I am pregnant and my husband has been making comments about my weight

How much weight did you gain during pregnancy? What’s “normal” I’ve always been small but I’m 6 months and have already gained 30lbs and my husband has been making small comments about it… I don’t think he is meaning to hurt my feelings but he is… am I gaining too much?


15 with the first(wasn’t full term),10 with 2nd(couldn’t eat), 20 with 3rd, and 30 with 4th(not full term). Everyone is different and you haven’t even gained a lot at all.

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For my first I gained 50lbs.everyome is different,and NO 30 lbs.is too much

I was 105lbs before my first pregnancy when i gave birth to my daughter i was 150lbs… for my son i was 133-136lbs and gave birth at 170lbs… im currently 6 months pp and at 139lbs your creating life there is no set rule or instruction book

My first I was a size 6(EU SIZING ) pre pregnancy and a size 12 after.
My second pregnancy I was a 10 before a 12/14 after
My last I was 12/14 now 14. So it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Only a doctor can answer that question for you and even still, some of them are just full of it - But girly, I’m 4’11” and had gained 30+ (I legit waddled) with my firstborn and lost all of it after a few months of him being born. Tell your husband to shut his piehole.

I believe (not 100% tho) that 30-35 is about average for SOME. Not every pregnancy or woman is the same. He needs to stop with it already but please let him know that he’s hurting you.

It isn’t good on your body to gain to much weight during pregnacy but i wouldnt say 30lb is a lot, you will burn 1000s of calories during labour and afterwards but he’s wrong to comment on your weight pregnant or not and hormones make things a million times worse, tell him to keeps his opinion to himself.

I gained 40 with my first. I was barely 90lbs pre pregnancy but it was a lot for my small frame and what everyone was used to seeing. It comes off don’t stress it. You eat less in third trimester imo anyway because the belly is so big you get full quicker. You only have 3 months left! It’ll go by quick, hang in there

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It’s fairly normal for smaller people to gain more. I gained 50ish with both of mine, which is a lot more than they say you’re supposed to. Lol. But we were all healthy, no issues, and I continue to be small.

Tell him to shut up or grow his own human. My doc monitored me very carefully, but I had gestational diabetes & looked like I swallowed a torpedo. If your doc’s OK, you’re fine. Tell him men who don’t comment on their wife’s weight live longer.

I gained 100 pounds, it’s not ideal, but if your dr isn’t worried, then your husband shouldn’t be worried, the weight can come off after baby is born if you choose for it to, it’s up to no one except you.

My first daughter when I got pregnant I was 94lbs and I gained over 50lbs … 10 years later I’m pregnant again started out at 125 , I’m in my fifth month and have only gained a pound or two … The smaller you are I find the bigger you get. I wouldn’t stress it , you will lose the weight.

My first son I gained 26lbs ( he was 8lbs 7oz )
Second son I gained 80lbs ( he was 9lbs 13.6oz )
Third son I gained 45lbs ( he was 9lbs 5.2oz )
Daughter I gained 60lbs ( she was 9lbs 8oz )
I was 180lbs - 190lbs before each pregnancy 5’8 broad build ( big shoulders, big rib cage, big hips )

I was told that usually smaller people, gain more weight. I gained nearly 60lbs!

I gained about 25-30lbs with each of 3 pregnancies. I have a small frame, and figure. My kids were 9lbs 12oz, 6lbs 12oz, and 6lbs 11oz.

I was 113 pounds when I got pregnant and gained 75 pounds. Tell him to suck it!

The problem here isn’t your weight, it’s your husband. Tell him he’s being rude and it’s unacceptable for him to comment on your weight EVER, but particularly when you’re pregnant. Expect that now that he knows, he should NEVER EVER do this again. Now is a good time to let him know whatever comes on in 9mo will take at least 18mo to come off, and that’s if you don’t get pregnant again or have other health complications. Your doctor will tell you if they’re concerned. What’s way more appropriate to worry about is that you’re eating healthily, staying hydrated, and getting some form of exercise appropriate for you.

I gained 40lbs with all 4 of mine.
I’d let your husband know how you feel

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My sister weighed like 85-90 before she got pregnant, she gained like 50-60 pounds

I only gained 7 pounds during mine

15 with my first, 18 with my second, lost 25 with my third & only gained 9 of the 25 I lost

I gained 30 my whole pregnancy but everyone is different and I ate very clean my back half of mine and worked out till I was 35 weeks and put on bed rest. I had it all off about 2 months after but put it on durring the fun Chicago covid lockdowns. Lost that and another 30.

Your going to gain durring pregnancy just tell him to step the heck off and keep it moving

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I gained 11 pounds with my first and after I had her I lost it within a week, but with my second daughter I gained 45 pounds and am still in the process of losing it. Everyone is different love you are growing a whole person. You have to show yourself some grace. Be proud of yourself we are designed to create humans and sadly it takes a toll on our bodies. I’m sorry he is making you feel like this.

I gained about 40 with my last. Talk to your husband and let him know he is hurting your feelings.

Just here to say your husband is a POS . Start commenting how his :eggplant: seems smaller

It’s not too late to throw him away. It doesn’t matter if he means to hurt you or not. Something’s are just better kept to ourselves. I hope you leave him and find someone who will love you no matter your weight

I put on 2 and half/ 3 stone so what? 42 pounds ish. I’m only 5 foot 3 and a size 8/10 usually. You’re absolutely fine. Don’t stress!:heart:

I gained 52 lbs
With my first .

As long as your eating healthy foods and your moving around as much as you can you’re fine.

First time I gained 65 pounds. Second time I only gained 20, everybody’s different.

20 with my first and lost 5 pounds with my second. But I was 145lbs pre-pregnancy with the first and 245lbs pre-pregnancy with the second. Every person and pregnancy is different. Trust your Dr on this one. Take your husband to the next appointment and make it a point to bring up your weight.

I didn’t gain much at all… but there is no “normal” when it comes to baby weight. Every body is different

I gained 60 lol I was 98lbs and went to 160lbs :joy: no one said anything. My doctor wasnt concerned. However, it is important to stay on top of your sugar. Gestational diabetes is no joke.

You’re husband is making comments about your weight and you’re growing his baby?? And you still have a husband? :neutral_face:

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If your dr hasn’t mentioned any concern about the weight gain then you don’t need to worry. Different body types and different babies.

You should communicate to him that his comments are hurting your feelings. You’re pregnant, of course you’re going to gain weight? Regardless of how much you gain or lose, your body is going to be changed forever.

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How much does your husband weigh, is his body perfect…:thinking:…don’t stress over his comments, stress is harmful to your baby…

I only gained 20, but I started out big and also had gestational diabetes so I had to be very careful with diet and exercise throughout my third trimester. I’ve known women who’ve gained twice what you have so far, some as much as 80, and some of them dropped it all within the first year after giving birth. I actually dropped not just the 20, but an additional 40 within that time.
Your body is going through so many changes right now, and it can seem overwhelming; try to focus instead on making sure you have enough of everything baby needs to grow and thrive (because your body will get creative in giving it to them if you don’t). If you’re hungry, eat – some pregnant women feel like they’re always eating lol. If you’re not craving something specific then make it healthy, and if you are craving, have enough of whatever it is to satisfy it (because it might be supplementing something you’re lacking).
The rest, you can focus on when you’re not literally sustaining and growing an entire new person. Tell your husband to keep those thoughts to himself because they’re selfish and harmful right now.

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