

Hormones. I cried over stupid sh*t when I was pregnant, but you’re sad cause your baby is growing up, that can be hard also

hormones and just your emotions over all. I’m the same way. When I got pregnant with my second, I felt guilt that I was making my baby girl a big sister lol and yearrsssss later I have my 3rd child, a little girl. Shes 12 months and her sister will be here in a few months and I felt the guilt all over again.

I’ve got a 1.5 year old and I’m due in 3 weeks…Yes girl - it’s the hormones :joy: I’m right there with ya :joy::sob: Just hang in there! The rollercoaster ride will be over in a few months (probably?)

It’s just hormones! You’ll be fine and adjust with time! Your first will always be your first baby! Good luck :heart:

I have two kids my son will be 40 next month and daughter 45 in May but they know they’re still my babies .They will always be my babies.lol

Oh. My. God. I feel this in my soul. My son turns 2 in December and I’m due in February. I can’t help but be sad and jealous all the time. I’m not ready to share his love.

I get like that with my youngest she’s my 4th and last baby she is 5 months already scooting and sitting she’s growing to fast for me she’s trying to keep up with her 3 year old brother they are extremely close I also got like that with my 9 year old son today he gave me a hug and he’s up to my shoulders already he’s so big now and growing up so fast

Honestly that is a complete normal feeling, my son was 2 and a half when my daughter came along, and I was sooo excited and soooo happy, until about 2 months before she came, and the guilt set in, the questions set in, I was so sad my boy wasn’t my baby anymore they are both my babies no matter what… but once daughter was born a out 3 weeks into it all those feelings faded away, I felt complete with both of them, now they are 6 and almost 4… I wouldn’t have it any other way, in fact they ate now gaining a new baby brother in march… all those feelings though are normal but once you see their bonds as they grow older, you will see it is completely worth it…

Aww don’t feel guilty, be happy now you’re gonna have 2 babies. I have 3 kid’s 2 boy’s and a girl, 21yo 14yo and 1yo. And they are my world I see them and love them the same they are my babies🥰

Strangely I had fears that I wouldn’t love my second child as much as I love my first cuz my love was so great, but oh how I love the second one too. And it’s amazing to watch his big brother be so great and caring when he wants to help and do everything for him, watching them grow and establish their bond together is amazing as well. Yeah my first is no longer the baby but there will come a time where neither one of them are the baby, but watching them grow and all their Milestones that they hit is all part of the wonderful joy that comes with having babies. My heart is so full with my 2 boys :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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I am 100% right there with you.
I am 29 weeks pregnant and I look at my perfect angel who has been my everything for the last 3½ years and makes me cry that he is gonna be a big brother now.
I also don’t know how I’m gonna go 3 nights in the hospital without him.

Be proud an happy he will always be NO.1

My oldest turned 3 today. My youngest will be 2 in 2 weeks. I held back my tears till my oldest ran over this morning said thank you mommy. Just like that I sobbed like a big baby. Then over course my oldest then barges though the bathroom door says you okay mommy. I lost it again. I’m not even pregnant. Emotions get to you.

He’s the big brother now!! Perfect job! He’ll love it

This is familiar. My 1st was 9 months when I found out I had a 2nd baby coming. I remember holding him, I was crying. And I apologized to him. I was happy about my pregnancy but sad because I felt I would miss out on a lot of things with him. Thought the new baby would have all my attention. iBut I was wrong. He was a wonderful brother to her. It works out and in my case my youngest was the one getting into trouble. They are 18 and 17 now. I can remember them as babies, I even can remember how they smelled. Oh my, children will change you forever. And they will always be my babies.

Oh honey I feel you, I have 3. My son was 22 months when I had my daughter and she had just turned 2 before I had our youngest daughter who is 2 in November and I went through it, it’s hormones they absolutely suck.

I remember crying when I found out I was pregnant with my second oldest lol I didn’t think I was going to be able to be a great mother to two kids lol now I have 3 :joy: and I’m still crying somedays because they grow up so fast :sob::sob::sob:

Aww hon, it’s okay. Just think about this, your little is growing up and he will always be your baby no matter what

In the same situation. My twin boys will be born in 4 weeks and I feel so guilty bc my 1.5yo old wont be my “baby” anymore. I cry, but Im trying to spend as much time as possible with her, along with getting and giving as many cuddles as I can.
Im scared our relationship will change somehow, she loves babies and giving my belly kisses and cuddles but once she sees these babies are here to stay I’m scared she’ll become a daddies girl 🤦 and wont want anything to do with me. She’s been a mommas girl since birth

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Natural. Baby blues every mother goes threw same thing.

It will happen a few times in both their lives. It’s part of life. Right now I’m grieving never having anymore kids. So many stages in kids life. Just enjoy them all because each life stage is so special. It’s completely normal and probably part of your hormones! My nephew brother was born 6 months ago. It took him a minute to adjust, but hes already asking his mom to give him a sister.

Girl I cry because I’m an adult and idk where my childhood went. Felt like I blinked and it disappeared lol just makes you really live in the moments and cherish everything you have(:

Being the Big Brother will be great!

sounds like my ex’s mother