I am pregnant and swelling really bad: Advice?

I am currently 38 weeks and three days with my third; I have had the worst swelling in my entire body, but my feet and ankles have taken the beating the worst. Every crease and dermal ridge I have is dry or cracking I am at my wits end with all of the burning and itching from my skin being stretched so tight. Any advice?

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This could be an emergency. I would suggest calling your doctor or going to the ER. Do you have a blood pressure machine available? Check your blood pressure if you do.

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About the swelling; is your blood pressure ok?

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I advise giving birth. Hang in there.

Check your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. U may need to be on Lasix until the baby is born.

I suggest calling your health care provider

Talk with your doctor asap

See your dr or midwife it could preeclampsia…try and rest as much as you can with your feet up


I’d deff say you need to call your OB because pre-eclampsia is no joke. Both my freinds that were pregnant this yr had it. Both ended up with seizures so I’d be calling asap. Will they induce you its only like a week and half early. Best of luck momma

Palmers lotion with elastin worked great for the itch/dry relief in the ankles/feet skin wise, definitely elevate as often as you can & please get in touch with your Doctor!!

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I had this from high blood pressure. It can be bad if it’s not checked out.

Go see ya doctor, he might give you water tablets. Use Palmers coco butter on ya skin. You will feel soft again in no time x

Have you had your blood pressure checked? I know pre-eclampsia causes lots of swelling


Go to the doctor or er immediately i swelled so bad and ended up with a stroke water sweeled so bad on my octive nerves made me go blind for a month! Preclampsia is nothing to play with so I would get checked asap!!

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I was like that you need to get checked out make sure that you don’t have a blood clot in your legs that’s what they did for me or toxemia try to stay off ur feet prop up above heart and ur feet maybe put some vaseline on them and a sock before bed

Definitely go to triage!

Get medical advice x


Call your office for the on call doctor or head in to an ER to get checked!!


Go to the doctor. Don’t wait. Call the dr on call and go get checked for pre-eclampsia.


Sounds like toxemia. Have your blood pressure checked and lay on your left side. You will be on bedrest


Call the hospital and talk to a labor and delivery nurse or doctor that’s there. Don’t wait till your normal Dr is there. Just do it. Rather be safe than sorry.

Get to a doctor now.

Please let us know if you are ok

Could be regular swelling this late in pregnancy but like the other ladies have said, could be preeclampsia. Cocoa butter was a life saver for me. I hardly have any stretch marks. I began using early on my face because I broke into a dry rash early. Before even a positive pregnancy test. Worked great. Praying all is well

Go to the ER. That is signs of PRE eclampsia and can very dangerous. I had it twice and it can be very dangerous if it’s causing cracked skin.


Yeah. Go to the ER. It could be preeclampsia. Have them do an ultrasound on your heart as well to make sure it isn’t enlarged due to fluid retention. It happened to me

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If you have a headache that doesn’t go away with Tylenol, pain under your right rib cage, or visual changes where it looks like you have sparklers in your peripheral vision, then go to the ER. If you do not have those symptoms just soak in some Epsom salts and increase your fluid intake.

Preeclampsia. It’s a serious condition. Swelling in calves, ankles and feet. High blood pressure and stroke. Do not wait. Go to the emergency room. I had it with my twins. I had to have an emergency c-section 8 weeks early. My blood pressure got so high dr thought I would have a stroke.


Had horrible swelling in my 3rd trimester with my 2nd. Put my feet up every night and didn’t really do anything. Never any high blood pressure. All people, all pregnancies are different. 3 kids later!

I’d be seeing my midwife asap or even just going go the hospital for a check up, could be pre-eclampsia or cholestasis your at term so be prepared for if they decide to induce you. I was induced at 37 weeks with 2 of my 3 due to cholestasis

Call doctor immediately better yet go straight to where ever you plan on giving birth sounds like pre-eclampsia especially if your having headaches with it

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I swelled in my feet and hand and a friend suggested a heating pad on my knees and shoulders and it worked wonders. Hope it helps. Good luck.

I agree with her you need to go to the emergency room my grant my daughter-in-law was like that and she lost her first baby I’m not trying to scare you but you do need to go make sure that you are okay and the baby good luck

My sister had pre clampsia and she swelled up bad. Not sure if she had a rash but her BP wasn’t good. I’d check your bp as well.
Other than that, could be normal swelling. Hoping for the 2nd one and it being normal

Go to your doctor immediately! I had the same thing at 29 weeks and had to have emergency c-section. It was preeclampsia.

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Go to the er. Sounds like pre eclampsia to me. I had it with my youngest daughter and my dr admitted me to the hospital immediately. Don’t wait

I had bad swelling. They tested and couldnt find anything. Turns out it was my heart.

I had pre eclampsia… serious condition …emergency csection 5 weeks early …blood pressure shot up blew some vessels in placenta half placebta died… almost lost baby she had to stay in nicu for 4 weeks and has moderate bilateral hearing loss because of it… so dont wait to get checked out… i didnt have any symptoms really… hands felt tight a couple days before small headache and little ankle swelling nothing major

That can be serious if it’s come on suddenly. Call your doctor immediately and if you have a blood pressure cuff monitor your blood pressure anything even a little high this late in the game in pregnancy can be very serious. Especially any swelling in the face

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Be careful. That is how I got and I got Preeclampsia. Had to have my son early bc of my blood pressure, etc. Nothing to mess with…

That sounds like pre-eclampsia you need to at the least call your doctor but I would recommend going straight to the ER and I mean now.

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Contact your doctor now, have you had any issues with your blood pressure. It’s better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your baby.

Preeclampsia. How to get. Call your obgyn. I had I’d don’t wait

Increase your fluid intake and soak in Epsom salts

Yes go to the emergency room immediately

Call doctor or head to ER.

Call your doctor asap

See your doctor or midwife

Raise the end of your bed slightly. Helps amazingly with the swelling

Stay away from salt, drink lotsof water. Sit with feet propped up.

Try to stop eating dairy products, see you fill better

I m also 18 weeks pragnent…i have cough…can’t sleep at night…pls advice🙏

This is your third pregnancy, listen to above posts. Go NOW

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How’s your blood pressure? Could be starting endometriosis?

Call your Doctor it may be preeclampsia.

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I would contact the dr.

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I would go get checked at least. Please keep us updated!!

Put your feet up as much as possible

This is a question you should be asking your doctor.

Have you called your doctor

Call your Dr… I had those symptoms with pre-eclampsia with HELLP Syndrome. This can be very serious.


yeah no hot baths. consult your OB

Pls go the hospital immediately

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ER NOW. My prayers are with you and your baby. God is with you both.

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Hmmm Go to your doctor :::: Sorry for your misery .

Yep Urgent Care ASAP

Get your butt to a hospital now! I had massive swelling after I had my last baby and omg I damn near died! Huge infection in my uterus that was shutting my organs down one by one. With being pregnant this sounds like pre-eclampsia and thats not something to mess with at all, call and go get checked, get off social media, we aren’t doctors, we aren’t qualified to answer these questions.

I went through this same thing. I started swelling from 3 months. My pressure was fine, the baby wasn’t resting on my kidneys I was ok according to my doctor so you could be ok too however everybody’s pregnancy is different so it’s best to contact your doctor. All the best!

Please be careful, call keep your OB/Gyn informed. It could be preclampsia o high blood pressure. All pregnancies are different so do not feel over confident about it being your third.


Im almost at 28 weeks with my 3rd but I cant say ive ever had this problem. Hopefully this will go away for you at birth but I believe its best to see a doctor about it.

I had it and jt wasn’t pre-eclampsia. Pretty much the only thing that got my by was keeping my feet up and.chugging water. I know easier said than done but fortunately you’re at the end. Mine started week 30

I’ve read that swelling can happen because you aren’t drinking enough water. So just drink enough water and put your feet up a couple times during the day

You should be contacting your obstetrician not fb.

Go to ER that could be pre-eclampsia!! At least get your blood pressure taken.

Go to your doctor that kind of swelling could be signs of all sorts of bad stuff

Call your doctor NOW. It sounds like you have pre eclampsia. If you can’t get your OB GYN, go to the ER.

Yeah, go to your Dr. Instead of asking Dr Facebook :joy:

Have you spoken to your doctor and ruled out anything more serious going on? If so then just elevating your feet and eating low salt might help.