I am pregnant with major pelvic pain: Advice?

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant &’ my pelvic bone hurts so bad to the point I can’t stand the weight of my legs. it’s all I can do to get in &’ out of bed which is where it seems to be the worst. Anyone else had an issue with this ? the doctor said the pressure is normal, but if I move too fast, I hurt myself worse. Anything i can do to help the pain?


I’m 37 plus 4 days and having same issue only thing I’m finding that helps the slightest is wearing a belly and back brace pretty much 24/7


I’d recommend trying a chiropractor to help

Get on your knees and elbows and hug a pillow! Butt straight in the air. Was literally the only way to shift the weight off my pelvis to get some relief!


Use a belly band/belt. It will help ease the pain when your standing. Also sleep w a pillow between your knees.


Ouch and normal but please check with your dr.

Wierd I have been Prego 6 times and have never had this issue.

Pelvic support band/brace. Also talk to your doctor

Unfortunately it is normal. And the only thing that’s going to make it go away is birth. There are tricks like sleeping positions and belly bands and such, but these will only take the edge off a small bit, not make it go away. It is caused by the hormone called relaxin being produced to allow your ligaments to stretch to facilitate vaginal birth. All of your joints are loosening up, but that pelvic bone will feel it the most . You will probably reach a point where you will literally feel it grinding against itself every time you move, and it is painful!

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I had the same thing for the last 2 months of pregnancy it is beyond painful :sleepy: there really isn’t much you can do but take it easy, where a supportive band x

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Mine is caused by a condition where your body is releasing the hormone relaxin to prepare for the birth but it produces too much so your muscles and ligaments are too relaxed and your pelvic bones can collide and drums against eachother. The best relief I have found was to keep a pillow or 2 between my thighs while sleep. When ur sitting/ resting try to sit Indian style or in a way that doesn’t cause your pelvic plates to move into each other.

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Ask for a referral to PT, sounds like SPD. I had it during the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy, and now since 10 weeks this pregnancy.

Yep for the last 4 months of pregnancy with my last daughter. I remember it being so painful :confounded:

I had the type of pain your describing and after being referred to a chiropractor I found it it was from pubic symphisis

I had this for months. Turned out he was facing forward (sunnyside up) … which i called … they never checked or knew til he was stuck and im like i need help im telling you hes not moving from just me pushing … 30 seconds with a vac on and a push and he was out. Only thing that helped me was baths (i also had a 4 and almost 2 year old boys to take care of the whole time it sucked . Hard lmao)

I was the same and still have the pain 1 month later after having my son :sleepy: so I understand your pain

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I hope you find some relief. I had this issue with my last child in 2008. Even walking he felt like he was going to fall out. I never did find relief for myself during that pregnancy. Walking was most painful.

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It’s normal your body is getting ready for labor

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My dr said it wasn’t too normal to be debilitated… some pressure is totally normal but I wasn’t able to move and could barely walk so my csection was scheduled for 39w moved up because of the pain to 37 I had her on a Thursday night because she decided not to wait at 36.5w didn’t even make it to my rescheduled date :woman_shrugging:t3: that’s a lot of pain to be in momma I know sending so many prayers for you and little one

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I think it’s definitely normal. I suffer from the same thing that started at around 30 weeks. And same with me, the hardest part is getting in and out of bed. There’s lots of weight and pressure on your pelvic area!

Locate a certified prenatal chiropractor in your area. I had extremely terrible pelvic girdle pain with my first pregnancy, and seeing a chiropractor helped me immensely. Basically, your body is releasing the hormone relaxin, and its causing your pelvis to relax and widen in preparation for baby. Unfortunately, it hurts like a MF. Try to keep your hips straight and knees together when you turn over in bed or get up from sitting. Dont cross your legs when sitting. When getting into the car, sit your butt down first, then rotate your knees in while keeping your knees together. A chiropractor will also show you stretches and exercises you can do at home to help. Best of luck, mama! It should pass with time as long as you’re willing to do some work to help it out!


I had it during my last pregnancy - so painful. :weary: Sending hugs mama.

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I gott have a pillow under my belly legs in fetal position a pillow between my knees and behind my back sometimes I have to lay on my back propped up of course bring my feet up together in a butterfly position with my knees pointed out and just pull up slowly. Sometimes I get a rougg pop in my lower back tail bone and it relieves a lot of pelvic pressure. Your baby likely dropped and the head can push on nerves too. It is so freaking uncomfortable.

p.s im 37 weels and around 31 weeks is when it begins with me.

It is normal! Your hips are spreading and your body is preparing for birth. Rub your hips down with Vick’s or something and get some rest

I had this too. Thankfully it went away immediately after giving birth.

Get a pregnancy support belt!

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I never had this with my daughter but I am now 32 weeks with my son and I’ve had the exact same pain since 24 weeks. It’s terrible. My doctor says it’s normal and to stretch and take Tylenol as needed.

Im having the same issue at 26 weeks. Its TERRIBLE… never experienced this with my other 3 kids.

A maternity band helped me a lot with it. Lift your belly while someone else wraps it.

It could be SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). I know a few people in my pregnancy group that where put on bed rest not because it would cause any problems with the pregnancy, but because the pain can be excruciating and there’s not much to help until the baby is born. You can try a support brace to help relieve some of the pressure.

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs. I can’t remember the name but there is a symptom of pregnancy where your ligaments stretch too fast with the turning of your hips, causes a lot of pain in the groin, and hips. I was advised to take a small dose of dissolvable disprin. Ibuprofen can be taken in small amounts for 2 weeks during pregnancy, but get the ok from your doc first.

The only thing I can think of to suggest is maybe to go to a yoga studio and ask an instructor if there are any yoga poses that may elevate some of the pressure?

I’m feeling similar pain at 18 weeks :frowning:

Oh darl I had it with all my 4 pregnancies !! Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it but it will disappear as soon as you have bub !! I put it down to having such a tall man who is 6 foot 3 inches and the size of our babies :joy: 1 of my babies was 10 pound another was 9 pound 6 ounces !! You think something is wrong but there is nothing wrong it’s just the pressure of bub :blush:

I found using an exercise ball to sit and roll my hips helped a bit :blush:

I did. Try a pregnancy belt.

Happened to me with my last pregnancy. My doctor recommended a belt and also trying a chiropractor.

I had the same thing with my 2nd… And after birth i could barely lift my leg to put my pants on. It felt like my hips were turned all the way out

:raising_hand_woman: Definitely had pain, so intense I didnt want to drinknwayer because i would h e to get up walk to the bathroom. Moving my leg to get into a vehicle- super painful… it was a few months before I had options. I used physical therapy, pregnancy massage, and believe it or not, chiropractor care to treat the symptoms. Still comes and goes at times not as intense but still not pleasant. Praying for your health. Your baby, and your family. Be safe and be well.

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See a Chiro and sleep with pillow between legs

Had it bad too it’s growing pains

Pelvic gurdle pain. It sucks but it does go away once baby is born. Had it with my son and I couldn’t walk around to shop or do anything

I had to use a pregnancy pillow in bed, have my husband help me in and out of bed and also used a maternity support band to help with the pain. It wasn’t 100% helpful all the time, but it may help you some. If it gets worse, please go to the ER and make sure you and your little one are okay. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy :heart:

This is pelvic girdle pain, google it. I had it with both mine to the point i couldn’t even walk the pressure was soo bad felt like my pelvis was going to shatter. I got it in my 1st trimester and by the end of the 2nd trimester i was using pregnancy belts, crutches to take the weight off my pelvis and put it all in to my arms, a exercise ball & physio. worst pain than actual child birth. So i feel ur pain momma xx hope u find something that works for u! Also your doctor isnt very good by telling you its ‘normal’ :roll_eyes: i was told by the physio, when getting in and out of bed you should when lying down to get out of bed:-
Turn to your side slowly and keep your legs together, use ur arms to push ur body up from the bed and gently swing your legs (together) around to sit on the bed. Then shuffle to edge of the bed and lift urself up with ur arms gently. If you dont already then put a pillow between your legs whilst sleeping. Use hot water bottle to help your pain. Get an exercise ball and do gentle pelvic tilts back and forth. Check on the net for exercises. You should really see a physio though for this see if your doctor can refer you. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes it’s normal. Im also 32 weeks pregnant and it does hurt to stand and walk. Get a maturnity band or belt and it will help a lot.

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Is your doctor make?

My maternity belt helped with that as well as pillows between legs

Ugh no one in my life understood this pain. It got worse with my 3rd then awful with my 4th. And the lifting my legs in and out of bed, the car, etc. Girl it was rough. I couldn’t do big shopping anymore because F standing that long! My most comfortable position (bear with me while I try to describe it) was on my knees in front of the couch, facing it. I would then lay my upper half on the couch and let that belt hang. Space out my knees and kinda sway my butt lol. Sounds so weird I know but it was also the best position to get a back rub especially with a tennis ball… good luck!


I had bad pain with my pregnancies. I loved being in the water which helped

I have this also I’m nearly 33weeks pregnant with my 4th baby and my midwife referred me to physiotherapy which they gave me a smiley belt which helps lift baby off the pelvis when walking and standing while cooking at home etc I was also given a tubey grip support which can be used when ur sitting down. My midwife also referred me to hydrotherapy as doing light exercises in water can help with pressure on ur pelvis. It’s just your body adjusting to being pregnant and trying the cope with your growing baby all the best for the next 8weeks x

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I’m dealing with the same issue. I recommend you get a pregnancy pillow. This has helped me out so much at night especially when switching positions. I also avoid anything that will irritate it further, I do everything slower now and even sit down when I’m getting dressed. My fiancé will help me up off the couch, bed etc. On days that pain is too much I take Tylenol.

I had the same problem with my second son. But it started around 25 weeks. I was prescribed a maternity belt and physical therapy which helped alot.

I had this with my second child it’s called pelvic gurdle pain …I was sent to physical therapy …it felt like I had a bowling ball down below … I had it from about 20 weeks!!! X

Oooooooohhhhhh i remember that. I’m sorry but i found nothing helped. I couldn’t even vacuum. If it’s any consolation the pain went away completely after u gave birth.

I’ve got this it’s horrendous I’m in my 3rd pregnancy and had it in my second pregnancy now this one I’m only 26 weeks and had it since 20 weeks :sob: I feel when I’m trying to get up my pelvic bone is going to snap. It used to be called spd now it’s pelvic grindle pain try your midwife for a belt but to be honest not much gives relief x

Why would someone laugh at this?

It could be SPD. Try to keep your legs together (insert poor taste joke :joy:)when moving. Think mermaid, when getting out of cars ect. Sleep with cushions between your legs as this can really help. I would definitely speak to your midwife about this as they will be able to offer you support, and if needed they can give you support bands for your pelvis xx

tell midwife. I got a support band for this and referred to a physio x

It is because the baby have grown and pushes your pelvic bone with its weight. Use some muscle relaxers your doctor will give you or use a pregnancy belt to hold your baby bump so you are not in pain. I had it too when I was pregnant, but I was walking a lot so I was not in pain almost at all.

Pregnancy belt. I used to take a cotton t-shirt and tie it under my belly bump and hold it up with suspenders or more tied up t shirts. Also sleep with a pillow between your legs and tucked under the bump on your side. Helps your muscles rest more naturally aligned

Get a pregnancy belt

I’m 32 weeks as well and have days where I’m right where you are, my Dr’s told me the same thing said it was completely normal just the pelvic bone expanding and preparing for labor, my last pregnancy the Dr gave me muscle relaxers for it but with this pregnancy I have a new dr and told me to take Tylenol extra strength and it was safe to sit on a heating pad, usually the 2 combined gives me just enough relief to get through my day chasing my other 3 kiddos around. I’m due for a c-section in 5 weeks so I’m beyond ready to get this over with. Definitely try the Tylenol and heating pad were almost done :slight_smile:

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Public symphysis! I had the same thing, my midwife said it was because the fibers between your pubic bones stretched out too fast. A belly support helped. Looks a little bulky but it helped relieve some of the pain. Or a belly binder. Mine continued after birth also and had to do 6 weeks of physical therapy.

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Omg I had this. Pubic symphysis or whatever. It was T E R R I B L E I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Nothing helped me. my doctor suggested the belly band but she said “tbh is doesn’t usually work for this”. The only thing that helped was getting a day of rest with a pillow between my knees- which was damn near impossible bc I have two small children that needed me. The pain went away once the twins were born. I hope you can get rest and feel better soon


I went through this and it turned out my daughter was stuck in my pelvis. If you have narrow hips bring this up to your obgyn. I had to be knocked out because my daughter was wedged and they were afraid they were going to have to break my pelvis to free her. Not saying this will happen to you but it’s does happen.

I had that with my second! I was so miserable :sob: my Dr told me it was my pelvis opening too fast. I just slept with a pillow between my legs, got a belly band, and did little things like get out of the car with both legs at once, etc. I was also told to generally take it easy, no vacuuming or anything (not really an option seeing as we were moving and my husband was deployed at the time :sweat_smile:)

Chiropractor worked wonders for me at this point with my son. That mixed with back pain I hurt so bad, I could barely walk.

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Reclining chair I would recline back lay on one side or the other pillow between my legs knees bent just a little bit and a heating pad on low.

Pubic symphysis I had it and it hurts like hell!! I was pretty much stuck on my couch or bed my entire pregnancy because it of it.

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Same here just started 3 days ago. And really bad back pain. I’ll be 30 weeks Thursday. I hope you feel relief. It sure does hurt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had it.what helped was keeping my legs together when i was shifting position in bed or getting out of bed or standing up from sitting in a chair .

Chiropractic care works wonders too. Just make sure you find a chiropractor who knows how to treat pregnant women.


I had the same. My daughter was 8 lbs at birth. I got a pregnancy belly and back brace online and it helped pull that weight off my pelvis. I have two older kids so I had to sit in a chair to cook and do dishes.


I was the same sometimes my legs would give way nothing I could do but the more I did during the day the more I noticed the pain at the end of the day

Pelvic brace/belt and talk to your doctor

Happened to me for almost 2 months😖 Was over due by exactly 1 week as well😒 It was torture!

Currently experiencing the same thing. 35 weeks. So sorry! :disappointed:

I had this problem as well. I could barely walk. I used a heating pad on low.

Soak in the tub to relax your body , or just soak your feet in hot water , epsonsalts🙃

I had this issue …rest. don’t do anything. And pelvic support.

Prayers bedridden pregnancy not fun or joyful…

My daughter layed on my pelvis , so I would take warm baths they always helped me.

In the same boat. If I do too much or sit for too long it hurts to walk or get up. But it’s all normal

Physical therapy specific to pregnant women and pelvic brace.

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Use a heating pad, get a belly brace, rest as much as possible :frowning: i feel for you its hell to go through. Congrats on your little one.

Spd. Get a tube grip for your waist and some crustches if you really need

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I found relief sitting on a gym ball and Epsom salt baths.

I had SPD and thought I was dying

I highly recommend a chiropractor during pregnancy! They can stretch and align your body to help ease the pain from rapid growth.

Pillow between your thighs when in bed or laying I even had it when I sit on the couch helps with the hips

Yes! I worked at a daycare with crawlers. It was either stand up or sit in a chair. If I sat on the floor I wouldn’t be able to get up fast enough to get to the kiddos!

I underwent same pain… Delivered 2weeks bk oli

It is common ul HV dis pain til u deliver

This YouTuber i watch suffered with something that sounds pretty similar i cant remember what she said it was called but her name is DearGreyson and im pretty sure she did a video dedicated to it

Its called symphyse pubienne in french . Very painfull but mine was gone the minute after birth. The belt really help

My doctor called it Lightening Crotch…So uncomfortable

Pelvic belt. I had the same with my son and i was active. Its the only thing that helped me. Its 100% safe to use. You can find it at any baby boom or baby store.
Good luck ladies. Hope you feel better soon.

there is a thing called a belly bra,helps take weight and pressure off

Cheryl Lynn Plott this is what I was talking about